have a nerve

Struck a Nerve

"Struck a Nerve" is a song written by frontman Greg Graffin for Bad Religion's 1993 album Recipe for Hate.

This song was released as a the album's second single, but never reached any major charts. As early as around 1994, the influential L.A radio station KROQ also began to play "Struck a Nerve", and became one of the most requested songs on the station at the time, although it reached #82 on the station's countdown list of 1994. More than a decade after its release, "Struck a Nerve" has become a fan favorite and also remains one of Bad Religion's concert staples.

A video was also made for the song. It can be viewed here

Johnette Napolitano (of Concrete Blonde) also provided backing vocals on this song, mainly in the bridge.

Single release

There is a CD single promo which does not have a cover, just a sticker on the front with dates to their US tour in support of the then-current album Recipe for Hate. The "Infected" single also features a live version of "Struck a Nerve", where Graffin sings "...holding a candy cane, and it isn't quite yet Christmas", instead of "...and it isn't even Christmas".


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