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Hard Case Crime is an American publisher of paperback hardboiled crime novels founded in 2004 by Charles Ardai, also known as the founder of the Internet service Juno Online Services, and Max Phillips. The series recreates, in editorial form and content, the spirit of the pulps of the 1940s and '50s. The covers feature original art done in pulp style by artists such as Robert McGinnis and Glen Orbik.

The collection includes both hard-to-find books from the pulp era (typically labeled Complete and unabridged on the cover), and new novels written specially for the collection (typically labeled First publication anywhere). The most widely reviewed entry in the series to date is a novel by Stephen King, The Colorado Kid.

Four novels published by Hard Case have been nominated for the Edgar Award: In 2005, Little Girl Lost, by Richard Aleas (a pseudonym for Hard Case Crime co-founder Charles Ardai that is both an anagram of Ardai's name and a play on "alias"), was nominated as Best First Novel by an American Author and Domenic Stansberry's The Confession won the award for Best Paperback Original; in 2006, Allan Guthrie's Kiss Her Goodbye was nominated for Best Paperback Original; and in 2008, Russell Hill's Robbie's Wife was nominated for Best Paperback Original.

Max Phillips' Fade to Blonde won the 2005 Shamus Award for Best Paperback Novel of the Year. Charles Ardai received the Edgar Award in 2007 for his short story "The Home Front."


