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List of Green Lanterns

The Green Lantern Corps has at least 7200 members, two per sector (originally 3600 — one per sector), in addition to assorted other members who fulfill roles other than patrolling. Although five characters - Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner - are primarily associated with the name, a number of other members of the Corps have appeared in DC's comics.

Eponymous Green Lanterns

These five characters are most closely associated with the "Green Lantern" name, and are the titular characters of the Green Lantern comics.

Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern

The first Green Lantern to appear in comic books is not a member of the Green Lantern Corps, but instead the inheritor of a mystic power (later established to be the Starheart, a sentient concentration of magical energy). Alan Scott, a civil engineer, discovers a mysterious, magical train lantern, and, with instructions from a voice emanating from the stone, forges part of its metal into a green ring. This ring gives him a variety of different powers, and Scott adopts a costume and the name of Green Lantern. As Green Lantern, he fights crime, and helps found the Justice Society of America. Scott still appears in DC comics as Green Lantern, having retaken the name after a brief period of using the name Sentinel.

Hal Jordan, the Silver Age Green Lantern

The second Green Lantern is Harold 'Hal' Jordan, who is a second-generation test pilot (following in the footsteps of his father, Martin Jordan) who is given the power ring and battery (lantern) by a dying alien named Abin Sur. When Abin Sur's spaceship crashes on Earth, the alien uses his ring to seek out an individual to take his place as Green Lantern: someone who is "utterly honest and born without fear." Hal is a founding member of the Justice League of America.

Hal Jordan later destroys the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians of the Universe (save for Ganthet) and adopts the name Parallax. He is defeated by a gathering of heroes (in the Zero Hour miniseries), and later sacrifices himself to reignite Earth's sun (in the Final Night storyline). His soul becomes a guide for the Spectre, but he is later revived by Ganthet when (in a retcon) it is discovered that Jordan's actions as Parallax were caused by his possession by a fear elemental (also known as Parallax). Hal Jordan has returned to his role as Green Lantern, and is operating in the rebuilt Coast City. In 2007, both he and John Stewart are the titular Green Lanterns of Green Lantern.

Guy Gardner, the Honor Guard Green Lantern

Guy Gardner (Earth's Green Lantern IV) is a former school teacher whom Abin Sur's ring selected as an alternative to Hal Jordan, but Jordan was closer so Sur chose him instead. Gardner later suffered brain damage, and was unbalanced when he recovered enough to function. He was awarded a ring by a rogue faction of Guardians during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

After losing a 1-on-1 fight with Hal Jordan, to see who would be the Green Lantern of the Earth Sector (2814), Gardner was forced to abandon his Green Lantern Ring. Guy acquired the yellow power ring of Sinestro and his own comic series began with him using that ring. The yellow ring did not use a battery to recharge but actually needed to be used against Green Lanterns to restore power. Gardner found this out by accident when a member of the GLC fought him while he had absolutely no power.

As the yellow ring of Sinestro spoke Sinestro's native language, Guy was entirely unable to communicate with the ring, although it seemed to understand him to a degree. He served in Maxwell Lord's JLI until all Green Lantern rings lost their power when Kyle Rayner destroyed Oa in an effort to stop Parallax. Finding himself powerless, he went on a quest for a mythical source of power deep in the jungle. This power source activated dormant extraterrestrial DNA in him, providing him with the ability to morph his body into various different forms -- mainly in the form of weapons. He then adopted the identity of Warrior.

Gardner has since been purged of his extraterrestrial DNA and is currently a Green Lantern once more, having risen to the rank of Honor Guard Lantern #1, now outranking all sector Lanterns and acting as a troubleshooter and advisor.

John Stewart, the JLA Green Lantern

John Stewart (Earth's Green Lantern III) is an architect who is Hal Jordan's backup after Gardner was seriously injured, and serves with the JLA on occasion. After Jordan gives up being Green Lantern in the 1980s, the Guardians call Stewart to full time duty as the sector's main Lantern. Stewart fills that role for some years, during which time he marries Katma Tui, the Green Lantern of the planet Korugar. After Tui's murder, Stewart becomes the administrator of the "Mosaic World", a patchwork of communities from multiple planets that had been brought to Oa by an insane Guardian. From this position, Stewart eventually ascends to Guardianhood, which he later relinquishes. During the collapse of the Corps he is a member of the Darkstars where, at the hands of Grayven, he suffers a brief period of paraplegia. He becomes Green Lantern once again and was a member of the latest incarnation of the JLA, before it disbanded during the events of Infinite Crisis. Following the restoration of the Corps, John shares the duty of protecting Earth's sector with Hal Jordan.

