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Mexico: One Plate at a Time

Mexico: One Plate at a Time is a PBS television series starring chef Rick Bayless. The sixth season is currently being broadcast on PBS member stations. Reruns are shown on PBS's Create channel.


Season One

  1. The Whole Enchilada
  2. Let’s Talk Tacos
  3. The Straight Cheese on Quesadillas
  4. Sopes and Gorditas: Masa Appeal
  5. Tacos from the Ground Up
  6. Ceviche in the Limelight
  7. Green Sauce and Tomatillos: Mexican Vine Dining
  8. A La Mexicana: The Soul of Mexican Cooking
  9. Fruit, Aguas, Ices & Paletas: The Ripe Stuff
  10. Rice to the Occasion
  11. Caldo de Pollo & Tortilla Soup: The Super Bowl
  12. Chiles Rellenos and Other Cool Stuff
  13. Fish a la Veracruzana: How to Fish for Compliments
  14. Carne Asada: The Great Steak Out
  15. Adobo: Chiles Cut and Dried
  16. Beans Inside and Out
  17. Barbacoa and Cochinita Pibil: Down to Earth Cooking
  18. Mojo & Escabeche: The Light Fantastic
  19. Three Hot Tamales
  20. Seafood Stew: The Perfect Warm-Up
  21. Beyond Chips & Salsa
  22. Holy Mole: Mexico City
  23. Chocolate: The Magic Ingredient
  24. Green Mole & Pipian: Lessons of the Mayoras
  25. Cajeta & Flan: Plaza Sweets
  26. Pozole: The Life of the Party

Season Two

  1. Salsa Lessons
  2. Pizza of the Three Cultures
  3. A Midsummer Night’s Taquisa
  4. Open All Night
  5. Keeping the Flame
  6. Craving Crustaceans
  7. Kidding Around
  8. Garden Spots
  9. Dessert Oasis
  10. That’s a Mole! An Elegant Dinner for Eight
  11. Timeless Tamales
  12. Cocktails at Rick’s Place
  13. Torta! Torta! Torta!

Season Three

  1. Mexico’s Real Independence Day
  2. Antojito Jones
  3. Thrills and Chiles
  4. Lend Me Your Ears
  5. Tropical Cool
  6. Hip ‘n’ Happenin’
  7. Health in the Balance
  8. A Sterling Birthday
  9. Savoring Sundays
  10. Acapulco—Jump Right In
  11. Chorizo Hunter
  12. Color on the Palate
  13. The Mysteries of Chili

Season Four

  1. It's a Shore Thing
  2. Fusion Revolution
  3. Quest for Fire
  4. The Capital of Hip
  5. Welcome to Tequila
  6. Mexico Unplugged
  7. Super-Hero Sandwich
  8. The Mothers of Invention
  9. Go Global. Eat Local.
  10. Archaeology for Breakfast
  11. Muses for My Menu
  12. Tips and Salsa
  13. Mariachi Mania

Season Five

  1. Eat, Drink and Be Merida
  2. Fresh Chiles, Hot & Cold
  3. Mysteries of the Deep
  4. A Pig, a Pit, and a Plan
  5. Savoring Citrus
  6. Tropical Sweet Tooth
  7. Rick & Jacques. Two Chefs at Playa
  8. Yesterday, Today & Tamales
  9. Yucatan Snack-a-Thon
  10. Modern Mayan
  11. Paste Sensations
  12. Show Me the Honey
  13. Hacienda Renaissance

Season Six

  1. Return to Hacienda
  2. A Man, A Pan, Paella!
  3. Beach Blanket Barbeque
  4. Let's Do Brunch
  5. Taquisa for Ten
  6. Ice Cream Social Skills
  7. Seafood Cocktail Party
  8. The Whole Tamalada
  9. Summer and Smoke
  10. Barbacoa Block Party
  11. Fiesta in the Fast Lane
  12. Tequila Flights and Bites
  13. Street Fare Tonight!

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