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Hand Over Your Loved Ones

Hand Over Your Loved Ones is Wheatus' second album, released on 8 September 2003 by Columbia Records. Due to conflicts between the band and their label the album was hardly promoted, failed to sell well and only one single, "American In Amsterdam", was released from it.

Free from their contract with Sony, Wheatus released five songs from the album on iTunes as The Lemonade EP in 2004, followed in 2005 by the complete re-release of the album with two additional songs as Suck Fony, on the band's own label Montauk Mantis.

Track listing

  1. "American In Amsterdam" (Brendan B. Brown) – 3:58
  2. "The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me" (Brown) – 4:04
  3. "Anyway" (Brown) – 4:09
  4. "Freak On" (Brown) – 4:44
  5. "Lemonade" (Brown) – 3:22
  6. "The Deck" (Brown) – 2:38
  7. "Fair Weather Friend" (Brown) – 3:25
  8. "Randall" (Brown) – 4:18
  9. "Whole Amoeba" (Brown) – 3:07
  10. "Dynomite Satchel Of Pain" (Mike McCabe, Brown) – 14:57 (including two hidden tracks:)

"The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me (Demo Pt I UK Ed)" (Brown)
"The Song That I Wrote When You Dissed Me (Demo Pt II UK Ed)" (Brown)


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