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List of To Heart 2 characters

A list of characters from the video game and anime series ToHeart2.

Note: Naming conventions follow the Western system: family name (last name) after the given name (first name). . In the website of the XRATED video game the original Japanese order (family name before the given name) of romanized names is used .

Main characters

Takaaki Kōno

is the main male character. He is unvoiced and unseen in the game and makes his first appearance in the anime. Takaaki is childhood friends with Konomi and Tamaki and sees them as a younger sister and older sister. In the anime, it is noted that he has an aversion to most girls except for Konomi and Tamaki, mainly because of their childhood friendship. He is a kind young man who, despite his shy nature around girls, is often very kind to them when the situation arises. It is also noted that in the anime, he has blackish green hair instead of brown. In the beginning of the story, his parents leave him home alone because of business.

Konomi Yuzuhara

is the main female character, and is childhood friends with Takaaki. Although in the beginning of the game she is still in junior high school, she joins him in the same high school at the beginning of the new school term. Konomi has a friendly disposition, and is often smiling and happy. She sometimes tries hard at cooking, and enjoys being with Takaaki.

Tamaki Kōsaka

  • Birthday: 7 July. Height: 165cm. Three sizes: 89/58/82. Bloodtype: AB

is also childhood friends with both Konomi and Takāki: the two see her as an older sister. She left them when they were both children, having to go to an all-girls boarding school. Her promise to come back to Takāki and Konomi in the final year of high school is what prompted her to leave her boarding school. In the game, she is one year ahead of Takaaki.

She is very confident and comes from a rich family. She is well versed in traditional Japanese arts and traditions, yet still is a modern girl in her own right. In her group consisting of Konomi, Takāki and Yūji, she is the strong and dominant personality and acts as the older-sister figure. She often addresses herself as "Tama-oneechan".

In the game's Tamaki scenario, she is followed by a group of three girls from her boarding school. The three attempt to separate her from Takāki as they are "in love" with her. In the process of evading the girls, she declares Takāki to be her boyfriend and proves it with a kiss: at which point the three girls realise they have failed and return to their school.

Karin Sasamori

  • Birthday: 1 December. Height: 156cm. Three sizes: 84/56/82. Bloodtype: AB

is in the same grade as Takaaki and the founder and only member of the "Mystery Club" before she manages to blackmail Takaaki into joining. Despite the name, the "Mystery Club" does not really read mystery novels or engage in real-life detective work, but is more a club for the occult, the supernatural, and unexplained. Most consider Karin an oddball, not only because of her interest in UFOs, but because of little things, such as her love for egg sandwiches and singing an odd nursery rhyme about eggs, as well.

Sango Himeyuri

  • Birthday: 16 June. Height: 152cm. Three sizes: 76/56/78. Bloodtype: O

is the older Himeyuri twin. She is one school year younger than the protagonist, and helped develop the next generation maid gynoids for Kurusugawa Electronics. While she's quite bright in the technical aspect, to others, she seems quite naive and almost childish. Despite her childish attitude, Sango appears to be the "older sister" of the pair and often gives advice to her twin sister, Ruri.

Both her and Ruri, speak with an extremely strong Kansai (Osaka) dialect.

Ruri Himeyuri

  • Birthday: 16 June. Height: 152cm. Three sizes: 80/56/79. Bloodtype: O

is the younger Himeyuri twin. She is one school year younger than the protagonist, and is in the same class as Sango. She is fiercely protective and possessive of her sister, and when Sango finds herself attracted to Takaaki, Ruri becomes jealous and even hostile towards him. She is an excellent cook, as well. Unlike her twin sister, Ruri is not very bright and cannot develop robots.

Yuma Tonami

  • Birthday: 31 August. Height: 158cm. Three sizes: 85/57/81. Bloodtype: B

is in the same grade as the protagonist from a neighbouring class and close friends with Manaka. She is very high-strung and aggressive who rides a bike, and for some reason always collides with Takaaki in many embarrassing situations. This is not helped by the fact that she always holds Takaaki at fault, and her attempts to challenge him to duels always end up worse off than they began. After losing to Takaaki in any way, she often points to him and famously says, "Don't think you've already won this!" She lives in a rich family and is being trained to take over her grandfather's business.

Lucy Maria Misora a.k.a. Ruuko Kireinasora

(ルーシー・マリア・ミソラ Rūshī Maria Misora/るーこ・きれいなそら Rūko Kireinasora)

  • Birthday: 30 February. Height: 162cm. Three sizes: 79/57/78

An alien that can communicate with animals. Notable also for other traits, like using matchsticks as currency, writing in Egyptian hieroglyphs, raising her arms and speaking out "Ruu" (Which becomes a trend as a silly way of greeting people), and referring to all humans as "Uu".