Spine # Title Author Cover Artist Release Date ISBN Notes
001 Grifter's Game Lawrence Block Chuck Pyle September 2004 0-8439-5350-0 Complete and unabridged
002 Fade to Blonde Max Phillips Gregory Manchess September 2004 0-8439-5350-0 First publication anywhere
003 Top of the Heap Erle Stanley Gardner Bill Nelson October 2004 0-8439-5352-7 First publication in 30 years
004 Little Girl Lost Richard Aleas Robert McGinnis October 2004 0-8439-5351-9 First time in paperback
005 Two for the Money Max Allan Collins Mark Texeira November 2004 0-8439-5353-5 Complete and unabridged
006 The Confession Domenic Stansberry Richard B. Farrell November 2004 0-8439-5354-3 First publication anywhere
007 Home Is the Sailor Day Keene Richard B. Farrell and Gregory Manchess March 2005 0-8439-5356-X First publication in over 30 years
008 Kiss Her Goodbye Allan Guthrie Chuck Pyle March 2005 0-8439-5355-1 First publication anywhere
009 361 Donald E. Westlake Richard B. Farrell May 2005 0-8439-5357-8 Complete and unabridged
010 Plunder of the Sun David Dodge Robert McGinnis May 2005 0-8439-5358-6 Complete and unabridged
011 Branded Woman Wade Miller Glen Orbik July 2005 0-8439-5359-4 Complete and unabridged
012 Dutch Uncle Peter Pavia Richard B. Farrell July 2005 0-8439-5360-8 First publication anywhere
013 The Colorado Kid Stephen King Glen Orbik October 2005 0-8439-5584-8 First publication anywhere
014 The Girl with the Long Green Heart Lawrence Block Robert McGinnis November 2005 0-8439-5585-6 Complete and unabridged
015 The Gutter and the Grave Ed McBain Richard B. Farrell December 2005 0-8439-5587-2 Complete and unabridged
016 Night Walker Donald Hamilton Tim Gabor January 2006 0-8439-5586-4 Complete and unabridged
017 A Touch of Death Charles Williams Chuck Pyle February 2006 0-8439-5588-0 Complete and unabridged
018 Say It with Bullets Richard Powell Michael Koelsch March 2006 0-8439-5589-9 First publication in 50 years
019 Witness to Myself Seymour Shubin Larry Schwinger April 2006 0-8439-5590-2 First publication anywhere
020 Bust Ken Bruen and Jason Starr Richard B. Farrell May 2006 0-8439-5591-0 First publication anywhere
021 Straight Cut Madison Smartt Bell Chuck Pyle June 2006 0-8439-5592-9 Complete and unabridged
022 Lemons Never Lie Richard Stark Richard B. Farrell July 2006 0-8439-5593-7 Complete and unabridged
023 The Last Quarry Max Allan Collins Robert McGinnis August 2006 0-8439-5594-5 First publication anywhere
024 The Guns of Heaven Pete Hamill Larry Schwinger September 2006 0-8439-5595-3 Complete and unabridged
025 The Last Match David Dodge William George October 2006 0-8439-5596-1 Never before published
026 Grave Descend John Lange Gregory Manchess November 2006 0-8439-5597-X Complete and unabridged
027 The Peddler Richard S. Prather Robert McGinnis December 2006 0-8439-5598-8 Complete and unabridged
028 Lucky At Cards Lawrence Block Chuck Pyle February 2007 0-8439-5768-9 First publication in almost 40 years
029 Robbie's Wife Russell Hill Richard B. Farrell March 2007 0-8439-5769-7 First publication anywhere
030 The Vengeful Virgin Gil Brewer Gregory Manchess April 2007 0-8439-5770-0 Complete and unabridged
031 The Wounded and the Slain David Goodis Glen Orbik May 2007 0-8439-5771-9 Complete and unabridged
032 Blackmailer George Axelrod Glen Orbik June 2007 0-8439-5772-7 Complete and unabridged
033 Songs of Innocence Richard Aleas Glen Orbik July 2007 0-8439-5773-5 First Publication Anywhere
034 Fright Cornell Woolrich Arthur Suydam August 2007 0-8439-5774-3 First publication in over 50 years
035 Kill Now, Pay Later Robert Terrall Robert McGinnis September 2007 0-8439-5775-1 Complete and unabridged
036 Slide Ken Bruen and Jason Starr Richard B. Farrell October 2007 0-8439-5776-X First publication anywhere
037 Dead Street Mickey Spillane Arthur Suydam November 2007 0-8439-5777-8 Never before published
038 Deadly Beloved Max Allan Collins Terry Beatty December 2007 0-8439-5778-6 First publication anywhere
039 A Diet of Treacle Lawrence Block Chuck Pyle January 2008 0-8439-5957-6 Complete and unabridged
040 Money Shot Christa Faust Glen Orbik February 2008 0-8439-5958-4 First publication anywhere
041 Zero Cool John Lange Gregory Manchess March 2008 0-8439-5959-2 Complete and unabridged
042 Shooting Star/Spiderweb Robert Bloch Arthur Suydam/Larry Schwinger April 2008 0-8439-5960-6 Two complete novels
043 The Murderer Vine Shepard Rifkin Ken Laager May 2008 0-8439-5961-4 Complete and unabridged
044 Somebody Owes Me Money Donald E. Westlake Michael Koelsch June 2008 0-8439-5962-2 First publication in over 35 years
045 No House Limit Steve Fisher Richard B. Farrell July 2008 0-8439-5963-0 Complete and unabridged
046 Baby Moll John Farris Robert McGinnis August 2008 0-8439-5964-9 First publication in 50 years
047 The Max Ken Bruen and Jason Starr Glen Orbik September 2008 0-8439-5966-5 First publication anywhere
048 The First Quarry Max Allan Collins Ken Laager October 2008 0-8439-5965-7 First publication anywhere
049 Gun Work David J. Schow Joe DeVito November 2008 0-8439-5967-3 First publication anywhere

050 Fifty-To-One Charles Ardai Glen Orbik December 2008 0-8439-5968-1 First publication anywhere

051 Killing Castro Lawrence Block Sharif Tarabay January 2009 0-8439-6113-9 First publication in almost 50 years

052 The Dead Man's Brother Roger Zelazny Chuck Pyle February 2009 0-8439-6114-7 First publication anywhere

053 The Cutie Donald E. Westlake Ken Laager March 2009 0-8439-6115-5 Complete and unabridged

054 House Dick E. Howard Hunt Glen Orbik April 2009 0-8439-6116-3 Complete and unabridged

055 Casino Moon Peter Blauner Ricky Mujica May 2009 0-8439-6117-1 Complete and unabridged

056 Fake I.D. Jason Starr Gregg Kreutz June 2009 0-8439-6118-X First U.S. publication ever

057 Passport To Peril Robert B. Parker Gregory Manchess July 2009 0-8439-6119-8 First publication in over 50 years

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