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List of Happy Days episodes

This article is a list of episodes of the 1974-1984 ABC situation comedy series, Happy Days. The original airdates are listed.

Pilot (1972)

# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1972-02-25 "New Family in Town"

Season 1 (1974)

16 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
1 January 15, 1974 001 "All the Way" Richie has a date arranged by Potsie, with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl known around town to have a reputation. Richie doesn't get far with her but leads Fonzie and others to believe he did.

2 January 22, 1974 003 "The Lemon" Richie and Potsie spend their hard earned savings on their first car to try and attract girls. But although the car looks impressive, it soon becomes apparent that it's not the most road-worthy of vehicles.
3 January 29, 1974 002 "Richie's Cup Runneth Over" Potsie's cousin Arnold is returning from service in Korea, so Potsie takes Richie to a stag party being held in Arnold's honour. But the excessive alcohol consumed takes its toll on the pair.

  • Note: The Arnold in this episode is not to be confused with the regular Arnold (Pat Morita)

4 February 5, 1974 006 "Guess Who's Coming to Visit?" Skizzy Scarlik challenges Ralph to a drag race, but Fonzie takes Ralph's place. Potsie is staying with the Cunninghams while his parents are away, and Richie's folks think they will be busy studying - little realising that they plan to sneak out at midnight to watch the race.
5 February 12, 1974 007 "Hardware Jungle" Richie buys tickets to a big rock 'n' roll show from Fonzie, but when Howard goes down with tonsillitis, Richie volunteers to look after the hardware store instead - except that Howard closes the store at 9pm on Saturdays, meaning that Richie will miss the show.
6 February 19, 1974 008 "The Deadly Dares" Richie and Potsie want to become members of local gang called the Demons. But before being accepted as fully-fledged members, they must first perform the six 'Deadly Dares'.
7 February 26, 1974 005 "Fonzie Drops In" After seeing a B+ that Potsie got on an exam, the Fonz decides to drop back in and re-enrol at high school. After re-arranging the seating plan to his satisfaction, he asks Richie to do his homework and cheat for him.
8 March 5, 1974 004 "The Skin Game" Richie and Potsie hear from Ralph about a burlesque show where Bubbles McCall takes it all off. After obtaining fake identification cards, they sneak in - and are shocked to see Howard watching the show!
9 March 12, 1974 009 "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" Richie and his girlfriend, Arlene, decide to split up. It's too late to secure new dates for the upcoming high school prom, so they end up going together as friends.
10 March 26, 1974 011 "Give the Band a Hand" Richie and the boys form a band to raise money, but Potsie loses it all in a poker game
11 April 2, 1974 010 "Because She's There" For a fancy dress party, Potsie sets Richie up on a blind date with Phyllis. But Richie finds that the girl towers over him - and everyone. Phyllis turns out to be very nice - but can Richie overcome the physical mismatch?
12 April 9, 1974 012 "In the Name of Love" Ralph and Potsie both have crushes on Cindy Shellenberger, a pretty new girl in school. so they are taken aback when she asks Richie to help her with her studying. Richie plans to try and win her over - and is confused by her response.
13 April 16, 1974 013 "Great Expectations" Richie meets a beatnik named Deidre at the movies and gets caught up in her type of lifestyle.
14 April 23, 1974 015 "The Best Man" Fred, an old Afro-American army buddy of Howard's, comes to stay with the Cunninghams and asks Howard to be best man at his wedding. After Fred falls out with the wedding planner, the family suggest having the wedding at their home - only to face prejudice from their neighbors.
15 April 30, 1974 014 "Knock Around the Block" Richie gets on the good side of the leader of local gang The Dukes when he helps out his little sister. But things change when the gang steal Potsie's bike and the friends try to get it back.
16 May 7, 1974 016 "Be the First on Your Block" Howard decides to buy a bomb shelter, but when Richie tells his friends problems quickly arise when they assume they'll all have a spot saved in the shelter for them too.

Season 2 (1974-1975)

23 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
17 September 10, 1974 020 "Richie Moves Out" Richie feels that he doesn't have enough privacy living at home, so he decides to move in with older bother Chuck. But he soon discovers that bachelor life is not all it's cracked up to be.
18 September 17, 1974 "Richie's Car" With his dating style being cramped by Howard driving him everywhere, Richie convinces his father to buy a second family car that he can use at weekends. Richie persuades Howard to buy a car that Fonzie is selling, but his amorous plans hit the skids when he hears that it is stolen.
19 September 24, 1974 "Who's Sorry Now" Arlene, a girl from Richie's past is back in town, and Richie goes on a date with her. But very soon, Arlene thinks that Richie wants to go steady with her, and Richie tries to find a way to put her off.
*Note: The flashbacks used in this episode are scenes from the unscreened pilot that was part of Love, American Style in 1972.
20 October 1, 1974 "You Go to My Head" Richie finds that he has a problem asking girls out. He reads a book about abnormal psychology and begins to think that there's something really wrong with him, and seeks the help of a psychiatrist.
21 October 8, 1974 "R.O.T.C." Richie is chosen to be put in charge of his R.O.T.C. army cadet force at Jefferson High, but he has a battle on his hands to pull his pals, including Potsie and Ralph, into shape, and finds out that Command and friendship are two very different things.
22 October 29, 1974 "Haunted" It's trick-or-treat time when the gang indulge in frightening frolics as Ralph plans to hold his annual Halloween party at the old Simpson house, which is said to be haunted by the ghost of the headless "Old Lady Simpson". Richie must confront his own fears about the ghost.
23 November 12, 1974 "Wish Upon a Star" Richie wins a date to the school dance with Hollywood starlet Cindy Shea. But what on earth will his girlfriend say? And is Richie really cut out for a life of glitz and glamour? Guest star: Cheryl Ladd.
24 November 19, 1974 "Not With My Sister, You Don't" Marion and Howard are apprehensive about Joanie's first date. Their worries deepen when they learn that her date is Fonzie's young cousin, Spike. After a talk about the birds and the bees, Richie is instructed to use his own date to keep an eye on his sister.
*Note: This episode introduces Danny Butch as Fonzie's similarly dressed and mannered young cousin, Raymond "Spike" Fonzarelli. Although he went on to make several return appearances, the character was never felt to completely catch on, and was reworked into that of Chachi in the fourth season.
25 November 26, 1974 "Big Money" Richie is selected to be a contestant on television game show 'Big Money'. After the time runs out and his is invited back for the next show, his friends and family all try to help him brush up on his general knowledge - but then he is given an envelope by the host with all of the answers. Will Richie follow his conscience, or take the money and run?
*Note: This episode is based upon a real-life case of a game show being fixed in the 1950s.
*Note: Fonzie is seen to have his own garage for the first time (previously he had worked in a larger garage with other mechanics). His 'office' of the men's room in Arnold's starts to become more apparent too.
26 December 3, 1974 "A Star is Bored" Richie, Potsie and Ralph plan to put on a production of Hamlet to raise money for baseball uniforms. When they are unable to get a celebrity to play the lead role, they persuade the Fonz to take the part - but how will he react to learning that he has to wear tights?
27 December 17, 1974 "Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" The gang are looking forward to spending Christmas with their families, but Richie discovers that Fonzie will be spending his all alone. He convinces his father to invite the Fonz for Christmas, but will they be able to persuade proud Fonzie to accept the invitation?
*Note: Two 'wrap around' of this episode were later filmed for it to be shown as part of later seasons, one with Arnold, and one with Al. Some packages show the Al version in place of the original as part of the second season.
28 January 7, 1975 017 "Open House" While his parents are away, Richie plans to play, holding an all-night poker game with Potsie and Ralph. But Richie and Potsie unexpectedly find themselves playing host to three stranded young women whose car has broken down, forcing them to stay the night.
29 January 14, 1975 "Fonzie's Getting Married" The Fonz suddenly announces that he is getting married, and brings his bride-to-be to dinner at the Cunningham house. But Howard recognises the girl as a stripper he saw at a hardware convention in Chicago. How will Fonzie take the news?
*Note: This episode was filmed before a live audience. It proved successful and starting the next season, every episode was filmed as such.
*Note: Fonzie performs the Fonzie Tap and the Fonzie Finger-Snap for the first time.
30 January 21, 1975 "The Cunningham Caper" Richie stays at home sick while the rest of the family go to the cinema. But then he hears noises downstairs, and finds himself face-to-face with a burglar, who forces him to help collect up the family's valuables.
31 January 28, 1975 "The Not Making of a President" It is election time, and Richie decides exactly which candidate to support - the one a cute blonde girl is campaigning for. But Richie becomes a victim of politics when campaigning for Adlai Stevenson falls on the wrong side of Howard's own political views.
32 February 11, 1975 "Cruisin" With Marion having dented Richie's car, he, Potsie and Ralph are forced to use Howard's DeSoto to go cruising for girls for an upcoming dance. But the girls that they meet are connected to street gang The Demons, who challenge them to a drag race. Guest Star: Maureen McCormick
33 February 18, 1975 "The Howdy Doody Show" Facing a deadline for the school paper, Richie tries to get a photo of Clarabell the Clown, from The Howdy Doody Show, without make-up. To get on the set, Richie plans to get Ralph to enter a Howdy Doody look-alike contest the show is conducting.
*Note: This episode features 1950s icons Howdy Doody, Buffalo Bob and Clarabelle the Clown.
34 February 25, 1975 "Get a Job" To earn some money, Richie, Potsie and Ralph advertise as odd-job men and agree to fix the fence of an attractive young divorcee. Ralph and Potsie both fancy their chances with the woman, but after they have left, she asks Richie to have dinner with her.
35 March 4, 1975 "Fonzie Joins the Band" Fonzie joins Richies band to impress women but can only play bongoes
36 March 11, 1975 "Fish and Fins" A childhood friend of Richie's is now in a popular group, Johnny Fish and The Fins. Richie claims to his friends that he knows him and, with Marion's help, gets some free tickets. But the tickets turn out to be poor, and nobody believes that Richie really has a friend in the band. Then when the band come to hide out from fans at the Cunningham house overnight, Richie can't tell anyone. Guest stars: Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids as Johnny Fish and the Fins.
37 March 18, 1975 "Richie's Flip Side" Working as a cleaner at a local radio station, Richie suddenly finds himself as a stand in presenter when the star DJ storms out. With his natural persona, Richie becomes a local sensation. But as his fame grows, he starts to become big headed and ignore his friends, not to mention dipping into his college funds to buy fancy new clothes.
38 April 29, 1975 "Kiss Me, Sickly" Fonzie asks Richie to watch after his girl, Denise, while he's out of town at a demolition derby. Denise feels like testing Richie's trustworthiness, and despite his attempts to hold her off, eventually tempts him into making out with her. Now Richie has to break the news to the Fonz, and worse still, Richie thinks he may have mono after kissing her.
39 May 6, 1975 "Goin' to Chicago" Richie, Potsie and Ralph go on a trip to Chicago with the school choir. Not wanting to stay in their hotel room all night, Ralph convinces them to sneak out and see a comedy show at a burlesque house - but it's no laughing matter when they get the drinks bill!

