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Han may refer to:


  • Chinese (漢), an abbreviation or adjectival modifier for things Chinese.
  • Han Chinese (漢族 Hanzu, 漢人 Hanren), the dominant majority ethnic group of China and overseas Chinese.
  • Chinese language (漢語 Hanyu) or Chinese characters (漢字 Hanzi) or Chinese written language (漢文 Hanwen).
  • Han Dynasty (漢朝 Hanchao) (202 BC - 220 AD) of China, also known as Han China.
  • Kingdom of Han (韓國 Hanguo), one of seven powerful kingdoms during the Chinese Warring States Period.
  • Han Zhao (漢趙), one of the Chinese Sixteen Kingdoms, founded by the Liu family.
  • Cheng Han (成漢), another of the Sixteen Kingdoms, founded by the Li family.
  • Southern Han (南漢 Nanhan), a kingdom during the Chinese Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms,
  • Northern Han (北漢 Beihan), a kingdom during the Chinese Period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms.
  • Type 091 Han class submarine, the first nuclear powered submarine class (SSN) deployed by the People's Liberation Army Navy.
  • Han (汗) or Kehan (可汗), the Chinese transliteration of Khan (title) or Khagan.
  • Han, Haan, Hahn or Hann, the Romanized spelling of many Chinese family names: 韓, 韩, 邗, 罕, 寒, 憨, 漢, etc.


  • Han (administrative division) (藩), a term for a feudal clan or fief in Japan.
  • Han, a wooden board hanging throughout a temple complex in a Zen monastery to alert monks of mealtime when out of range of the umpan.


  • Korea, an abbreviation for Hanguk (한국, 韓國), the South Korean name for Korea.
  • an archaic Korean root meaning "great" or "leader"; transliterated into hanja as 韓, 幹, or 刊; see Names of Korea
  • Samhan, three confederacies of chiefdoms on the southern Korean peninsula in the Proto-Three Han Kingdoms Period
  • Han (surname), a Korean surname (한, 韓 or 漢) also romanized "Hahn."
  • Han (cultural), a Korean cultural concept of lament
  • Korean language (한국어 Hankugeo) or Hangul (한글 Hangul)





  • Han unification (Chinese character glyph unification) in Unicode
  • Alternative spelling of title Khan (title), notably in Turkic languages
  • Han, a type of Central Asian inn, similar to caravanserai
  • Han, an episode of The West Wing, named for the Korean cultural concept Han

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