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From the Old English h(e)alh - nook, hollow or recess.

There was no single family which first took the name; it emerged independently across many parts of the United Kingdom - they took their name from where they lived. People who lived in a halh, - which was a specialised term for the slightest hollow which could afford shelter to a settlement, as opposed to the larger cumb or valley - could be found all over the country.

See also MacHale.

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Other uses

  • Hale (band), a local band in the Philippines
    • Hale, album from OPM band Hale
  • Robert Hale, a publishing company
  • HALE, a high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Hale School, an independent boys' school in Perth, Western Australia
  • Camp Hale, an alpine military training camp in Colorado

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