hawaiian geese

WWT Washington

WWT Washington is a wetland reserve managed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust at Washington, Tyne and Wear. The site is part of the James Steel park.

Established in 1975 its wildlife includes Swans, Geese, Ducks, and a growing flock of Chilean Flamingos. WWT works towards the conservation of wetlands and have a successful breeding program for some of the worlds most endangered wildfowl.
Outside the main park there is a nature reserve with many hides to watch the wildlife in their natural environment, some dragonfly lakes in which many large species of dragonfly live along with newts, frogs and toads.

The park sells bags of seed which can be used to get an up-close and personal encounter with most of their birds whilst feeding them, many of the birds will happily feed out of the hand and allow you to touch them.

The park holds the following species:
Nene- Hawaiian Geese,
Baers Pochard,
Ring teal,
Common crane,
Chilean Flamingo,
Andean Geese,
White headed whistling duck,
Red breasted geese,
Mute swan,
Black swan,
Black necked swan,
Spur wing geese,

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