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A United States Air Force Wiredawg, or Wire Dawg, is a Voice Network Systems technician in the USAF. Voice Network Systems technicians follow under the 2E6X3 Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC). Another group of technicians in a closely related career field are Cable and Antenna Systems Technicians (AFSC 2E6X2) and are known as Cable Dawgs.

Historical Note: The first WireDawgs were originally the 361X0 or 2E6X1 / Cable and Antenna Installation Maintenance and Repair Specialist. This AFSC was responsible for the initial installation of Military and Civilian Outside Plant Construction Communication projects from aerial and buried cable systems to the installation of communication towers and communication pole lines, including the installation and maintenance of antenna, radar and microwave systems. The job demanded that 2E6X1s become experienced climbers on both communication poles and tower structures and experienced operators of heavy machinery and other large specialized vehicles. Because of the inherent dangers involved in daily operations and the Reduction in Force efforts of the early 1990’s, the 2E6X1 career field was merged with the Cable Splicers career field / 2E6X2. Most of the Outside Plant construction and installation work was then contracted out to the private sector.

The 2E6X3 Telephone Systems or "Inside Plant" then adopted the WireDawg name while the 2E6X2 Cable Splicers took on the lesser known title of Cable Dawgs.

Currently, there is talk in the Air Force to combine many different communication jobs. Wire Dawgs are slated to join the new 1BXXX career field. The details on this are currently being worked out. More information is needed, please update if as details are made known.

Interesting Notes: If you look at the WireDawg emblem, you will notice that the WIREDAWG is chained to a Communications Tower with a piece of cable held tightly in his jaws. This represents the spirit of the Outside Plant Communications Installation Professional.

It's been reported that 35% of Wire Dawgs are not assigned to their trained job/AFSC. This 35% are selected for special duties or to fill different admin. positions in their squadrons.

Wiredawg motto: Born in the back woods raised by a bear, Double row of back teeth, Double coat of hair, Cast iron balls and a stainless steel rod, I'm a mean mother f*^%$#, Wiredawg by god Big Dawgs Don't Stay on the Porch!!! 1827 / 838 EIS

Wire by Choice, Dawgs for Life!!! 51 CS

W.D.R.T.K., Kunsan WireDawgs!!! 8 CS

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In the United States Army a Cable & Wire System Installer / Maintainer (MOS 25L) Cable Dawg Cable Systems Installer/Maintainers are primarily responsible for installing, operating and performing maintenance on cable and wire communications systems, communication security devices and associated equipment.


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