Hananiah. 1 One of the Three Young Men. According to the Book of Daniel, he was one of Daniel's three companions and was also known as Shadrach. 2 In the Book of Jeremiah, a false prophet. 3 In 1 Chronicles, son of Zerubbabel. 4 In 1 Chronicles, a musician. 5 Father of Zedekiah 4. 6 Grandfather of Irijah. 7 In 1 Chronicles, a Benjamite. 8 In 2 Chronicles, captain under King Uzziah. 9 In the Book of Ezra, man who had a foreign wife. 10 In the Book of Nehemiah, sealer of the Covenant. 11, 12 In Nehemiah, repairers of the wall. 13 In Nehemiah, a chief priest. 14 In Nehemiah, priest at the dedication of the walls. 15 In Nehemiah, governor in Jerusalem. Ananias and Annas are Greek forms of this name.
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