hang around

Reasons to Hang Around

Reasons To Hang Around is the fourth album of the Norwegian band Minor majority, released in 2006. All the songs on the album is written by Pål Angelskår, except "Don't Say You Love Me" & "Keep Coming Around", written by Pål Angelskår and Jon Arild Stieng, and "There Will Come Another", written by Gregory Wicky.

Track listing

  1. Wish You'd Hold That Smile
  2. Don't Say You Love Me
  3. Come Back To Me
  4. As Good As It Gets
  5. There Will Come Another
  6. Alison
  7. You Were Saying
  8. Let The Night Begin
  9. Supergirl
  10. Keep Coming Around
  11. No Particular Girl
  12. The Long Way Home
  13. What You Do To Me

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