having willies


[hav; unstressed huhv, uhv; for 26 usually haf]

having is the third album by American rock band Trespassers William. It was released on 28 February 2006 on Nettwerk Records. Standout tracks include "Safe, Sound", the static-laden "I Don't Mind", and the intimate "And We Lean In".

Track listing

  1. "Safe, Sound"
  2. "What of Me"
  3. "Weakening"
  4. "Eyes Like Bottles"
  5. "I Don't Mind"
  6. "Ledge"
  7. "And We Lean In"
  8. "My Hands Up"
  9. "Low Point"
  10. "No One"
  11. "Matching Weight"

Production notes

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