Kyle Rayner, the Modern Age Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner is a struggling freelance artist when he is approached by the last Guardian of the Universe, Ganthet, to become a new Green Lantern with the last power ring. For a period of time, Kyle Rayner is the only Green Lantern, but (after turning into a godlike being known as Ion) he reestablishes the Green Lantern Corps and revives the Guardians of the Universe. He returns to his mortal form and reclaims the Green Lantern name afterward, but after the death of his former girlfriend Jade, he once again transforms into Ion. After Ion (revealed as the embodiment of willpower) is cast away from him he was possessed by Parallax. The Earth Lanterns, led by Hal Jordan, were able to purge the Parallax entity from Kyle's body. Given a ring by the Guardian Ganthet, Kyle has once again taken the name Green Lantern. In 2007, both he and Guy Gardner are the titular Green Lanterns of Green Lantern Corps.

Other Green Lanterns of Earth's sector

With the exception of Yalan Gur, these other characters have served as Earth's Green Lantern and protector.


Jennie-Lynn Hayden, known also as Jade, is Alan Scott's daughter, and was born with innate Green Lantern-like powers. After she (temporarily) loses these innate powers, Kyle Rayner briefly bestows upon her a power ring and the title of Earth's Green Lantern. After becoming Ion, Kyle restores her inherent powers, which she had until her death during Infinite Crisis.


In pre-Zero Hour continuity, Vidar was a 30th century member of the Green Lantern Corps who was assigned to journey to the Time Institute on Earth, and prevent the Legion of Super-Heroes from viewing the Dawn of Time (an act which had catastrophic consequences when perpetuated eons earlier by the Maltusian scientist Krona). When Vidar attempted to view the Dawn of Time himself, he was stripped of his ring by the Guardians of the Universe (making Vidar and Sinestro the only two renegade Green Lanterns in pre-Crisis continuity). Outraged by the aggressiveness of the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps throughout the incident, Earth's government banned all Green Lanterns from the planet.

Vidar would subsequently master the art of super-hypnotism and become Universo, one of the Legion's most persistent enemies.

Rond Vidar

In pre-Zero Hour continuity, Rond -- a 30th century resident of Earth -- was the son of Legion of Super-Heroes foe (and former Green Lantern) Universo. Sent to live with another family, Rond proved to be a genius at temporal theory, and won a prize at an early age for his invention of the Time Cube, a device which can transport its contents in time. The Time Cube later proved indispensable to the Legion, who used it to stop Universo from conquering Earth.

Rond continued his research, collaborating on many experiments with Brainiac 5, and eventually becoming an honorary member of the Legion. While instrumental in many temporal advances, including the creation of the Time Beacon, allowing for safe travel through time, Rond's experiments took a disastrous turn when they threw Professor Jaxon Rugarth into a time loop, turning him into the Infinite Man.

At some point in Rond's career, the Guardians of the Universe recruited him to be a covert member of the Green Lantern Corps, since Green Lanterns were banned on Earth. Rond kept this a secret, not even telling his friends in the Legion. His membership in the Corps was revealed when he helped a group of Legionnaires survive a vengeance-inspired attack on the Time Trapper.

During the "Five Years Later" era of Legion continuity, his power ring was destroyed by the sorcerer Mordru.

DC Comics writer Geoff Johns has confirmed that, in post-Infinite Crisis continuity, Rond Vidar is one of only two Green Lanterns remaining in the 31st Century.

Yalan Gur

Yalan Gur is a Green Lantern introduced (in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #19) as part of an effort to reconcile the Golden Age Green Lantern's origin with the later introduction of the Green Lantern Corps. He is a red-scaled, reptilian humanoid, assigned to sector 2814 (Earth's sector) in the 10th Century AD.

While Alan Scott, along with the rest of the Justice Society of America, is trapped in Limbo, his mystic lantern sends a projection to Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, and John Stewart (the Green Lanterns of Earth at the time). After tracing the projection to Scott's home, the lantern tells the story of its origin (effectively retconning the origin of Alan Scott's power.)

In the lantern's story, Yalan Gur was once one of the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps, and, in the 10th Century AD by Earth reckoning, the Guardians of the Universe chose to remove the customary weakness to the color yellow from his power ring. Without this limitation, however, he was corrupted by his power, and he came to Earth and enslaved the people of China. The Guardians of the Universe thwarted Yalan by adding a new weakness to wood to his ring, which allowed the club-wielding villagers to overwhelm their oppressor and mortally wound him. The dying Yalan Gur fled into Earth's upper atmosphere, where he merged with his lantern-shaped power battery as he died. (His lantern then collided with a fragment of the Starheart and was merged with its magical essence, turning into the Green Flame that becomes the source of Alan Scott's power.)

Jong Li

Jong Li is a Green Lantern introduced in (Green Lantern, Dragon Lord), a limited series created by DC in 2001, written by Doug Moench and drawn by Paul Gulacy and Josef Rubinstein. He is actually Earth's first Green Lantern, and was a monk raised in the Temple of the Dragon Lords in China.

When Jong Li was growing up, he was taught of the Dragon Lords, beings who ruled in the "Golden Age" of man, and that under these lords, man prospered. He was taught to renounce all earthly possessions and to live a life of peace and discipline, but then one day a concubine named Jade Moon came to him in his temple, begging for help in trying to escape her bonds. Jong Li tried to help her but failed, and his temple and fellow monks were ravaged by the emperor's troops and their commander.