Season 3 (1975-1976)

23 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
40 September 9, 1975 "Fonzie Moves In" With Howard worried about finance due his hardware store facing competition, the Cunninghams decide to rent the room above their garage to generate some extra income. Howard looks around for a suitable tenant, and is shocked when Richie rents it to Fonzie. Howard is certain that the Fonz is unsuitable and plans to get rid of him.
  • Note: Fonzie, who had started off as a secondary character, had quickly become increasingly popular with the public through the first two seasons, so this episode was designed to move him in with the Cunninghams and thus bring him to the forefront of the series.

41 September 16, 1975 "The Motorcycle" Fonzie is devastated when he discovers that someone has wrecked his beloved motorbike, leaving it scattered in pieces. Vengeance is vowed, and soon a plan is come up with to track down the culprit who did the dirty deed - but why is Ralph acting so concerned?
42 September 23, 1975 "Fearless Fonzarelli" (Part 1) Worried that he is losing his cool, Fonzie decides to attempt to break a record and jump 14 garbage cans on his motorcycle. The stunt will be televised on the TV show 'You Wanted To see It'.
  • Note: Pat Morita appears as Arnold for the first time in this episode.

43 September 30, 1975 "Fearless Fonzarelli" (Part 2) Fonzie is successful in his bike jump, but crashes into Arnold's chicken stand, injuring his leg. He faces surgery to remove a torn cartilage in his knee, and makes himself at home on the Cunninghams' sofa.
  • Note: Fonzie calls Joanie "Shortcake" for the first time in this episode.

44 October 7, 1975 "The Other Richie Cunningham" Howard is close to sealing a big business deal for his hardware store, and asks Richie to take his client's daughter on a date. But Richie has already got a big date planned, and so asks Potsie to take his place and pretend to be him. Cue chaos.
45 October 14, 1975 "Richie Fights Back" After being humiliated by Frankie and Rocko, a couple of local hoods, in front of a date, Richie turns to the Fonz for advice, and soon decides that he wants to learn jujitsu to defend and stand up for himself.
46 October 21, 1975 "Jailhouse Rock" Officer Kirk introduces a 10 p.m. curfew after some kids broke a window at the school. Richie and his friends plan to demonstrate against the the strict curfew but things don't go according to plan.
  • Note: Ed Peck makes his first appearance as recurring Officer Kirk in this episode.

47 October 28, 1975 "Howard's 45th Fiasco" It is Howard's birthday but he is down about it, feeling he hasn't achieved very much in his life. Everyone decides to put on a 'This Is Your Life'-style show about him, but it makes him even more depressed, and he considers running off to Tahiti.
48 November 4, 1975 "Fonzie the Flatfoot" With rumours of a possible fight between The Fonz's former gang, The Falcons, and their rivals, The Dragons, Officer Kirk asks Howard to persuade Fonzie to become a Special Officer to keep the peace.
49 November 11, 1975 "A Date With the Fonz" Richie is having trouble meeting women. After a little help from Fonzie ends in another failed attempt, the Fonz thinks he's found the perfect girls for a double date - Laverne and Shirley!

50 November 13, 1975 "Fonzie the Salesman" When the garage is taken over by an eccentric new owner, Fonzie does not agree with the new work conditions and quits. He is unable to find another job as a mechanic, but after a pep talk from Howard, vows to find another career and takes a job selling encyclopedias door-to-door.
51 November 18, 1975 "Three on a Porch" Richie, Potsie and Ralph think they have rented a cabin at Lake Whitefish for the Easter holidays, only to find that they have rented the porch of the place. But they decide to stay and pose as rich Tunisian businessmen when they find that they are neighboring three attractive young women.
52 November 25, 1975 "Fonzie's New Friend" The Fonz has struck up a friendship with Sticks Downey, a new youth in the area, and has secured him to play drums with the band at Richie's upcoming Hawaiian luau party. But prejudices appear from many of the locals when Sticks turns out to be black.
53 December 2, 1975 "They Call it Potsie Love" After he sings her a song at Arnold's, Joanie develops a huge crush on Potsie, and starts writing him anonymous love letters. But as always, the course of love never runs smoothly.
54 December 16, 1975 "Tell it to the Marines" After being jilted by his girlfriend, Ralph becomes convinced that he's useless and not sophisticated enough to ever keep a girl interested in him, and threatens to join the Marines.
55 January 6, 1976 "Dance Contest" Marion, tired of the monotony of everyday house chores, tries to get Howard to enter a televised dance contest with her. When he refuses, she secretly enlists Fonzie to be her partner, but Howard soon gets suspictions that she is seeing a mystery man.
56 January 13, 1976 "The Happy Days 2nd Anniversary Special" (a.k.a "Welcome To The Second Anniversary Special") On Fonzie's birthday, the gang get together to remember their "happy days".
  • Note: This is the series' first 'clip show', looking back at a selection of moments from previous episodes.

