Hawknose grenadier

The hawknose grenadier, Caelorinchus oliverianus, is a fish of the genus Caelorinchus, found around New Zealand, particularly over the Chatham Rise, at depths of between 80 and 1300 m. Its length is between 20 to 35 cm.

The hawknose grenadier is similar in appearance to bollons' rattail having the usual greatly elongated pointed tail and ridged conical snout of the rattails, however the mouth is more projecting and there is a small hump in profile in front of the eyes just before the point of the snout.

It has a tiny chin barbel and long first dorsal and pelvic fin rays.

The colour is grey-brown, with the upper head and snout a translucent blue-green, and the underside of the head and belly blackish.


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