Hales, Alexander of: see Alexander of Hales.
Hales, John, 1584-1656, English clergyman and scholar, often alluded to as the Ever-Memorable. He won distinction by his lectures on Greek at Oxford, his preaching, and his writings. From 1613 to 1649 he held a fellowship at Eton College. As chaplain to Sir Dudley Carleton, he was an observer at the Synod of Dort (1618-19), an important meeting of Calvinists. Hales's tolerance in religion found expression in Schism and Schismatics, published anonymously (and without consent) in 1642. Archbishop Laud in 1639 made Hales a canon of Windsor, but he was ejected from that post in 1642 and from his Eton fellowship in 1649. His remaining years, under the Commonwealth, were spent in obscurity and poverty. In the Golden Remains of the Ever Memorable Mr. John Hales (1659), with a preface by John Pearson, are included a number of his writings.

See biography by J. H. Elson (1948).

Hales, Stephen, 1677-1761, English physiologist and clergyman. From 1709 he was perpetual curate of Teddington. His experimental studies in animal and plant physiology contributed greatly to the progress of science. In his investigations of circulation he made the first measurements of blood pressure by inserting a tube in a horse's artery. Plant physiology was given impetus by his work on transpiration, root pressure, circulation of sap, and the relationship between green plants and air. His inventions included apparatus for ventilating buildings. Some of his studies are described in his Vegetable Staticks (1727), Haemostaticks (1733), and A Description of Ventilation (1743).

Hales is a small village in Norfolk, England.

The church of Hales St Margaret is one of 124 existing round-tower churches in Norfolk. With its thatched roof, this church probably comes closest to the original appearance of an early round-tower church. It is in care of the Churches Conservation Trust.


X2 goes from Norwich in the east to Lowestoft in the east.

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