57 January 20, 1976 "Football Frolics" Richie, Potsie and Ralph need some money to buy some tickets to a big football game from Arnold. When Howard refuses to loan the money, Ralph comes up with the idea of volume babysitting to raise the funds.
58 January 27, 1976 "Fonzie the Superstar" With Potsie away, the band has no singer for the Saturday Senior Dance, until Ralph says that the Fonz could fill in. When Fonzie finds out, he is less than pleased, and worries that he is no Elvis and he may actually not be good at something for once!
59 February 3, 1976 "Two Angry Men" When a blizzard hits the town, the weight of Fonzie's new pigeon coop combined with the snow causes the roof to cave in. Howard and the Fonz argue over who should pay for the damage, and end up facing each other in court.
60 February 10, 1976 "The Beauty Contest" Richie, Potsie and Ralph stage a beauty contest at Arnold's to try and meet girls. There are no prizes so they plan to rig the winner - but Richie reconsiders when a pretty cheerleader he's interested in enters.
61 February 17, 1976 "Bringing Up Spike" Fonzie finds himself playing parent when his young cousin Spike comes to stay, but soon regrets not following Howard's advice about laying down ground rules when Spike is caught as one of a group of thieves stealing from the cash register at Arnold's.
62 February 24, 1976 "A Sight for Sore Eyes" Fonzie is horrified when Ralph's optician father tells him that he must wear glasses to stop him getting headaches. The Fonz thinks glasses are uncool and refuses to wear him, so his friends to make him see sense.
63 March 2, 1976 "Arnold's Wedding" Arnold announces that he is to marry his pen pal, a woman from Japan, and asks Fonzie to be his best man. But The Fonz is convinced that the Fonzarelli curse will strike, after the previous two weddings he attended ended in disaster, and it starts to seem that the wedding may indeed me doomed when Arnold's bride has second thoughs.

Season 4 (1976-1977)

24 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
64 September 21, 1976 "Fonzie Loves Pinky" (Parts 1 & 2) The Fonz's old flame Pinky Tuscadero (Roz Kelly) returns, and the pair start to get very close. Fonzie is planning to compete in an upcoming demolition derby, but when his co-driver in injured before the event, Pinky is angry that he insists that it is no place for a woman and chooses Ralph over her to be the replacement. To make matters worse, the ruthless Mallachi brothers intend to win the derby, using any dirty trick necessary.
  • Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Al (Al Molinaro), taking over from Arnold as the owner of Arnold's Diner.
  • Note: Originally shown as a one-hour episode, and is part of two-week story depicting the relationship between Fonzie and Pinky. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode.

65 September 28, 1976 "Fonzie Loves Pinky" (Part 3) With Pinky injured and out of the demolition derby thanks to the Mallachi brothers, the Fonz is left in the ring by himself. But he has more than just beating the Mallachis on his mind - he wants to marry Pinky.
  • Note: In its original airing on ABC, this was the second part of a two-week story arc depicting the romance between Fonzie and Pinky. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode.
  • Note: Pinky (Roz Kelly) was promoted as being Fonzie's new long-term girlfriend, but due to her and the producers not seeing eye-to-eye, it didn't happen, and this became the character's only appearance in the series.

66 October 5, 1976 "A Mind of His Own" When the Fonz gets in his eighth fight in a week, Howard suggests that he goes to see a psychologist, who comes up with an unusual way for Fonzie to get rid of his aggression.
67 October 19, 1976 "Fonzie the Father" With the rest of the Cunningham family going away on vacation, Richie plans a party. But when heavily pregnant Louisa, the wife of an old friend of Fonzie's, arrives on the scene, he and the Fonz find themselves looking after an expectant house-guest.
68 October 26, 1976 "Fonzie's Hero" After Potsie rescues the Fonz from a fire at the garage, Fonzie tells his savior that he can have anything he wants. Potsie wants one thing: the Fonz to be his best friend and to do everything with him, including rollerskating!
69 November 9, 1976 "A Place of His Own" With Richie, Ralph and Potsie all cramming into Richie's car, each with their respective dates, Richie feels it is cramping his chances romantically, so he and the Fonz come up with a scheme for him to use Fonzie's apartment for an evening to try and woo an art student.
  • Note: The girl's father, Mr. Kendall, is played by Conrad Janis, who would go on to play Mindy's father Fred McConnell (a somewhat similar character) in the Happy Days spin-off Mork and Mindy.

70 November 16, 1976 "They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They?" When Joanie is cut from the cheerleading team, she persuades the Fonz to partner her in a dance marathon to win a bet with the head of the cheerleaders. But after Fonzie's bike breaks down and he has to push it 12 miles home, will he be able to find the stamina to see the marathon through?
71 November 23, 1976 "The Muckrackers" When Potsie breaks a tooth eating meatloaf from the school canteen, Richie goes undercover to do a newspaper report on the poor kitchen conditions, with a little help from the Fonz. But when Richie's story is a big success, he plans to do a follow-up report - including how it emerged that Fonzie is afraid of liver. After Richie refuses the Fonz's request that he not mention it in the report, the pair fall out and stop talking to each other.
72 November 30, 1976 "AKA The Fonz" Officer Kirk has been appointed acting Sheriff, and his first task is to run what he considers to be hoodlums out of town - and Fonzie is on his list. Kirk starts to make life for Fonzie's friends very awkward as they try to find a solution to the situation.
73 December 7, 1976 "Richie Branches Out" It is a couple of weeks before Christmas, and Richie has fallen in love with a girl on a Cola poster. The gang pretend to be filming a commercial in order for Richie to try and meet her.
74 January 4, 1977 "Fonzie's Old Lady" Richie discovers that the Fonz is dating an attractive older woman. The gang all warm to the woman - but is there something that she isn't telling Fonzie?
75 January 11, 1977 "Time Capsule" Richie, Potsie and Ralph are designing a time capsule for a project, and put it in a vault at Howard's hardware store. But when the three go to visit the capsule with their girlfriends, they find themselves, and Fonzie, locked in. It's Friday - and the vault won't be opened until Monday!
  • Note: In this episode, Richie has a girl-friend called Kim, played by Lynda Goodfriend. Although this character was never seen again, Lynda Goodfriend would go on to play his regular girl-friend (later wife) Lori-Beth, starting in the fifth season.
  • Note: One might wonder why the Fonz doesn't use his famous "Fonzie tap" to open the vault door!

