harlan stone

Hal Stone (radio)

Hal Stone (aka Harlan Stone), died February 21, 2007, was a radio actor best known for his performance as Jughead on the Archie Andrews radio series.

Archie Andrews began on the NBC Blue Network May 31, 1943, switched to Mutual in 1944, and then continued on NBC from 1945 until September 05, 1953. Hal Stone, then known as Harlan Stone, portrayed Archie's pal, Jughead, and was known for the catchphrase, "Aw... relax, Archie, re-laxxx!" Jughead was also played by Cameron Andrews. Alice Yourman and Arthur Kohl, among others.

After 15 years in radio, Stone made appearances in early TV productions. Discharged from the Air Force after the Korean War, he obtained a degree in speech and drama from Hofstra University and studied television production at Columbia University. He spent 25 years as a television producer-director and also served as board chairman of Centrex Productions, Inc., a New York television and videotape production company. Stone's autobiography, Aw... Relax, Archie! Re-laxx! was published in 2003.

Four grizzly bears at the Bronx zoo were named Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica. In a curious coincidence, the bear named Jughead died March 2, 2007, nine days after Stone's death.

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