happy as lark

Happy as Annie

"Happy as Annie" was originally released in 2005 as the limited edition second single by Larrikin Love on London indie label Transgressive Records (TRANS 010). Re-recorded and re-mixed by Ian Gore for the band's 2006 debut album The Freedom Spark, a new version of the song was released on the 11th September 2006 through Warner.

A live favourite, the song is notable for contrasting some of the band's most catchy and light-hearted bluegrass music with disturbing lyrics, apparently concerning a country stroll that ends in the discovery of a child rape victim.

2005 Limited 7" Vinyl

  1. "Happy as Annie"
  2. "On Sussex Downs"

2006 Re-release


  1. "Happy as Annie"
  2. "Cucumber"

7" Vinyl 1

  1. "Happy as Annie"
  2. "A Little Piece In My Heart"

7" Vinyl 2

  1. "Feliz Como O Annie"
  2. "(etching)"

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