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Do Your Ears Hang Low?

"Do Your Ears Hang Low?" is a children's song that is often sung in schools and at camps. It is believed that the melody of this song was taken from the song "Turkey in the Straw." The earliest known version is "Do Your Balls Hang Low", collected in 1941 by Vance Randolph, but not printed by him until 1992 in the book "Randolph, Roll Me in Your Arms". This version is listed in the Roud Folk Song Index under a separate number, 10259. Other versions printed shortly afterwards would suggest that this a rather rude wartime soldiers' song that has made its way into other circles: rugby singing, campfire singing.

Recorded versions

  • Barney on Barney's Favorites 1993, Barney's Greatest Hits 2000
  • Kinky Friedman on Live From Uranus 2003
  • Øystein Sunde in a Norwegian variant called Hvis dine ører henger ned (If your ears hang down) on Det året det var så bratt 1971

Parody and popular culture

Common parodies of the song substitute the word "ears" with slang words for testicles, pubic hair, or breasts. The song has also been appropriated by hip-hop artist Jibbs in his song "Chain Hang Low".

Wanda sings in The Bernie Mac Show, episode "Some Church Bull."


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