Jong Li later encountered a Guardian who gave him a power ring and a lantern to "Oppose Evil, Ease Suffering and Protect the Innocent." Jong Li later rescued Jade and learned of Lung Mountain, where the last Dragon Lords supposedly lived. He set out to seek their higher authority and with their Blessing of Fire became the last Dragon Lord of the Earth, finally defeating the evil emperor's forces and saving his people.

Abin Sur

Abin Sur was a Green Lantern assigned Sector 2814 (Earth's sector, by the Green Lantern Corps' reckoning). His ship crash-landed on Earth and passed his ring on to Hal Jordan as he lay dying.

Alien Green Lanterns

While they are rarely the star of any of the Green Lantern comics, a number of alien members of the Green Lantern Corps have appeared in DC's various comics.


The teenage daughter of Fentara, Green Lantern of Graxos IV, Arisia was trained at an early age to follow in her father's footsteps. Upon Fentara's death Blish of neighboring Graxos V was named Green Lantern for Space Sector 2815. When Blish was killed, the Guardians of the Universe sought Arisia as the new Green Lantern. On her homeworld, Arisia took up the civilian identity of Cynella, making a name for herself as an artist and fashion designer.

Arisia first met Hal Jordan, neighboring Green Lantern of Space Sector 2814 on her way to Oa to take part in battle against Krona the renegade Guardian, and Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. She was astounded by the thousands of different Green Lanterns she fought beside, and was quick to make friends. Her life as an emerald warrior was about to be cut short when she was rescued by Tylot, one of Krona's army of the undead. For rescuing the young Lantern, Tylot was made a temporary Green Lantern.


Ash-Pak-Glif is one of several Green Lanterns appearing in the "A Lantern Against The Dark: A Forgotten Tale of the Green Lantern Corps" story, from Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3.

He is a stony, vaguely-humanoid Green Lantern from the shattered world of Perressen. He is recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by B'Shi, as part of preparations for a Green Lantern Corps invasion of Apokolips. He participates in this invasion, and, while it fails, he secretly provides the hostage Raker Qarrigat with a power ring and corresponding battery, allowing Qarrigat to fight a continuing guerrilla war against Darkseid's rule.


B'Shi is one of several Green Lanterns appearing in the "A Lantern Against The Dark: A Forgotten Tale of the Green Lantern Corps" story, from Green Lantern 80-Page Giant #3.

She is a monkey-like Green Lantern from the jungle world of Suirpalam, who is recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Raker Qarrigat (and in turn recruits Ash-Pak-Glif) as part of preparations for a Green Lantern Corps invasion of Apokolips. She participates in this invasion, and is killed along with hundreds of other Green Lanterns when it quickly turns into a debacle.


A Green Lantern who fought Hal Jordan, losing a hand in the process, on his way to Oa during Emerald Twilight. She recently was found alive on Biot. She is one of those chosen to become an Alpha Lantern.


A small fly-like Green Lantern from the planet Apiaton, assigned to sector 2226. He is the partner of Mogo. In battle, he usually creates oversized constructs (such as roller coasters and giant warheads) with his Power Ring. Bzzd often faces extra scrutiny from his fellow Lanterns because of his size but he has shown that his willpower is as strong as anyone else's.

It is revealed that his greatest fear is to be stripped of his ring and returned to an insignificant insect trapped on his homeworld. He gives his life to defeat Mongul II. He dies defending a team of his fellow Lanterns. His ring was bequeathed to Mother Mercy.


Chaselon is a crystalline Lantern, with mechanical "tentacles" for arms and legs, and possessing a mohawk. He becomes an Alpha Lantern in Green Lantern #27.


Ch'p of the planet H'lven is an anthropomorphic rodent-like creature who was appointed to the Corps to defend his homeworld from an invasion by the evil Crabster army. He serves with the Corps on Earth and on Oa, but is killed when a yellow truck runs him over.


Driq of Criq was an undead humanoid from an unknown sector. He was killed by Sinestro and Sentient Sector 3600, but his ring wouldn't allow his life force to escape his body. Thus, he remained in a not-quite-dead state, though his physical body exhibited signs of decomposition and his costume was ragged and tattered. When Sinestro was executed and all of the Green Lantern rings lost their power, Driq collapsed into a final death.


Eddore from the planet Tront was a gaseous creature, vaguely amoeboid in appearance. He died during Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Eddore, along with Arisia, were created by writer Mike W. Barr in his Tales of the GL Corps miniseries as a tip of the hat to E.E. Smith's Lensmen series. Arisia and Eddore are the planets of the series' superintelligent benevolent and evil races, respectively.

Flodo Span

Flodo Span was an "abstract" life form from Inner Tasnia who used its Green Lantern ring to create for itself a corporeal, amorphous body. It was instrumental in defeating Sentient Sector 3600. Currently believed to be dead.