76 January 18, 1977 "The Book of Records" Al offers a $100 prize for anyone who can get into the Magilla Book of Records, in order to get the diner free publicity, and the gang all come up with various ideas of records to break. Meanwhile, Fonzie tries to find his well meaning but clumsy cousin Angie work, but Angie fails at every job. Maybe there is a record that Angie can break?
77 January 25, 1977 "A Shot in the Dark" During a big basketball game, the star player is injured and Richie replaces him, only to score the winning shot. As a result, he becomes an overnight local hero and a big hit with the girls. But plans are afoot from the opposition to see that he doesn't follow up his success in the next forthcoming game.
78 February 1, 1977 "Marion Rebels" Marion is frustrated by her life has a housewife and falls out with Howard. Encouraged by Fonzie, she gets a job working as a waitress at Arnold's Diner. But after she insults Al's menu and interferes with people's orders, Fonzie calls a meeting and insists something is done about it.
79 February 4, 1977 "(The) Third Anniversary Show" In this special episode, featuring favourite clips from many previous episodes, whilst Howard takes Marion bowling, Richie, Joanie and the gang prepare to throw a party for Marion in honour of her and Howard's anniversary.
80 February 8, 1977 "Graduation" Part 1 Marion lets slip to Richie, Potsie and Ralph that Fonzie has been going to night school to be able to graduate along with his friends. Fonzie is cross with Marion for letting his secret out, but that turns out to be the least of the group's worries when the principal delivers some shocking news.
81 February 15, 1977 "Graduation" Part 2 The gang study through the night on order to re-take their exam and graduate. But Fonzie gets some disappointing news when he finds that, as a night school student, he won't be able to participate in the presentation ceremony. After getting permission for him to be allowed, the gang arrange for the graduation ceremony to be sped up in order to fit in Fonzie's speech.
  • Note: Pat Morita (Arnold) returns to make a special guest appearance in this episode.
  • Note: Fonzie's cousin (sometimes said to be his nephew), Raymond "Spike" Fonzarelli (Danny Butch), makes his final of four appearances in this episode. The character was felt to not completely work, and was re-worked into Fonzie's cousin Chachi Arcola (Scott Baio) at the start of the next season.

82 February 22, 1977 "The Physical" Richie, Potsie and Ralph each receive letters instructing them to attend a physical to evaluate them for the Army's draft. They are surprised when Fonzie is called up too - but he is more interested in the physical nurse than doing push-ups.
83 March 1, 1977 "Joanie's Weird Boyfriend" Feeling that she is always being treated like a little kid, Joanie jumps at the chance when she is invited to be initiated into a troublesome gang called the Red Devils. But does she know what she is letting herself in for?
84 March 8, 1977 "Fonz-How, Inc." Howard has come up with the idea for a "garbage gulper" trash compactor, and Fonzie is convinced to become his partner and help construct the prototype. They have high hopes for the project, but will the world of big business prove to be as lucrative as they hope?
85 March 15, 1977 "Spunky Come Home" Fonzie has got a pet dog called Spunky to keep him company. But Ralph and Potsie accidentally let Spunky escape, and make up a story about the dog being stolen to cover their tracks.
86 March 22, 1977 "The Last of the Big Time Malphs" Ralph is taking huge bets on an upcoming sporting event, on which he is sure is a cert. But when the outcome is the opposite of what he predicted, he is left owing a lot of people some serious money - including a local thug named Bruiser.
87 March 29, 1977 "Fonzie's Baptism" After nearly being killed in a stock car race crash, the Fonz questions his own mortality. Al suggests that he go and see his brother, a priest, for guidance, leading Fonzie to decide to be baptized.
  • Note: This episode introduces Al's twin brother, Father Anthony (also played by Al Molinaro).

Season 5 (1977-1978)

26 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
88 September 13, 1977 "Hollywood" - Part 1 (a.k.a. "Hollywood" - Parts 1 & 2) A couple of Hollywood talent scouts look for mechanic Fonzie when their Limousine breaks down while passing through Milwaukee, and when they find him they like the look of him - thinking that he could be the next James Dean, they invite him to Hollywood for a film audition. With Potsie and Ralph eager to impress the scouts too, Fonzie invites them and the Cunningham family to join him on his trip to Hollywood. But his big screen test is not all that the Fonz has to concern himself with - he also has a water skiing challenge with obnoxious local hero "The California Kid"...
  • Note: Originally shown as a one-hour episode, and is part of a two-week story arc. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode.
  • Note: This episode introduces Scott Baio as Chachi Arcola, Fonzie's cousin and future boyfriend (later husband) of Joanie (the character was in part designed to replace Fonzie's cousin Spike, who had several appearances previously but never caught on).

89 September 20, 1977 "Hollywood" - Part 2 (a.k.a. "Hollywood" - Part 3) The California Kid has challenged the Fonz to jump the white shark, being held just off shore, on water-skis, thinking that he will be too scared and back out. But Fonzie is too proud to back down and accepts the challenge. Meanwhile, Richie - after wowing the talent scout at Fonzie's audition - struggles to decide about the film contract that he has been offered.
  • Note: In its original airing on ABC, this was the second part of a two-week story arc depicting the gang's vacation in Hollywood. In syndication, it is aired as a three-part episode.
  • Note: This is the episode that later gave birth to the popular colloquialism "jumping the shark", thanks to the scenes where Fonzie jumps over a shark tank while water-skiing.

90 September 27, 1977 "Hard Cover" Concerned about the lack of action in his love life, Richie asks Fonzie for some dating advice. The Fonz suggests that they go to the college library to meet sophisticated girls, where Richie meets the attractive Lori Beth. But when they go back to her dorm, Richie learns that the halls doors are locked at 10p.m. sharp, and he is now locked in for the night. If he is discovered, Lori Beth will be expelled.
  • Note: This episode introduces Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth Allen, Richie's girlfriend and future wife. (Goodfriend had previously appeared as a different character, another of Richie's girlfriends, in "Time Capsule" and "The Graduation" in the previous season).

91 October 4, 1977 "My Cousin, the Cheat" When Chachi gets in trouble with the truant officer after skipping school, Fonzie tells his young cousin that if he gets good grades he can have a part-time job at the garage, to try and give the boy incentive to stay in school. But the idea backfires when Chachi decides to cheat on an exam, tricking the answers out of Joanie. When the Fonz finds out, he is enraged.
92 October 25, 1977 "Fonsillectomy" Fonzie is ill, and the doctor says he must go into hospital the next day to have his tonsils removed, meaning that he will miss the Cunningham's Halloween party. The Fonz does not take the news well; Worse still, the only spare place in the hospital is on the children's ward.
93 November 1, 1977 "The Apartment" Richie, Potsie and Ralph rent a flat owned by Chachi's mum. The place is rundown, but they are all excited to have a place of their own. But things turn sour when Potsie and Ralph continually argue, leaving Richie desperately trying to keep the peace.
  • Note: Potsie and Ralph continue to live in the apartment after this episode. (Richie decides to return home). This remains until Richie and Ralph leave the series.

94 November 8, 1977 "Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero" - Part 1 (a.k.a. "Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur" - Part 1) Pinky's sister Leather Tuscadero (Suzi Quatro), a reformed thief, comes to town with her band The Suedes, to audition for a gig at Arnold's. Fonzie is dubious of her after having his heart broken by Pinky - not to mention that Leather once stole his wallet and comb, but that is the least of Leather's worries - Officer Kirk threatens to close the place down if Al hires any ex-cons.
  • Note: Suzi Quatro makes her first appearance of the re-occurring Leather Tuscadero. The producers reportedly offered to give Quatro a spin-off series based around the character, but Quatro turned the offer down. Only passing references are made to Pinky, after Roz Kelly was dropped after falling out with producers.

