hamburger stand

The Original Hamburger Stand

The Original Hamburger Stand is a regional fast food chain in the southwestern United states. Besides its low cost burgers, the franchise features menu items from its sister companies Wienerschnitzel and Tastee-Freez at some of its locations. The franchise has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Wyoming.


The Original Hamburger Stand began when its parent company the Galardi Group attempted to compete in the hamburger market. The Galardi Group added hamburgers to its Wienerschnitzel menus in 1979, but with little success into the 1980's, the company started 2 new chains, The Original Hamburger Stand and Weldon's gourmet hamburgers. Poor performing Wienerschnitzel locations were replaced with The Original Hamburger Stands; such as locations in the Denver area. By 2003, Tastee-Freez was added to eight The Original Hamburger Stand locations and sixteen by 2007 according to the Tastee-Freez website


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