G'nort Espalanade G'neesmacher, created by Keith Giffen and J. M. DeMatteis, is an incompetent member of the Green Lantern Corps, incapable of accomplishing superheroic or even ordinary tasks. In this role, he is occasionally a member of unspectacular superhero teams (such as the Justice League Antarctica and the Super Buddies), and often serves as comic relief in various incarnations of the Justice League comics. Despite his incompetence and lack of intelligence, G'nort does his best to be brave, loyal, and honorable, a fact that has been noted by both Superman and the (fictional) Mayor of New York City.

Upon his first appearance (during the Millennium crossover event), Hal Jordan stated that G'nort only got into the Corps through the political influence of his uncle, a respected Green Lantern. However, his incompetence was recognized early and he was given a completely lifeless Sector to patrol. This origin was slightly retconned in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #9-13. According to this new origin, G'nort and his uncle G'newman initially received their power rings from Poglachians, posing as the Guardians of the Universe after the real Guardians departed the universe with the Zamarons. This was part of a Paglachian/Weaponeers of Qward plot to arm incompetents with Green Lantern power rings; the Paglachians wanted to cause amusing chaos, while the Weaponeers wanted to discredit the Green Lantern Corps. Despite the initial origin of his ring, after the plot is uncovered Guy Gardner, against his better judgment, nominated G'nort for genuine Corps membership.

G'nort has only appeared in supporting roles and back-up stories, either pestering the Justice League to let him join (or at least help with the latest threat to Earth) or battling wholly unintimidating "threats" to peace and order. In one effort to help the Justice League (in Justice League America #36), he encounters what would become his arch-enemy, the (equally incompetent) Scarlet Skier, a parody of Marvel's Silver Surfer. He later befriends the Scarlet Skier (in Justice League International Vol. 1 #3) and even brings the Scarlet Skier along when Maxwell Lord founds the Justice League Antarctica in an effort to get both G'nort and the unwillingly-heroic Injustice League out of his way (in Justice League International Annual #4). There G'Nort actually does save lives.

He also appears in Green Lantern group scenes, including, after the events of Emerald Twilight, joining many other former Green Lanterns in joining the Darkstars. He also occasionally appears as a solo character, battling his arch-enemy, the Scarlet Skier, or being (unsuccessfully) ransomed off by Manga Khan to Maxwell Lord in exchange for L-Ron. G'nort was last seen as the sole member of Super Buddies Antarctica.

G'Nort's look over the years has slowly become more and more canine, and in the recent Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage miniseries, he was written as a bolder character with an air of more confidence, or at least, embittered and less prone to be a joke due to his home planet, G'Newt, being left a scorched mass of rubble by the Tormocks, as a neutral casualty of the Rann-Thanagar War.

In the alternate future of Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century, Brainiac 5 describes him as a past menace wielding a Power Ring along with the seen-on-panel, but not nominated, Sinestro and Amon Sur.


A rock-skinned Green Lantern who fought Hal Jordan on his way to Oa during Emerald Twilight. He recently was found alive on Biot. He does not use his ring in battle (and is rumored to never have), preferring his fists instead. In Green Lantern (Vol 4) #23, he finally activates his ring in battle against the Anti-Monitor.

Graf Toren

A Green Lantern who was rescued by Hal Jordan at some point. Battled the Draal with Guy Gardner and later thought to be killed by Hal Jordan while defending Oa. He recently returned to the Corps when he was rescued by Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner from the Manhunters.


Despite his outward slovenly appearance, Greet is one of the most respected culinary masters in the universe. He is currently serving as manager of Oa's cafeteria, though when and how he went from ring slinger to hash slinger is a story yet untold. As the majority of his time is spent on Oa, Greet has made numerous requests to bring his family to Oa so he can spend more time with them. It is not known how Greet's partner feels about protecting sector 3443 with Greet stationed on Oa.

Katma Tui

Katma Tui leads the Korugarian rebellion against Sinestro, and takes over as Korugar's Green Lantern after the Guardians arrest Sinestro. She eventually marries John Stewart but is later murdered by Star Sapphire.


Ke'Haan is introduced in Green Lantern Vol. 3 #49. He is referred to as "Ke'Haan of Varva", and has red skin and horns. In this issue, he is one of several Green Lanterns attempting to defend Oa from Hal Jordan, but, like the others, he is defeated and left for dead by Jordan. In Green Lantern Vol. 4 #3, he appears as one of several ex-Green Lanterns taken captive by the Manhunters. He is killed by the Anti-Monitor during the Sinestro Corps War.


Kilowog of Bolovax Vik (Sector 647) is the sole survivor of his home world which was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. As such, he was one of the few post-Crisis DC characters to remember the events of "the Great Crisis" as he referred to it. Kilowog recruits and trains new members of the Green Lantern Corps. His most illustrious student is Hal Jordan. When Jordan was possessed by Parallax, Kilowog was one of the last Green Lanterns to try to stop Jordan from destroying the Central Power Battery. Kilowog was killed by Jordan, but his spirit was summoned by a group of ex-Green Lanterns bent on avenging the destruction of the Corps at a Parallax-possessed Jordan's hands. Kilowog was subsequently returned to life by Kyle Rayner.


