War Daddy

War Daddy is a unique and rare football term, most used in college football. It refers to a player with extraordinary ability and exceptional toughness. Reggie White, Lawrence Taylor, and Richard Seymour have been cited to be "War Daddies." Harold T. White was a coach at Mississippi's Perkinston Junior College in the 1950's is possibly the origin of the word, being a legendary hardass. Some football teams bestow a player the title in practice to denote the best player on the team.

Coach Marinelli of the Detroit Lions referred to Chartric "Chuck" Terrell Darby on March 12th, 2008 as a war daddy. Marinelli stated, “He was a guy that proved to a lot of people who didn’t think he could play that he could play. He’s the toughest football player that I’ve ever been around. He’s an absolute war daddy.”

Some current college football players who could be considered War Daddies are Jacob Hester and Jake Locker.

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