95 November 15, 1977 "Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero" - Part 2 (a.k.a. "Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur" - Part 2) Leather and the Suedes are about to go on tour, starting with San Francisco. Joanie, who has been singing with the group, is determined to go with them. But when her parents say no, she runs away, determined to join the group anyway.
96 November 22, 1977 "My Fair Fonzie" A rich socialite girl and her snobbish cousin invite the Fonz to a posh yacht club dinner party, intending to make a fool out of him in front of everyone. But Al overhears the scheme, and thanks to a crash course in etiquette by the Cunninghams, Fonzie turns the tables on them.
  • Note: Rich girl Cynthia is played by Morgan Fairchild, who went on to play Susan Taylor, a rather similar character, in the first season of Happy Days spin-off Mork and Mindy, and has had a successful television career since.

97 November 29, 1977 "Bye Bye Blackball" Richie, Potsie and Ralph are desperate to join the best fraternity on campus, but first they have to survive the initiation rites known as Hell Week. They are prepared to go through anything, but will Richie choose the fraternity over loyalty to his friends?
98 December 6, 1977 "Requiem for a Malph" Ralph is in love with Kitty, a beautiful young woman, who is in an unhappy relationship with the football team's star fullback, Rebel E. Lee. When Rebel finds out about the pair's relationship, he is furious with Ralph. Instead of a fight, Fonzie arranges a boxing match between the pair to settle the dispute. One problem - Ralph can't box to save his life.
99 December 13, 1977 "Nose for News" After getting a 'D' on a paper for his investigative reporting class, Richie decides to search for a big story to help improve his grade. Perhaps Howard's battle with the sanitation department that is trying to force him to pay a weekly surcharge is the big story he needs?
100 January 3, 1978 "Grandpa's Visit" Howard's 65 year old father, Sean "Cap" Cunningham (Danny Thomas), a Police detective recently forced into retirement, comes to stay with the family, but announces that he is already bored with retirement and plans to look for a job. But will he find a job that suits him?
  • Note: From this episode, Al Molinaro (Al) and Scott Baio (Chachi) are added to the opening credits (however, some subsequent episodes use older versions of the credits).

101 January 10, 1978 "Potsie Gets Pinned" Potsie falls in love with Jennifer Jerome, a girl in a kissing booth. After just one date, Potsie decides that he wants to marry her. The rest of the gang are unsure it's right for Potsie and persuade Howard to have a talk with him, who suggests that they get "pinned" instead. (These two were later married in real life)
102 January 17, 1978 "Joanie's First Kiss" Joanie is asked out on a date by David O'Dooley, a hunky senior who owns a car. Howard is against the date, and when he reluctantly agrees, Richie and the Fonz try to give her some advice how to fend off any unwanted advances. Will all this lead to Joanie's first kiss?
  • Note: This episode title is sometimes listed with a question mark after it.

103 January 24, 1978 "Marion's Misgivings" After a friend of the family leaves their wife for a younger woman, Marion begins to worry that Howard might do the same to her, and decides to try and prove to him that she's still young at heart - but goes completely over the top Salome-style.
104 January 31, 1978 "Richie Almost Dies" Richie has bought a motorcycle; his parents are very unhappy about it, but he convinces him that it will be okay. But then he is involved in a very serious road accident on the bike, which leaves him in a coma. As the rest of the gang anxiously await news, Fonzie holds a bedside vigil to try and pull his friend though.
  • Note: This episode is noted for being the occasion when, praying to God for Richie to recover, Fonzie breaks down in tears. In the 30th anniversary special it was revealed that this was done at the request of teachers of autistic children. The children admired the Fonz's "cool" but the teachers requested the show prove it was okay to show emotion at times as well.

105 February 7, 1978 "Spunkless Spunky" Fonzie's dog, Spunky, seems to be depressed. After a visit to the veterinarian, it is suggested that Spunky's problem is mental. Dr. Joyce Brothers (guest starring as herself) comes to take a look at him. (Spunky has mysteriously changed sex between series!)
106 February 14, 1978 "Be My Valentine" It is Valentine's Day, and at Arnold's, as the rest of the gang exchange cards and gifts, Joanie daydreams about the romantic songs that they could sing to each other.
107 February 21, 1978 "Our Gang" When Chachi arrives at Arnold's wearing a gang jacket, Richie tells him the story of how he first met the Fonz, who was involved with a gang, to try and illustrate to Chachi that gangs are nothing but trouble.
108 February 28, 1978 "My Favorite Orkan" Mork, an alien from the planet Ork, arrives on Earth and tries to take Richie back to his native planet as an example of an average "hum drum" human, but Fonzie stands in his way.
  • Guest Star: Robin Williams
  • Note: Two versions of this episode exist. On its original broadcast, it was made out that the whole thing was a dream by Richie, with a man who looks strangely like Mork knocking at the door in the final scene asking for directions. Afterwards, when it was decided to give Mork his own series (Mork and Mindy), an extension of the final scene was added, with Mork, outside of the Cunningham's house (after having knocked on the door) communicating with Orson, who sent him on another mission to 1978, setting the scene for Mork and Mindy. Hence in this second version, it is presented that Richie didn't dream the whole thing after all.

109 March 23, 1978 "Fourth Anniversary Special" Lori Beth has to write a report on the average middle-class American family, and asks various characters their memories about Richie and his parents. But Richie is concerned that she is trying to find out about his previous girlfriends.
  • Note: This is a "flashback" episode, containing moments from many previous episodes. The title of this episode is displayed over the opening credits.

110 May 9, 1978 "Do You Want to Dance?" Fonzie has fallen in love with his girlfriend, a moderately successful ballet dancer, but must face up to the fact that the girl may be happier dancing professionally in New York.
111 May 16, 1978 "Second Wind" Al is to receive the Man of the Year award from the Sons of Italy, but he doesn't have a date. Fonzie sets him up with Anna, a meter maid, and Al quickly falls in love with her.
112 May 23, 1978 "Rules to Date By" When Richie gets jealous of Lori Beth's friendships with other men, they argue and break up, but agree to go on a weekend trip where the band is performing with Leather and the Suedes. However, it doesn't put an end to their squabbling.
113 May 30, 1978 "Fonzie for the Defense" Howard and Fonzie are called up for jury service. The case is of a black biker who is accused of stealing an old lady's purse, and seems to be a very open-and-closed case. Fonzie, however, is certain that the young man is not guilty, but must convince the rest of the jury.

Season 6 (1978-1979)

26 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
114 September 12, 1978 "Westward Ho" Part 1 (a.k.a. "Westward Ho" Parts 1 & 2) The dude ranch run by Marion's Uncle Ben is in desperate need of financial aid. The Cunningham family sets off to Colorado to come to the rescue, with Potsie, Ralph, Al and Fonzie all in tow, and must try and come up with enough money in five days to save the ranch from crooked neighbor H. R. Buchanan who is set to take the place over. The gang enter the 7th Annual Bar A Rodeo to try and win the prize money.
  • Note: Originally shown as a one-hour episode, and the first part of a two-week story. In syndication, the story is aired as three parts.

115 September 19, 1978 "Westward Ho" (Part 2) (a.k.a. "Westward Ho" Part 3) With the deadline looming, the gang are still trying to raise enough money to save Uncle Ben's Colorado ranch. In a desperate last bid - and trying to reassert his coolness - Fonzie volunteers to try and ride a killer bull for a $1000 prize.
  • Note: Part 2 of a two-part story. In syndication, this episode and the second part are aired as three parts.

