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Dead to Rights is a third-person shooter video game published by Namco for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC and Nintendo GameCube. Released on August 8, 2002 as a timed-exclusive for the Xbox platform, Dead to Rights features bullet time and shoot-dodging, similar to the style of game play in the Max Payne series, popularized by The Matrix films.

Dead to Rights II, a prequel to Dead to Rights, was released on April 12, 2005. Dead to Rights: Reckoning a prequel to the prequel was released on the PlayStation Portable on June 28, 2005. As related game Extreme Force: Grant City Anti-Crime was released in 2003 by Namco in the same universe as Dead to Rights, but focusing on the cities SWAT. The game was initially only released on Xbox, but eventually made its way on both the Gamecube and the Playstation 2.

Story overview

One night while on a routine patrol, Grant City police officer Jack Slate responds to a call involving gunfire. Arriving at the scene, Jack discovers information that leads him through a twisted labyrinth of crime and corruption, turning him from a model officer to a fugitive. Without a gun, car, home, or friends, Jack battles through the criminal ranks that continue to rain crime and heartbreak on the city like a hurricane. The game is separated into fifteen chapters which separate the story into sections.


Jack Slate and Shadow

Jack Slate is a police officer in the Grant City Police Department's K-9 division; Shadow is Jack's dog whom he met and then kept during a bust. The history of the two is not detailed within the game but specified on the game's website. Jack and Shadow share a fantasy relationship that enables communication between the two; for example Jack can command Shadow to do things such as push a button or (when control is given to the player) have him hunt down bombs.

Eve Adams

When her brother was killed by a mysterious organization of assassins called Mayhem Inc., Eve vowed revenge. She took refuge with her brother's Sensei, who trained her in the art of Graceful Death.

Although Eve is well trained, Mayhem Inc. is large and nebulous, and identifying the person responsible for her brother’s death was near impossible. Rather than weed out specific targets, Eve intends to kill all of the group’s members. Eve and Jack share some common feelings and a deeper relationship seems imminent. Eve's life was cut short when she was stabbed in the back by Patch.

Gloria Exner

Gloria Exner is a career politician with her eyes set on higher positions. Having spent much of her adult life organizing volunteer groups and leading rallies against the corruption she sees running rampant in Grant City, she's finally managed her way into the election for mayor of the city. Campaigning against William Pinnacle, Gloria realizes how difficult the race is and that she may have overestimated her abilities. She is blackmailed into deceiving Jack and stealing incriminating evidence against Pinnacle. She was shot in the back by Hildy.

Hildy Razwell

Unable to maintain enough focus to hold a steady income, Hildy has not been able to hold a job, and does what it takes to pay her bills. She had for some time been working for Jack's father, private detective Frank Slate, but his murder placed her once again out of work. Fortunately, she had already taken occasional side jobs, most notable as an exotic dancer at Fahook Ubduhl's nightclub, called The Den of Iniquity. After Jack causes some trouble in the club, Hildy is fired and is soon abducted by Fahook. She takes the evindence from Exner and is later killed by Pinnacle when he shoots her and throws her through a window.

Prentiss "Preacherman" Jones

Preacherman Jones is the quintessential priest, with a jaded twist. Desiring to better the facilities for his congregation, Preacherman was accused of selling drugs out of his church’s basement. Jack's father believed Preacherman to be innocent, although nobody else believed it.

Preacherman accepted his jail sentence and agreed to do his time with dignity, hoping to avoid a conflict that he could neither afford nor hope to win.

Mayor William Pinnacle

The Pinnacle name has been central to Grant City since its initial settlement during the Great Gold Rush, and current Mayor William Pinnacle wishes to continue the tradition. Although proper and well-spoken, he is easily angered. In addition to his political banner, he has amassed a network of private industries and enterprises, leveraging both positions to his advantage. Despite this, Mayor Pinnacle chooses to deal with complex issues financially rather than diplomatically. Pinnacle is eventually corrupted by Fahook and soon becomes involved in stealing money from the city. He is killed when Jack snaps his neck for killing Hildy.


Little is known about the man many believe to be one of the top players in Mayhem Inc., an international guild of assassins, including his name. Having only one eye, he is known as Patch, but never admits to being a 'hit man' or 'assassin'. He is genuinely absorbed by the visceral aesthetic of violence, and the nature within its results. Patch is killed when his limo crashes after being shot up by Jack with an M60.

