Psy-Harmonics is an Australian independent record label specialising in electronic music. When Psy-Harmonics began in 1993 it was the first local label to explore the sonic possibilities of the techno / trance sound. As the pace and volume of the techno /trance movement has grown around the world, Psy Harmonics continues to be at the forefront of releasing electronic music that both defines and defies genre. Its success lies in its ability to release music of enormous variety whilst maintaining an identity that is recognisable without being predictable.

Psy-Harmonics also runs two sub-labels : Cyan Music focusing on ambient/Chill out and SUB label for dance floor orientated Psy-Trance.

Past and present artists on its roster include : Mimesis, Shaolin Wooden Men, Hesius Dome, Rip Van Hippy, Ollie Olsen, Snog, Black Lung , Ad Astra, Joujouka, Antediluvian Rocking Horse, Masaray, Krang, Mystic Force, Lumukanda, Zen Paradox, EYE, The Visitors, Aquila, Third Eye, Pound System, Abel & HJ, Reflecta, Soft, AOA, Makoto Kawamoto, Testeagles, Ito, Battery Cheese Girls, Kerri Simpson, In Honour, Lion Feed, Rip'n'Eiji, WEYE, Quark, Germinator, Insurge, Fluro Conspiracy, T.Tokuda, H.A.H, Wangina, Y, Insectoid, Psyko Disko, All Sonic Include, Special Go-Man, Crazy Party, X-Tron, Spies, Choufu Dark Duck, Society Droid, Christine 23 Onna, Sonic Sufi, Ree-K, Grey Area, Bus (Sub), Mantrix (SUB), Gus Till (Cyan Music) , Ornament (Cyan Music) and other artists from Australia and elsewhere.

Psy-Harmonics online store sells, Australian and imported independent electronic, avant garde, experimental psytrance, chill-out, ambient releases to customers worldwide.

Psy-Harmonics distribution service stocks stores nationally across Australia with a wide arrange of electronic and experimental music releases from Australian and international artists and labels

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