116 September 26, 1978 "Fonzie's Blindness" When Al accidentally strikes him on the head with a metal tray, Fonzie loses his sight. With the possibility of his blindness being permanent, Fonzie struggles to come to terms with it, but Richie is determined to make his friend face up to the situation and revive his morale.
117 October 3, 1978 "Casanova Cunningham" Richie concocts a cover story to tell Lori Beth when he's actually escorting a baton twirler to the fraternity dance. Does this spell the end of their relationship?
118 October 10, 1978 "Kid Stuff" Fonzie has developed a very close bond with Bobby, the young son of his latest flame Peggy. But when the woman tells the Fonz that she plans to try and patch up the relationship with her estranged husband, Fonzie must face not being able to see the boy any more.
119 October 17, 1978 "Sweet Sixteen" A party is planned for Joanie's 16th birthday. Everyone (except Marion) is pleased that she intends to go with local football star Tip Corrigan, until Joanie finds that he is a liar and a cheat. With the big party looming, will she be able to find her dream date in time?
120 October 24, 1978 "Fearless Malph" When Richie does a writing project on people's fears and phobias, he, Potsie and Ralph go to visit an eccentric Austrian professor to try and calm Ralph's numerous neuroses. But then the professor predicts a tornado on the way, and Ralph panics. .. until the professor hypnotises him; bringing out a completely different side of Ralph's personality.
121 October 31, 1978 "The Evil Eye" A Halloween episode. Al is cowering in terror at the curse he believes he has received from an old lady, so on the suggestion of Fonzie, Richie, Ralph and Potsie arrange a mock 'exorcism' to banish Al's demons.
122 November 7, 1978 "The Claw Meets the Fonz" Al is thinking about taking on a partner to create an Arnold's franchise, but a gangster and his henchmen try to intimidate Al into signing them up as partners whether he likes it or not. Fonzie and the gang try to come up with a plan to put the goons out of business.
123 November 14, 1978 "The Fonz is Allergic to Girls" Fonzie becomes convinced that he has an allergic reaction to the opposite sex, and decides that he is going to have to stop dating and give up his life as a ladies man, and hands over his little black book to Chachi. Richie tries to find a cure to help his friend get back to normal.
  • Note: This episode is the first time that Chachi appears this season. He is credited on the closing credits; a variant of the opening credits featuring him would be introduced later in the season.

124 November 21, 1978 "The First Thanksgiving" Upset when the family are sat watching football on television at Thanksgiving, Marion tells the story of the first Thanksgiving (with the cast playing various characters).
125 November 28, 1978 "The Kissing Bandit" After Richie is arrested for being the "kissing bandit", the Fonz helps him set up a trap to catch the real culprit.
126 December 5, 1978 "The Magic Show" Howard and Al have got a big magic act booked for their lodge meeting. But when the magician is injured, who will be able to take his place?
127 December 12, 1978 "Richie Gets Framed" Richie is running for president of sophomore council, but is unwittingly photographed in a compromising position at a massage parlor. Ralph and Potsie come up with a plan to get the potentially damaging photo back from Richie's election rival - but are they doing the right thing?
128 December 19, 1978 "Christmas Time" It is the festive season, and Fonzie refuses to accept a Christmas gift that has arrived from his estranged father.
129 January 16, 1979 "Smokin' Ain't Cool" When Joanie takes up smoking in order to keep in with a club called the Magnets, both Richie and Howard try and fail to convince her to stop. Will the Fonz be able to make her see the stupidity of her habit?
130 January 23, 1979 "Ralph vs. Potsie" Richie, in the guise of a magazine agony aunt, gives Ralph and Potsie some bad advice, which results in the pair falling out and dividing their apartment in half.
131 February 2, 1979 "Stolen Melodies" Leather Tuscadero and the band audition for a popular television music show. They are turned down, only for their song to be stolen and performed by another band. The gang come up with a plan to put things right.
132 February 6, 1979 "Married Strangers" It is Howard and Marion's 23rd wedding anniversary, but what should be a happy event is spoiled by the pair falling out. Richie and Joanie have arranged for them to go away on a second honeymoon, but will it be enough to turn the situation around?
133 February 13, 1979 "Marion: Fairy Godmother" Leather and Ralph, both lonely and longing for love, agree to go on a date with each other to a big upcoming party. Leather is concerned that her image puts men off, and asks Marion for some lessons in how to be a lady; While Ralph tries hard to lose his joker image.
134 February 20, 1979 "Fonzie's Funeral" (Part 1) Fonzie finds a stack of $100 bills in a hearse that he is repairing, and turns them in to the police, unaware that he is treading on the toes of local crime-lord "the Candyman", who vows to get even.
  • Note: Part 1 of a two-part episode

135 February 27, 1979 "Fonzie's Funeral" (Part 2) With the Fonz thought to be dead by the Candyman and his goons, and Ralph and Potsie kidnapped, Richie and co. come up with a plan to put the criminals out of business.
  • Note: Part 2 of a two-part episode
  • Note: Features guest appearances by Arnold (Pat Morita), and a number of Laverne & Shirley cast members, who attend Fonzie's "funeral".

136 March 6, 1979 "Mork Returns" (a.k.a. "Fifth Anniversary Show") Mork returns from 1979 to re-visit Richie, this time to learn about the human concept of friendship in the 1950s from Richie's memories, which are shown via flashbacks to classic moments from a number of episodes.
137 March 13, 1979 "The Duel" A French fencing champion comes to stay with the Cunninghams, but gets many backs up with his rude attitude. But when he insults America - and Joanie - the Fonz reveals that he is a "black belt" in fencing.
138 May 8, 1979 "Chachi's Incredo-Wax" Chachi is tricked by a con-man into buying some wax spray, that turns out to damage Al's tables, Potsie's hair, and - worse of all - Fonzie's motorbike saddle! Richie and the Fonz plan to get even with the fraudster.
139 May 15, 1979 "Potsie Quits School" Worried about a big exam coming up, and not helped by his ferocious lecturer, Potsie dramatically quits school. Fonzie comes up with an unorthodox way of helping him, to try and persuade him to take the exam.

Season 7 (1979-1980)

25 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
140 September 11, 1979 "Shotgun Wedding (Part 1)"

  • Note: Part 1 of a two-part story, which was concluded on "Laverne & Shirley" as part of a crossover episode. An alternate ending, in lieu of the original cliffhanger ending, is shown on syndicated reruns of Happy Days.

141 September 18, 1979 "Chachi Sells His Soul" A lonely Chachi sells his soul for popularity but Fonzie has to step in to outwit the Devil's nephew - Melvin Scratch
142 September 25, 1979 "Fonzie Meets Kat" The gang need help in a big bar fight - but Fonzie has promised not to use violence for 24 hours
143 October 2, 1979 "Marion Goes to Jail" Marion crashes Howard's beloved De Soto and ends up behind bars
144 October 9, 1979 "Richie's Job" Richie takes a job at the local paper and learns about life on the other side
145 October 23, 1979 "Richie Falls in Love" Richie decides he needs to grow up and has a romance with an older woman
146 October 30, 1979 "Fonzie's a Thespian" When Marion needs a male lead in her community production of The Rainmaker only Fonzie can fit the bill
147 November 6, 1979 "Burlesque" When the performers don't show for a fundraising revue the gang has to step in
148 November 13, 1979 "Joanie Busts Out" Richie is worried Joanie has taken up exotic modelling
149 November 20, 1979 "King Richard's Big Night" Richie is slipped a Mickey Finn and loses control at a college party
150 November 27, 1979 "Fonzie vs. the She-Devils" Fonzie has to save the guys from a girl gang who want to shave Chachi's head
151 December 4, 1979 "The Mechanic" Fonzie's new offsider at the garage is in a wheelchair - and has a definite attitude
152 December 11, 1979 "They're Closing Inspiration Point" The gang protests to save Inspiration Point from development ... but Howard is the developer
153 December 18, 1979 "Here Comes the Bride Again" Howard and Marion decide to renew their wedding vows
154 January 8, 1980 "Ah, Wilderness" Richie's promise to show the gang a great time in the outdoors does not go to plan
  • Note: The network television debut of actress and comedienne Julie Brown, who was to later have her own TV series three times (so far) between 1989 and 2001.

