half the battle

Knowing Is Half the Hassle

Knowing is Half the Hassle is the second album released by rapper MC Chris. It was released in 2003. The cover features Hexagram 63 from the I Ching.

Track listing

  1. "Ten Year Old"
  2. "Co-efficient (Skit)"
  3. "Cookie Breath"
  4. "Hijack"
  5. "Glory Hole (Skit)"
  6. "White Kids Love Hip-Hop"
  7. "The Hammer (Skit)"
  8. "Geek"

Some versions of the CD move "Cookie Breath" after "White Kids Love Hip-Hop" though the CD case has the songs listed as above. The third pressing of Knowing Is Half the Hassle has an alternate version of the track "Hijack" which contains a guitar background as well as a piano.

The rare, first printing of the CD also contains Andy Merrill, the voice of Brak on The Brak Show, Space Ghost: Coast to Coast and Cartoon Planet doing a comedic skit at the end of the track "White Kids Love Hip-Hop". This version of the CD only had 200 copies, was printed on CD-R discs, and had a hand-made cover signed by MC Chris.

Album Cover

The Cover of this album is the Taoist Hexagram. It is the trigram symbol of water over the trigram symbol of fire.

Hexagram 63 of the I Ching is the symbol of G.I. Joe's Arashikage ninja clan, whose members include Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow. The album's title is presumably a reference to the G.I. Joe cartoon's PSA slogan, "Knowing is half the battle".


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