Kreon was a Chietain of a militaristic race from the planet Tebis. The Tebans glorified war and the domination of other races. Teban forces had made advances into Space Sector 3319, despite the loss of their hold on the planet Hwagaagaa due to the rebellion led by former Green Lantern Charlie Vicker.

As Chieftan, Kreon led a battle fleet into war against the Quahooga. Unlike others of his race, Kreon fought not to win wars, but to end them. To this end, Kreon bought Star Sapphire from the mercenary Flicker, in the hope to spare hundreds of his warriors from entering battle. Star Sapphire bided her time until she managed to get a weapon, slaughtering a dozen Tebans before she was stopped. Although the Tribunal of Command suggested he kill her, Kreon listened to Flicker, who promised a way to control her. He would bring an old lover of hers, the Green Lantern of Earth, Hal Jordan.

The plan was a complete failure, neither the Green Lanterns nor Star Sapphire could be contained. Realizing his mistake in trusting Flicker, Kreon assisted the Green Lanterns in the mercenary's downfall.

The deeds of Kreon may not have been approved of by his fellow Chieftains, but they did attract the attention of Hal Jordan. The Green Lantern offered Kreon membership in the Corps. He is killed by the Manhunters.


Laira is one of the Lost Lanterns who recently turned up alive after falling in battle to Hal Jordan during Emerald Twilight. She was stripped of her power ring after murdering Amon Sur, but has since gained a red power ring, becoming the second Red Lantern.

Leezle Pon

First mentioned in Alan Moore's Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Story, Mogo Doesn't Socialize, Leezle Pon is a sentient smallpox virus who bears a miniaturised Green Lantern Ring; however, due to his nature, he is often unable to attend meetings. It was Leezle Pon who defeated the Sinestro Corps virus Despotellis at the crux of the Sinestro Corps War.


Medphyll is the Green Lantern from J596, where plants are the dominant life form. He served as a member of the Darkstars, and afterwards encountered Jack Knight and joined Prince Gavyn's rebellion to reclaim his throne. He betrayed the rebels, and was killed by Jack Knight in Starman #60. This death was apparently not permanent, since he has been reinstated as a Green Lantern after the rebirth of the corps. His survival is most likely due to his ability to transfer his mind into any kind of plant life.


Mogo is not only a Green Lantern, but is also an entire planet. Most notably featured in the Alan Moore story "Mogo Doesn't Socialize" from Green Lantern v2, #188. Mogo itself is powered by Green Lantern energy and has control over its own surface and natural defenses. Mogo is also the site of the DC/Dark Horse Comics crossover limited series Green Lantern Versus Aliens - the Green Lantern Corps (during Jordan's first era as GL) encounter the predatory creatures, and decide that Mogo was the best chance for containment. Mogo assisted in the defeat of Superboy-Prime, entering orbit around the red sun Rao in order to act as a battleground for the depowered Supermen. Currently, Mogo acts as a training, psycho-therapy, and recreation facility for the Green Lantern Corps.


Morro, a Green Lantern from the planet Sarc, and his four pets, called Dratures, volunteer as cryptkeepers on the Corps' Memorial. Guy Gardner revealed to Kyle Rayner that Morro requested his duty as penance, as he killed his pets' mother in rage when he wrongfully thought it ate his brother. His first act of amending his mistake was to adopt the creature's offspring as his own, then later, as a Green Lantern after the war, to be the Corps' cryptkeeper. Morro is capable of combat and hunting without his ring, and his primary choice of weapon is his mallet. His Dratures are fearsome dragon-like creatures loyal to their master and ready to aid him.

Mother Mercy

Mother Mercy is the creator of the Black Mercy plants used by Mongul, and the new Lantern for sector 2261. She initially created them to find people who are suffering and dying to ease their pain, which created a symbiotic relationship with her. However, the first Mongol discovered the plants, and used them to spread his evil, even mutating some of the Black Mercys into giving their victims suffering. Mother Mercy, however, kept her sentience hidden from Mongol. Her abilities to both ease and create fear gave her both a Green Lantern Corps Ring and a Sinestro Corps ring to choose from. The GL ring, which she ultimately chose, came from the recently deceased Bzzd.


Olapet was a plant-based Green Lantern, hailing from the planet of Southern Goldstar. She, along with Driq and Flodo Span, were the sole survivors of the Green Lantern Corps of Klyminade. The rest were killed by Sinestro and Sentient Sector 3600.

Procanon Kaa

A veteran Green Lantern, Procanon Kaa has served the Corps for generations. He protects Space Sector 422, which includes much of the Khund Empire. By necessity, Procanon Kaa considers himself a warrior but would also mediate fights within the Empire. As could be expected, several Khundish warlords declare the Green Lantern is an enemy of the Empire and have banned him from many of the planets in his sector.

Rot Lop Fan

Rot Lop Fan is one of several unorthodox members of the Green Lantern Corps created by Alan Moore in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 (1987). After his introduction, he later occasionally appears in Green Lantern Corps group scenes.