155 January 15, 1980 "Joanie's Dilemma" Joanie debates whether or not to get hot and heavy with her new beau
156 January 22, 1980 "Hot Stuff" When Al takes off work early, he tells Chachi to turn off the grill before leaving. However, Chachi forgets and when he leaves with Joanie, he throws the apron onto the grill and it quickly catches on fire. Potsie, Ralph and Fonzie become trapped in the men's restroom (unaware of the danger until the fire has spread), and after Fonzie's attempt to bust through the barred-up window fails, Potsie and Ralph begin to panic. However, Richie and Lori Beth are nearby and rescue their friends in time. Later, Al mentions that his insurance agent accused him of setting the fire, leading Chachi to explain everything. Fonzie is very angry and berates his cousin to tears. Later, Al plans to leave Milwaukee with his insurance settlement, but Fonzie presents Al with cash and suggests rebuilding as partners.
  • Note: The first half of a two-week story arc centering on Arnold's Drive-In restaurant.

157 January 29, 1980 "The New Arnold's" Al and Fonzie find being partners in the new Arnold's harder than they expected
  • Note: The concluding half of a two-week story arc centering on Arnold's Drive-In restaurant.

158 February 5, 1980 "The Hucksters" Howard explores television advertising for the hardware store.
159 February 12, 1980 "Allison" Fonzie dates a deaf girl and Richie thinks he is leading her on. Fonzie thinks she may be the "one". Appearance by Richard Masur
160 February 26, 1980 "Fools Rush In" Joanie and Chachi are having communications problems
161 March 4, 1980 "Father & Son" Howard decides he wants to know Richie better and takes him on a Lodge weekend in Chicago
162 March 11, 1980 "A Potsie is Born" Potsie is offered a lucrative singing contract and the fame goes to his head
163 March 25, 1980 "The Roaring Twenties" Richie asks his great uncle to review his report on the 1920s, he in turn spins a tale of the family activities during Prohibition
164 May 6, 1980 "Ralph's Family Problem" Ralph is shocked to learn his parents are divorcing

Season 8 (1980-1981)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
165 November 11, 1980 "No Tell Motel" Howard and Marion get a letter from Richie in Greenland. Meanwhile, Joanie and Chachi sneak off without permission to a Beach Boys concert in Chicago.
166 November 18, 1980 "Live and Learn" Fonzie starts teaching at the high school but finds it is harder than it looks
167 November 25, 1980 "Dreams Can Come True" Marion is a contestant on a game show to help Lori Beth win a trip to Greenland to marry Richie
168 December 2, 1980 "Hello, Roger" Richie's cousin moves in and goes to work with Fonzie at the high school
  • Note: First appearance of Ted McGinley as Roger Phillips, Howard and Marion Cunningham's nephew.

169 December 9, 1980 "Joanie Gets Wheels" Joanie buys a car but has to keep it a secret from Howard (When the Cunninghams go to see The Music Man Marion claims the little red haired boy reminds her of Richie!)
170 December 16, 1980 "White Christmas" A bickering Howard and Joanie are snowed in at the hardware store
171 December 30, 1980 "And the Winner Is ..." Fonzie and another teacher compete for "Teacher of the Year"
172 January 6, 1981 "If You Only Knew Rosa" After twenty years Al meets up with his great lost love
173 January 13, 1981 "The Sixth Sense" Arnold's has a new cook. Fonzie gets a new bike.
174 January 27, 1981 "It Only Hurts When I Smile" Fonzie has a toothache but refuses to go to the dentist
175 February 3, 1981 "Welcome to My Nightmare" Fonzie dreams that an evil doctor has stolen his cool
176 February 10, 1981 "Broadway It's Not" Chachi is jealous when Joanie is in the school play, but fate takes a twist

177 February 17, 1981 "Bride and Gloom" Fonzie attends an old friends wedding - but the bride declares her love for him
178 February 24, 1981 "Hello, Mrs. Arcola" The Cunninghams and the Arcolas get together for dinner
179 March 3, 1981 "Fonzie Gets Shot" Rashomon-like, when Fonzie is injured during a camping trip everyone has a different version of what happened
180 March 17, 1981 "Potsie on His Own" Potsie has rent and girl problems
181 April 7, 1981 "Tall Story" A talented basketball player has problems at home
182 April 14, 1981 "Scholarship" Chachi is offered a sporting scholarship but Fonzie suspects it is not bona fide
183 May 5, 1981 "R.C. & L.B Forever" Richie and Lori Beth finally marry - by telephone
184 May 12, 1981 "Howard's Bowling Buddy" Marion is jealous of Howard's new female bowling partner.
185 May 19, 1981 "Mother and Child Reunion" During a field trip Fonzie is convinced he has found his mother
186 May 26, 1981 "American Musical" Fonzie teaches Chachi about American history in between animal crackers

Season 9 (1981-1982)

21 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
187 October 6, 1981 188 "Home Movies" Lori Beth sends Richie home movies telling of all the goings-on back home
  • Note: Originally aired as a one-hour episode. In syndication, it is aired as a two-part episode.

188 October 13, 1981 "Not With My Mother You Don't" Chachi is shocked to learn his mother has started dating
189 October 27, 1981 187 "Another Night at Antoine's" Chachi tells Joanie that he wants to date other girls, but it backfires on him as Joanie makes a date with another guy
190 November 3, 1981 "Little Baby Cunningham" Lori Beth's baby arrives. Fonzie is the birthing coach.
191 November 10, 1981 "The Other Guy" Fonzie and Roger date the same girl
192 November 17, 1981 "Fonzie, the Substitute" Fonzie fills in for another teacher and causes trouble by raising the issue of sex education
193 November 24, 1981 "Just a Picalo" Jenny wants to join an exclusive girls club, the Rondells. When Jenny passes the snooty leaders' first initiation test (reciting the Milwaukee phone book verbatim), she is asked to steal a statue from Pfister Park and bring it to their clubhouse. Joanie goes to the park to help Jenny, and both of them are arrested by Officer Kirk. Kirk's overzealousness is nothing compared to how Jenny's father might react when he finds out.

194 December 1, 1981 "No Thank You" Fonzie's advances on a teacher are unwelcome
195 December 8, 1981 "Baby It's Cold Inside" Joanie babysits her new nephew on her own and the heater breaks down. Jenny Picalo wants to have a party
196 December 15, 1981 "Hello, Tough Guy" Joanie and Chachi enlist Fonzie to help out Jenny's nerdy date
197 January 5, 1982 "To Beanie or Not to Beanie" Joanie Wants to go to UCLA. But, Howard wants her to go to UWM, even offering her a new car as incentive. She announces that she is not going to college anymore!
  • Songs: "Call"

198 January 12, 1982 197 "Southern Crossing" Fonzie and Al travel to Alabama to participate in civil rights activities with the Freedom Riders. Howard suffers TV withdrawals
199 January 19, 1982 "Grandma Nussbaum" Fonzie is worried living alone is beyond his Grandma, but she doesn't want to go to a rest home
200 January 26, 1982 "Poobah, Doo Dah" Al tries to get his cousin Frankie Avalon, to perform at the annual lodge show
201 February 2, 1982 "A Touch of Classical" Fonzie tries to give students an appreciation for classical music
202 February 9, 1982 "Hi-Yo Fonzie, Away!" The gang works to give Fonzie his life's dream - a meeting with the Lone Ranger
203 February 16, 1982 "Great Expectations" Joanie and Chachi collaborate on a song. Potsie wants to join the Leopard Lodge. Marion gets the lead in a musical
204 February 23, 1982 "Hello, Flip" Roger's juvenile delinquent brother, Flip, comes to Milwaukee to straighten out his life. However, Flip betrays the Cunninghams' trust when he decides to renege on a promise to pick up his Aunt Marion after a Fats Domino concert.
  • Note: First appearance of Billy Warlock as Flip Phillips.
  • In a later role, he'll be known as Eddie Kramer, an ocean lifeguard of Los Angeles County in Television drama series Baywatch on NBC in 1989 and on syndicated network in `91.