Dick Hennessey

Dick Hennessey built his career around being a tough cop, holding little interest in negotiating around their whisper-thin Miranda Rights. He leads the infamous GAC Strike Force like a little general, and takes to crime as if a war. Hennessey was the one responsible for Frank Slate's death. Jack kills him in the hotel boiler room by beating him to death and burning him.

Augie Blatz

Augie Blatz is a public relations expert. Having spent most of his young career setting up and maintaining a small fortune in ill-earned money, he recognizes the value of a positive public image, and does what he needs to do to come off as 'generous' and 'kind-hearted' to the downtrodden public.

Building inner-city playgrounds, making sizable donations to various libraries and schools, as well as offering to cover hospital bills for those without insurance, Augie is unmatched in his false generosity. Although accused of corruption, his fleets of lawyers are more than capable of sweeping such accusations under the carpet. The closest Augie came to jail time was when Frank Slate was alive. Augie proceeded to orchestrate Frank’s downfall, and Jack suspects Augie is involved in his father’s murder. Jack goes after Blatz when his father is murdered, but he is shot in the head and survives. Augie is killed when Patch shoots him in the temple.

Rafshoon Diggs

As an ex-Heavyweight Champion, Rafshoon Diggs had fame, fortune and an unmatched boxing record. Making a name for himself with his violent, short-tempered antics, he became legendary in the United Kingdom and throughout the European Boxing League. Before long, Rafshoon was one of the highest paid athletes in Europe. At this time, his performance began to suffer, and he was told by the London Underworld to lose a fight. He threw the match poorly, and Diggs was banned for life.

With little money, he relied on his fighting abilities and was employed by The Firm. Eventually, he entered the United States and worked his way into Mayor Pinnacle’s organization. He and Jack fight to the death in the active gas chamber of the prison, and is killed when he suffocates without his gas mask.

Kip Waterman

Kip Waterman is a reporter who enjoys finding every detail of the news. Having worked his way through the ranks in the newsroom, he seeks a story that will land him the coveted position of national news anchor. Jack looks to him as the plane crashes at the end of Chapter 14; Waterman supplies an escape vehicle while Jack gives him the files on the city's corruption. The information is then played on the 10 o'clock news.

Fahook Ubduhl

Fahook is rumored to be the prince of some small oil-soaked nation in the Middle East, but with the amount of time he spends gambling in the United States, the truth is uncertain. Fahook owns nightclubs, jets, yachts, actresses, models, and politicians. What Fahook cannot purchase with money, he purchases with blood.

As a criminal mastermind dealing in prostitution, drug dealing, gambling, and slavery, Fahook exploits his diplomatic 'property', resulting in him being untouchable. Fahook is killed when Jack shoots him and he falls backwards out of the hatch of his plane.

Dewayne Sickle

Sickle, a prison security guard, is a crooked and nasty police officer. A deep-rooted sadistic streak (probably passed down to him from his abusive father) led him to his assignment on Death Row. Having been savagely beaten in a room by Jack for Sickle's abuse of Shadow, Sickle was going to execute Jack. During the prison break, Jack switches places with him and Sickle is electrocuted.


Tattoo is a stereotypical "skin head" serving time in the same prison as Jack Slate. Jack visits him in the showers and beats him in a fight, taking the blueprints he had planned to use to escape. Tattoo shows up again later on in the game and is gunned down by Jack.

Mini Games

In the game there are times when the gameplay shifts to a specific trial, where normal gameplay would not be possible, in which the player must complete a given task to progress the plot. Each task starts with instructions, and when the player is ready they can choose to begin the game.


In the Miami Vice episode "Cuba Libre", there is a cop who is named Jack Slate as well.


Review scores
Publication Score
GameSpot PS2: 7.6 of 10
GCN: 7.6 of 10
GBA: 3.9 of 10
Xbox: 7.6 of 10
PC: 7.2 of 10
IGN PS2: 8.1 of 10
GCN: 8.1 of 10
Xbox: 8.5 of 10
PC: 7.5 of 10
GameSpy PC: 3 of 5
Compilations of multiple reviews
Game Rankings PS2: 73.7% (based on 46 reviews)
GCN: 75.1% (based on 28 reviews)
GBA: 33.4% (based on 5 reviews)
Xbox: 75.5% (based on 74 reviews)
PC: 61.9% (based on 13 reviews)
Metacritic PS2: 73% (based on 20 reviews)
GCN: 77% (based on 16 reviews)
GBA: 40% (based on 5 reviews)
Xbox: 73% (based on 39 reviews)
PC: 67% (based on 11 reviews)


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