In the Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #3 story "In the Blackest Night", Katma Tui is sent by the Guardians of the Universe to a lightless region of space known as the Obsidian Deeps, in order to recruit a new Green Lantern to protect that region of space. Despite the absolute darkness of the Deeps, Katma's power ring led her unerringly to a completely fearless and honest resident of the Deeps: Rot Lop Fan. However, as Rot Lop Fan's species had evolved in darkness, they had no concept of light and color, and thus Katma Tui was unable to explain how the power ring worked (it projects solid rays of light manifested by the bearer's will power).

Realizing that his species operates by hearing, Katma reshapes the power ring from a lantern into a bell, and describes the Green Lantern Corps as the F-Sharp Bell Corps and the ring's powers in terms of sound instead of light. She also composes a new oath for him to recite.

In loudest din or hush profound
my ears hear evil's slightest sound
let those who toll out evil's knell
beware my power, the F-Sharp Bell!

Having solved this dilemma, Katma leaves Rot Lop Fan to protect his people.

Rot Lop Fan later appears in several group scenes, including in the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline (Green Lantern Corps #219) when the Guardians of the Universe depart this plane of existence with the Zamarons, at the trial of Sinestro (Green Lantern Corps #223-#224) and in a group of ex-Green Lanterns freed from slavers by Warrior (Guy Gardner: Warrior #35).

Rot Lop Fan has apparently been reinstated as a Green Lantern after the rebirth of the Corps.


A Green Lantern who claims to be able to speak to the dead. He states that the dead have become cold, and are growing colder by the day, and that the fallen Lanterns are becoming worried by what is to come. He helps his fellow Lanterns track and capture the Sinestro Corps member who have been killing rookie Lantern's families, and is later tasked by one of the Guardians to find and speak with the Anti-Monitor's corpse. First appeared in Green Lantern Corps #27.


Salaak is the Green Lantern of Sector 1418 and a native of the planet Slyggia. A Green Lantern since before Hal Jordan's assumption of the role, his familiarity with protocol and experience in the field led the Guardians of the Universe to select him to be both the Keeper of the Book of Oa and the Guardians' administrative liaison to the rest of the Corps.


Sinestro is a long-time foe of Hal Jordan and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. He was once the Green Lantern from the planet Korugar (in Sector 1417); however, he believed that the best way to maintain order on Korugar was by using his ring to become the planet's dictator. The Guardians of the Universe convict him of criminal actions and banish him to the antimatter universe of Qward, where he is given a yellow power ring, and returns to our universe to become Hal Jordan's greatest enemy. He is apparently killed in action, helping defend the Central Power Battery on Oa from the seemingly insane Jordan. However, he is recently seen during Green Lantern: Rebirth, where he revealed that he had somehow faked his death as part of a ploy to make Hal Jordan vulnerable to possession by Parallax. In a battle against Jordan, he flees to the Anti-Matter Universe where he starts the Sinestro Corps.

Sodam Yat

Sodam Yat is a prophesied future member of the Green Lantern Corps, created by Alan Moore and appears initially in "Tygers", a story in Tales of the Green Lantern Corps Annual #2. He is mentioned in passing to Abin Sur by a demon named Qull of the Five Inversions, who had been imprisoned on the planet Ysmault by the Guardians of the Universe. As a Daxamite (a race with inherent Superman-like powers) with a power ring, he would be nearly unstoppable. Despite this, in Qull's prophecy, he is still defeated as part of the final destruction of the Green Lantern Corps.

He is also mentioned in the proposal Alan Moore wrote for his series "Twilight of the Superheroes", which was never published. In the proposal that was leaked onto the internet, the Daxamite Green Lantern is named "Sodol Yat" and is also referred to as "The Ultimate Green Lantern". In that story, Sodol Yat is the last Green Lantern to confront Superman, who has just killed many Green Lanterns, Thanagarians and the Martian Manhunter. Sodol Yat then kills Superman.

Sodam Yat made his first appearance in regular DC continuity in Green Lantern Corps #12, and part three of the Sinestro Corps War (Green Lantern Corps #14), when Kilowog gathers a group of Lanterns to strike back against Sinestro's forces attacking in Space Sector 2263. Salakk singles out Arisia to keep an eye on the newly graduated Lantern Yat, while she wonders why Sodam is so important. Salakk has been charged by the Guardians of the Universe to keep Qull's prophesy from coming to pass, but keeps this to himself, only saying that one day she may know why he is so special. In Green Lantern Corps #16, Sodam destroys Ranx' core ending the battle of Mogo.

In Green Lantern Corps #17, Sodam Yat is merged with the Ion Entity, becoming the new Ion. Merging the Ion power with his Daxamite physiology makes him one of the most powerful characters in the current continuity.


Tomar-Re is a Lantern with a bird-like head. He was the first member of the Corps that Hal Jordan ever met, and they were close friends. He was mortally wounded during a battle in the Anti-Matter Universe of Qward at the time of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Upon his death, his ring went to John Stewart. When Stewart objected the he was already a Green Lantern, Tomar (through his ring) stated, "you are wearing Hal Jordan's ring." (Hal had quit the Corps some time before, and John was his replacement.) Tomar died after seeing Hal wearing his old ring once again.