205 March 2, 1982 "Chachi's Future" Chachi decides that he needs a career
206 March 16, 1982 "Tell-Tale Tart" Jenny Picalo spreads a vicious rumor
207 March 23, 1982 "Love and Marriage" Al seeks permission to marry Chachi's mother.

Season 10 (1982-1983)

22 episodes
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
208 September 28, 1982 "A Woman Not Under the Influence" Fonzie finds love at first sight
  • Note: First appearances of Linda Purl and Heather O'Rourke as Ashley Pfister (Fonzie's girlfriend) and her 6-year-old daughter, Heather.

209 October 12, 1982 "Letting Go" Joanie wants to move to Chicago with Chachi and attend Northwestern University
210 October 19, 1982 "Empty Nest" Howard and Marion try to keep busy in their newly empty house. Fonzie decides to sell his half of Arnold's
  • Note: This episode marked the return of Pat Morita as Arnold, the proprietor of Arnold's Drive-In restaurant.

211 October 26, 1982 "A Night at the Circus" Fonzie takes Heather to the circus. Howard's niece moves in
212 November 9, 1982 "A Little Case of Revenge" An old enemy exacts revenge on Fonzie at an inopportune time. Tom Hanks is featured.
213 November 16, 1982 "Who Gives a Hootenanny?" Joanie and Chachi have a chance to appear on TV. Fonzie doesn't understand the popularity of folk music
214 November 23, 1982 "Going Steady" Fonzie declares his love for Ashley, but an old girlfriend causes problems. Howard gives KC driving lessons
215 November 30, 1982 "Such a Nice Girl" Melvin Belvin takes KC to Arnold's costume ball
216 December 7, 1982 "There's No Business Like No Business" Business is down at Cunningham's Hardware, leading Howard to consider some very difficult options, one of which includes closing the store for good.
217 December 14, 1982 "All I Want for Christmas" When Heather asks Santa to patch up the rift between her Mother & Grandparents, Fonzie decides to make her wish come true.

218 December 28, 1982 "Since I Don't Have You" Roger's old flame fans the fire
219 January 4, 1983 "Hello, Pfisters" Ashley introduces Fonzie to her estranged family
220 January 11, 1983 "I Drink, Therefore I Am" Flip is a passenger in a car that is involved in a hit-and-run accident. The victim: Heather. Fonzie auditions new barbers
221 January 18, 1983 "Prisoner of Love" KC dates a convict that is on work-release to Fonzie's garage
222 January 25, 1983 "Life is More Important Than Show Business" A record producer is interested in Joanie and Chachi, but they have band problems
223 February 1, 1983 "Nervous Romance" Fonzie and Ashley look back on their six-month anniversary
224 February 8, 1983 "I'm Not at Liberty" Fonzie, Potsie and Roger report for reserve duty under Officer Kirk
225 February 15, 1983 "Wild Blue Yonder" Fonzie and Roger take a trip in a small aircraft
226 February 22, 1983 "May the Best Man Win" Fonzie becomes the center of attention at a friend's wedding
227 March 1, 1983 "Babysitting" Fonzie babysits Heather the night of a big fight on TV. Joanie and Chachi return to Milwaukee
228 March 15, 1983 "Turn Around ... and You're Home" Joanie decides to move back in with her parents.
229 March 22, 1983 "Affairs of the Heart" Jenny dates an Olympic swimmer. Fonzie wants a pool.

Season 11 (1983-1984)

22 episodes. The final season of Happy Days had an erratic schedule due to ABC's commitments to broadcasting both the 1984 Winter and Summer Olympic Games. This explains why there were five left over episodes following the "Passages" series finale.
# Airdate Prod. Code Title Overview
230 September 27, 1983 "Because It's There" Fonzie tries to accomplish a goal he set for himself as a child
231 October 4, 1983 "The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi" Chachi resents Joanie's busy life and wants to settle down
232 October 18, 1983 "Where the Guys Are" Roger, Potsie and Chachi trick Fonzie into going to a singles resort to help him get over his breakup with Ashley. Fonzie decides to stay to ruin the guys' fun, but then helps round up a trio of attractive pickpockets.
233 October 25, 1983 "Welcome Home" (Part 1) Richie and Ralph return, but after life in the Army they are unhappy about going back to their old lives

234 November 1, 1983 "Welcome Home" (Part 2) Fonzie encourages Richie to follow his dreams and he leaves for Hollywood

235 November 8, 1983 "Glove Story" Chachi, determined to win Fonzie's respect, enters a city boxing tournament behind the Fonz's back.
236 November 22, 1983 "Vocational Education" Roger and Fonzie are hired as the new administrative team at George S. Patton Vocational High School, a school notorious for disciplinary problems. Their plans to reform the school are easier said than done.
237 December 6, 1983 "Arthur, Arthur" Fonzie learns he has a long, lost brother — who comes to Milwaukee just to visit.
238 December 13, 1983 "You Get What You Pay For" When Howard is constantly forced out of the bathroom for the house's other inhabitants, he decides to build a second bathroom. He hires Fonzie as the contractor and the students of Patton High to do the work. Things don't go very well, to say the least.
239 January 10, 1984 "Kiss Me, Teach" Joanie's first student teaching job at Patton High is more than she anticipated, particularly when the students refuse to learn. One student, however, seems interested ... but has a sinister hidden agenda in mind for his teacher.
240 January 17, 1984 "The People vs. The Fonz" Fonzie is accused of striking a smart-mouthed student in class.
241 January 24, 1984 "Like Mother, Like Daughter" Marion's old flame comes for a visit and decides to date Joanie.
242 January 31, 1984 "Social Studies" Fonzie tries to reassure Chachi about his ability to ask girls out, telling him he has "Fonzarelli Power."
243 April 24, 1984 "The Spirit is Willing" As Fonzie is restoring a mid-1950s Chevrolet, a young woman visits the garage asking for a ride home. But there's more about this woman than meets the eye, and it has to do with the car.
244 May 1, 1984 "Fonzie Moves Out" When it appears the Cunninghams are planning to sell their home (so Howard can accept a job as vice president of a hardware store chain based in New York state), Fonzie may have to leave too. Fonzie eventually gets his own apartment and adjusts to his new life.
245 May 8, 1984 "Passages Parts 1 & 2" Joanie and Chachi share their recent experiences with others, and realize that perhaps they were meant for each other. Meanwhile, Fonzie becomes a Big Brother to a young orphan named Danny and decides to adopt him; however, Fonzie's dream may be derailed when he finds out about regulations prohibiting single parents from adopting.

246 May 15, 1984 "So How Was Your Weekend?" Marion deals with her condescending mother during a weekend visit.
247 May 22, 1984 "Low Notes" Chachi takes a job as a dance instructor, while Howard docks Potsie's salary at Cunningham's Hardware for selling merchandise at a discount.
248 May 29, 1984 "School Dazed" Joanie helps a student with a drug problem
249 June 5, 1984 "Good News, Bad News" Chachi gets an offer to tour with the Beach Boys and learns he has diabetes
250 June 12, 1984 "Fonzie's Spots" Fonzie, Chachi and Roger join the Leopard Lodge
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