Hash may refer to:

  • Hash symbol, #, called "number sign" or "pound sign" in the USA and Canada
  • Hashish, a psychoactive drug derived from the Cannabis plant
  • Hash (food), a coarse chunky mixture of beef and other things, e.g. corned beef hash; cf. Hash brown
  • Hash House Harriers, a loosely-organized group of social organizations focused on running and camaraderie; also referred to as "hashing"

Hash function

Hash function is a small digital "fingerprint" made from any kind of data. Some types are:

Hash mark

Hash mark may refer to:

  • Hatch mark, in mathematics, sometimes called a hash mark or tick mark, a short line perpendicular to an axis in analytic geometry
  • Hash marks, the markings on hockey rinks and gridiron football fields
  • Service stripe, commonly called a hash mark, a decoration of the United States military

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