Tomar-Tu is the son of Tomar-Re, and one of the Lost Lanterns recently discovered by Hal Jordan. Although he bears animosity toward Jordan, he at least respects him due to his father. Tu is quoted as saying that although his father understood Earthmen, he never would. Tomar-Tu accompanies Hal Jordan to find the missing John Stewart and Guy Gardner in Green Lantern #23.


Turytt is the imposing rookie Green Lantern and successor of Ke'Haan. He presides over sector 786.


Xax of Xaos is a grasshopper-like alien from a planet ruled by insects. He first appeared in Green Lantern v2, #9 and becomes one of Hal Jordan's good friends in the Corps. He was slain during a battle on the moon of Qward during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Another grasshopper shaped Lantern named Xax is slain and worn as an earring by Lady Styx.


Zale of Bellatrix was Boodikka's replacement on the Bellatrix Bombers, and the next of her kind judged worthy by the Guardians to wield a GL ring. She first appeared in Green Lantern Corps #21. As a rookie Lantern who kept ignoring her call to duty, Zale was brought under investigation by her former sister Boodika, now an Alpha-Lantern. After a lengthy confrontation, it was revealed that it was the Bombers who kept Zale from fulfilling her duties, by deceiving her into thinking she was needed with them. The Guardians punished Zale by making her Boodikka's sector partner and removing her power battery, making her dependent on Boodikka for recharges.


Miscellaneous Green Lanterns

Teen Lanterns

Although not 'official' members of the Green Lantern Corps, four teenagers -- Frankie (M), Kelly (F), Jaclyn (F) and Samosa (M) -- are given simplified Green Lantern rings by John Stewart after their homes are abducted to Oa by the Mad Guardian in Green Lantern (Volume 3, 1992) and Mosaic (Volume 1, 1992-1993).

Able to create simple objects, translate languages, synthesize atmosphere and empower flight, these rings enabled the youngsters to explore Oa in the hopes that their youthful ways of looking at the Mosaic (and the other beings trapped there) would help ease relations between the Earthlings and other races.

Having a moderate degree of success, the four helped where they could until the Moasic was torn apart when dozens of space fleets appeared over Oa, each planet determined to bring their people home.

Presumably the four are back on Earth readjustng to a 'normal' life. At this time, it is unknown how the destruction of the Central Power Battery (GL V3 #50) and subsequent reconstruction by Ion/Kyle Rayner affected the teenagers' rings. It is possible they still exist and can be recharged if given access to a Lantern.

Another Teen Lantern, unrelated to the others and out-of-continuity is Jordana Gardner, future descendant of Hal Jordan and Guy Gardner, called in such way due to her early recruitment into the Green Lantern Corps of the alternate future detailed in Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century.


A Green Lantern that exists in the DCAU. Appearing in Batman Beyond and the Justice League Unlimited episode Epilogue. Kai-ro is a Chinese Buddhist who became a Green Lantern at a very young age. He would join the Justice League and become a friend of Batman.

Kid Lantern

Issue 3 of the miniseries Flash & Green Lantern: The Brave And The Bold has Flash, Kid Flash and Green Lantern in pursuit of Mirror Master and Black Hand. In an attempt to steal Flash's speed, it is Kid Flash who loses his powers. To help out, Green Lantern creates a temporary Power Ring for Wally to use, dubbing him Kid Lantern. Wally's costume is exactly like his Kid Flash costume but with black pants, green shirt and boots, white gloves, and his lightning insignia is replaced with a Green Lantern insignia.

Daffy Duck/Duck Dodgers

In episode #9 ("The Green Loontern") of the 2003 Duck Dodgers animated series, Duck Dodgers claims his laundry at the dry-cleaners, but mistakenly takes a Green Lantern uniform instead of his usual outfit.

After discovering that with the aid of his power ring he can fly, he has a few mishaps involving flight (including a confrontation with a dog while trying to romance a girl in a Romeo and Juliet spoof), before he is summoned to Oa: in a memorable scene, he zooms uncontrollably through outer space, dragged by the power of his ring.

The entire Green Lantern Corps is kidnapped by Sinestro; as a last resort, Duck Dodgers is dispatched by the Guardians to save the Corps. Through various flukes, he manages to do so, before Hal Jordan returns (dressed in Dodgers' normal spacesuit) to demand the return of his ring and uniform.

While asked by Kilowog to recite the Green Lantern power oath at the Corps Central Battery, a flustered Dodgers gabbles a random rhyme in desperation:

In blackest day or brightest night
Watermelon, cantaloupe, yadda-e-yadda
Erm...superstitious and cowardly lot
With liberty and justice for all!

This episode made use of discarded character concepts for a proposed Green Lantern Corps animated series. The series would have focused on the adventures of Kyle Rayner with a slightly comical version of the Corps. The episode included the first animated versions of Guy Gardner, Ch'p, and Boodikka.

