Hawkbits (Leontodon spp.) are dandelion-like flowers in the family Asteraceae (Compositae). Their English name derives from the mediæval belief that hawks ate the plant to improve their eyesight. Although originally native to Eurasia and North Africa, they have since become established in other countries, including the United States and New Zealand.

Recent research has shown the genus Leontodon to be para– or polyphyletic, with genera such as Picris and Hypochaeris nesting within it. As a result, based on morphology, molecular evidence and phytochemistry, the former subgenus Oporinia may be raised to generic level as the genus Scorzoneroides.

Species of Leontodon

  • L. autumnalis
  • L. borii
  • L. carpetanus
  • L. cichoraceus
  • L. crispus
  • L. croceus
  • L. duboisii
  • L. filii
  • L. hellenicus
  • L. hirtus
  • L. hispidulus
  • L. hispidus
  • L. incanus
  • L. keretinus
  • L. marrocanus
  • L. microcephalus
  • L. montanus
  • L. muelleri
  • L. pyrenaicus
  • L. repens
  • L. rigens
  • L. salzmannii
  • L. schischkinii
  • L. siculus
  • L. taraxacoides
  • L. tuberosus

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