Manaka Komaki

  • Birthday: 1 May. Height: 154cm. Three sizes: 83/58/84. Bloodtype: A

is one of the protagonist's classmates and the class representative. She likes to help others out to the point that few realize she is being overburdened by her work. Despite being a good class rep, she has a fairly docile personality otherwise. Manaka assists the library club in marking archived books for barcoding, which causes a few problems since she is not a member. Has a talent for blending tea, which she does as a hobby. She is shy around boys, something Takaaki can empathize with. Despite being busy helping everyone at school, she still makes time to visit her younger sister, Ikuno (who is suffering from the complications of diabetes), who is in the hospital.

Yūki Kusakabe

  • Birthday: 14 April. Height: 157cm. Three sizes: 84/54/80. Bloodtype: A

is a mysterious girl that Takaaki meets in school at night, and for some reason she isn't usually seen. She carries around a notebook called the "Trash Basket Notebook". In the anime, she is seen in a flashback as a young girl who is crying because she is moving away.

Sasara Kusugawa

  • Birthday: 20 September. Height: 163cm. Three sizes: 87/57/83. Bloodtype: AB

is a new character for the PC version only. She is one school year older than the protagonist and the student council vice-president and later the president. She has a cold demeanor and strict attitude and as a result, her only friend is Marianne. When it is time for Marianne to graduate, Sasara is saddened because her only friend would be leaving her and even tries to convince Marianne not to graduate. Takaaki becomes acquainted with her after he is chosen to be a volunteer to help the student council with an event, but when Sasara becomes president, she appoints him as vice-president.


  • : Tamaki's younger brother and the protagonist's best friend and classmate. He fills in the role of "perverted friend". He is often interested in other girls unlike Tamaki, and is often the victim of his elder sister's ire in the form of painful forehead-crushing grips. He often gets jealous of Takaki "taking" all the girls. He likes cameras, but he likes taking pictures of girls more. .
  • Haruka Yuzuhara (柚原 春夏 Yuzuhara Haruka): Konomi's mother. She is friendly towards Takaki, enough to entrust him with her own daughter overnight. She often calls him over to eat breakfast or dinner with them.
  • Michiru "Charu" Yamada (山田 ミチル Yamada Michiru, ちゃる Charu): Konomi's friend from Junior High School. She is soft-spoken and wears glasses. She goes to a private school near the protagonist's school.
  • Chie "Yocchi" Yoshioka (吉岡 チエ Yoshioka Chie, よっち Yotchi): Konomi's friend from Junior High School. More energetic and has green hair. She goes to a private school near the protagonist's school.
  • Daniel a.k.a. Genzo Nagase (ダニエル Danieru, 長瀬 源蔵 Nagase Genzō): Yuma's grandfather, and served under Kurusugawa family as butler.
  • : The newest experimental maid robot from Kurusugawa Electronics, driven by software called 'Dynamic Intelligence Architecture' designed by Sango. The body is customized from the mass-produced HMX-16 'Leon'. Ilfa proposes to work at Sango and Ruri's house during her testing phase which angers Ruri because she takes all her jobs. Even though she is hated by Ruri, Ilfa loves her because Ruri is the one who shows her that the outside world is not frightening. In the anime OVA, Ilfa is asked to serve at Yūji's house because he has a maid gynoid fetish which becomes a learning experience for her thanks to Tamaki.
  • HMX-17b Milfa (HMX-17b ミルファ HMX-17b Mirufa): The second HMX-17 unit, and Ilfa's younger sister. This unit is only mentioned in the game, but in Yujin Co., Ltd.'s SR To Heart 2 Part 3 kit, Milfa has pink hair
  • HMX-17c Shilfa (HMX-17c シルファ HMX-17c Shirufa): The third HMX-17 unit, and Ilfa's younger sister. This unit is only mentioned in the game, but in Yujin Co., Ltd.'s SR To Heart 2 Part 3 kit, Shilfa has blond hair
  • Ikuno Komaki (小牧 郁乃 Komaki Ikuno): Manaka's younger sister who has been sick since birth. She stays at the hospital.
  • Reona (玲於奈):
  • Real Chairman (真委員長 Shin'i'inchō): The original chairman when protagonist was in year one.
  • Library Chairman (図書委員長 Toshoi'inchō): A student one school year older than protagonist.
  • Nanako (菜々子): A girl from a primary school who comes to protagonist's school in order to find someone who can use magic.
  • Marianne (まーりゃん Māryan): A character only in the PC version of the game. Before Sasara, she was the student council president. She is also Sasara's best friend. She claims to be coming from the same grade as Aoi and Kotone from the last To Heart game.
  • Kaoruko (薫子):
  • Kasumi (霞):
  • Genjimaru (ゲンジ丸): Konomi's very large pet dog, an Old English Sheepdog.

Another Days main characters

  • HMX-17c Shilfa (HMX-17c シルファ):
  • Harumi Kono (河野 はるみ Kōno Harumi):
  • Michiru Yamada (山田 ミチル Yamada Michiru):
  • Chie Yoshioka (吉岡 チエ Yoshioka Chie):
  • Ikuno Komaki (小牧 郁乃 Komaki Ikuno):
  • Nanako (菜々子):
  • Marianne (まーりゃん):
  • Haruka Yuzuhara (柚原 春夏 Yuzuhara Haruka):


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