Green Guardsman

A Green Guardsman was featured on the Justice League animated series' season one two-part episode Legends as an homage to the original Alan Scott. He appeared as a Justice Guild of America member on an alternate Earth that was devastated by nuclear war, but reconstructed as a vast mental illusion by a psychic, Ray Thompson. This was a reference to the pre-Crisis on Infinite Earths crossovers between DC Comics' Multiverse (which began in Sep. 1961 "Flash of Two Worlds"). To mirror the Golden Age Green Lantern ring's vulnerability to wood, the Green Guardsman's ring had no power over aluminum. He represented the Golden Age mentality of comics, accidentally making a racist gaffe when he told the African-American Green Lantern John Stewart "you're a credit to your people, son"; however, the Green Guardsman proved to be a loyal superhero of a bygone era, and willingly sacrificed himself to defend the Earth he protected.

Green Lanterns by Sectors of the Universe

After long experimentation the Guardians equipped and loosely oversaw the Green Lantern Corps, 7200+ diverse beings from throughout the universe. Each was granted a battery and a ring. Thinly scattered among uncounted trillions of stars, each was assigned a sector of space which was vaster than anyone can comprehend.

The sectors are shaped as four-sided pyramid-shaped sections of a sphere, with their point meeting at Oa, which is located at the center of the universe. Oa is technically in each Lantern's sector, and while on Oa, the Lantern is still in his home sector

There are 3600 standard space sectors, plus three "special" sectors: 0 (Oa itself) -1 (Anti-Matter universe) and 3601 (proscribed sector of space populated by the Manhunters)

-1 Anti-matter universe of Qward
0 Oa - home to the Guardians of the Universe
2 Hannu
3 Apros
6 Tahr
17 Larvox and Jack T. Chance (deceased)
24 Breeon
26 Norchavivus
28 Umitu
35 Matoo Pree and Amnee Pree
38 Kraken and Raker Qarrigat
40 Shorm
47 Lysandra and Spol
54 Joanqin
55 Jeryll (deceased)
56 Tomy-Fai
68 G'nort (deceased)
69 Varix
73 Sendrina and Chthos-Chtas Chthatis (deceased)
83 Bruun
103 Malet Dasim
112 Laira (expelled)
119 Reemuz (deceased) and Leezle Pon
151 Ghr'll and Xylpth
173 Relok Hag
181 KT21
188 Dkrtzy RRR
257 Markot Five
279 RRU-9-2
281 Alia
312 Ash-Pak-Glif
315 Volk
345 Olapet
422 Procanon Kaa
424 Vode-M and Graf Toren
488 Arx
501 Charqwep
567 Rees-Van
571 Voz
586 Medphyll
650 Ash
666 Morro
674 Kilowog
700 R'amey Holl & Von Daggle
773 Saarek
786 Ke'Haan (deceased) and Turytt
863 Krista X
885 Horoq Nnot
904 Brik and Aa
911 Rot Lop Fan
918 Tuebeen
981 Brokk
996 Taa
1014 Ch'p (deceased) and B'dg
1055 Adam
1110 Okonoko and Sir Deeter
1132 Remnant Nod
1198 Grumb
1234 Rori Stroh
1253 Sheriff Mardin
1287 The Collective
1324 T-Cher
1337 Gk'd
1355 Penelops
1414 Boodikka and Zale
1416 Diamalon (deceased) and Chaselon
1417 Sinestro (expelled), Katma Tui (deceased), Tarkus Whin (deceased), Myrrt (deceased), Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande
1418 Salakk
1419 Eddore (deceased)
1582 Lin Canar
1721 Kaylark
1760 Sodam Yat
1776 Meadlux
1915 Wissen
2002 Kreon (deceased)
2106 Krydel-4
2111 Oliversity
2234 El'qa Squa Zreenah and Perdoo
2260 Opto309v
2261 Mogo, Mother Mercy, Bzzd (deceased)
2277 Zaneth (deceased)
2471 Talmadge
2515 Symon Terrynce
2682 Vath Sarn and Isamot Kol
2684 Quond (deceased) and Tanakata Z (deceased)
2689 Skirl
2751 M'dahna
2812 Tagort and Venizz
2813 Tomar-Re (deceased), Tomar-Tu and Dalor
2814 Laham (deceased), Waverly Sayre (deceased), Stakaðr (deceased), Abin Sur (deceased), Daniel Young (deceased), Donna Parker (retired), Jennifer-Lynn "Jade" Hayden (deceased), Alan Scott, Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner, John Stewart and Kyle Rayner
2815 Arisia
2828 Gretti and Green Man
2937 Harvid and G'Hu
3009 Stel
3014 Barreer Wot and Lok Neboora
3100 Amanita
3181 Skyrd
3192 Lan Dibbux
3212 Vandor
3333 Penn Maricc
3399 Shilandra Thane
3411 Droxelle
3443 Greet
3453 Lashorr
3515 Gpaak
3521 Garmin Vid and Torquemada
3587 Palaqua
3588 Cimfet Tau
3590 Zevonn Parzzx
3599 Zghithii
3601 Location of the Manhunters. Marked as off limits to Corpsmen

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