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Biker Mice from Mars

Biker Mice from Mars is an animated series created by Rick Ungar that began airing in 1993 in the United States and lasted for three seasons before it was cancelled. It is about three anthropomorphic mice motorcyclists named Throttle, Modo, and Vinnie who escaped a war on their home planet Mars.


On the planet Mars, there existed a race of giant anthropomorphic mice who enjoyed Motorsports and had a very similar culture and society to that of human beings. At some point in time they were all but wiped out by the Plutarkians, an alien race of obese, foul-smelling, fish-like humanoids who exploit other planets for natural resources because they have wasted all of their own. Three survivors Throttle, Modo and Vinnie manage to find a spaceship and escape the Plutarkian takeover but they are soon shot down by a Plutarkian warship and end up crash-landing on Earth in the city of Chicago. There they meet a charming female mechanic named Charlene "Charley" Davidson and discover that the Plutarkians have come to Earth to steal its natural resources. The biker mice discover that Chicago's leading industrialist, Lawrence Limburger, is actually a Plutarkian who disguises himself as a human. Limburger enlists the aid of villains like the sadistic mad scientist Dr. Karbunkle and the idiotic Greasepit to help him steal Earth's natural resources and send them to Plutark. Limburger is an involuntary witness to the foiling of his plans and the destruction of his building by the biker mice at the end of almost each episode.


The Mice

  • Throttle

The leader-figure of the trio with tan fur. Throttle's eyes were severely damaged in the same incident that caused the losses of Modo's arm and Vinnie's face. As a result he wears green Sunglasses. His sight does not appear to have been completely damaged, however; he is able to look through a telescope in one episode. His first symbolic quote in the series was, "In this wild and woolly universe, there are three things you can count on: your brains, your bros and your bike!" Voiced by Rob Paulsen.

  • Modo

The gentle giant of the three with gray fur and an eye-patch, suggesting that his eye may have been damaged. His robotic arm replacement has a built-in laser gun and increases his physical strength. When angry his right eye flashes red, he is prone to fits of rage when the situation calls for muscle. He also becomes infuriated whenever he is referred to as a rat. Voiced by Dorian Harewood.

  • Vinnie

Self-proclaimed lady-killer with white fur. The right side of his face was burned off and as a result he wears a metal face-plate. He rides a red racing Sport bike, and is a thrill-seeker often volunteering for the most dangerous tasks, enjoying the rush and subsequent glory. Voiced by Ian Ziering.

  • Charley

The Mice are always backed up by Charley, a human mechanic who owns the Last Chance Garage. She's a headstrong woman, and is always ready to go into battle, though the Biker Mice try to keep her out dangerous situations. Aside from being the target of Vinnie's flirtations (which she playfully blows off), she's also responsible for upgrades for the Biker Mice and is a high-tech genius in her own right. Voiced by Leeza Miller McGee.

The villains

  • Lawrence Limburger

The main antagonist of the series, Lawrence Limburger hails from Plutark and has an odd fascination for Earth's criminal society of the 1930s. Wearing a mask in order to look human and a purple suit at most times, he attempts to mine Chicago and other parts of Earth of various resources including random earth, dirt, rock, snow, metal and oil. His headquarters is Linburger Industries located in Chicago. Unfortunately for him and Linberger Industries his tower is brought down by the Biker Mice at the climax of almost every single episode. Voiced by William Morgan Sheppard.

  • Karbunkle

A thin, sly scientist Karbunkle used to work for Limburger's superior, Dominic T. Stilton, until Limburger bribed him to cross over. Karbunkle's main task is to think of machines and robots to either battle the Biker Mice, gather resources from Earth, or look up the villain of the week with his dimensional transporter. What is common knowledge is that during the War of Liberation on Mars he gave Modo his bionic arm, Stoker his bionic tail and Throttle his malfunctioning bionic eyes. Karbunkle was also the one who built the Mind Bender Beam, successfully used on Stoker to brainwash the Freedom Fighter leader into obey the Plutarkians. Karbunkle is a sycophant, often seen admiring Limburger and praising him but Karbunkle's one priority is Karbunkle. He's often seen torturing Fred the Mutant, cares little about his co-worker Grease Pit and has traded Plutarkian employers many times. Karbunkle is very sadistic and is known to enjoy torturing people, wears a white lab coat, boots, has a green pair of goggles which he never takes off and once in a while, his red underwear is revealed. His full name is Benjamin Boris Zachary Karbunkle. Voiced by Susan Silo.

  • Fred the Mutant

Fred has a happy lot in life, he thrills at the thought of receiving pain and that is his purpose as well, being the subject of many of Karbunkle's testings as well as physical abuse by Limburger. He is a midget with clothing similar to portrayals of Quasimodo, is bald and has three pink eyes with black irises, a bushy tail, and a tentacle instead of a right arm. Also voiced by Rob Paulsen.

  • Grease Pit

The stereotypical cartoonish bungling bad guy sidekick usually in charge of whatever project Lawrence Limburger is running at the time. He fails a lot which is factored into Limburger's planning after a while. Grease Pit rides a tri-cycle into battle against the Biker Mice at the head of his Goons and wears a pair of gardening trousers like a mechanic's, keeps oozing oil, falling over continuously and dropping things often. The first villain Limburger ever hired though his advert was "spiced up" to make him seem more capable than the bungling goof he is. Voiced by Brad Garrett.

  • Lord Camembert

Limburger's higher-up and the person he is responsibility to, although in some cases this is the entire council of the Plutarkian government with Limburger being in a panic over whatever task is current. Voiced by Jeff Bennett.

Other recurring characters

  • Napoleon Brie

Limburger's chief Plutarkian rival from Detroit, except that Brie usually seems to be rather successful. He and his "Number one", a gun for hire with a big red beard and sunglasses, dominate Detroit. Despite this, Brie's attempts at taking out the Biker Mice turn out just as futile as Limburger's. Brie's efforts are not helped by his undermining Limburger at the same time. Small of stature and the owner of a large variety of facial masks although he only ever wears the one with a crazy eye and speaks with an accent very similar to Elmer Fudd. Voiced by Luke Perry.

2006 revival

Much like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' return in 2003, the Biker Mice from Mars returned to tv screens in 2006. But although the 2003 TMNT series is a remake of the original TMNT 1987 series the 2006 Biker Mice From Mars series is a continuation rather than a remake of the story.

The new series launched on 4Kids TV (FOX) in the United States on August 9 2008 and a launch is planned in Italy on Italia 1 in fall 2008.

The new 28 episode series began airing in the UK on Toonattik on GMTV (now known at weekends as CITV) on August 26, 2006. However, due to production problems at the studio in The Philippines the series was not finalized until late 2007, resulting in the launch in The USA and many other countries being delayed until 2008 as it still needed to be dubbed.

CITV on ITV2 re-ran the original 1990s series at 07.55 Monday to Friday for a 10 week strip from early September 2006. It was repeated on ITV2 at 08.25 Monday to Friday for 10 weeks from March 27, 2007.

The series also launched successfully in Finland on MTV3 and in Australia on Channel Ten in October 2006.


The mice return, but this time they battle forces who seek to destroy them and steal their valuable assets. In this series the new antagonists are the evil Catatonians, a cat-like race of creatures, who desire the greatest prize on Mars The Regenerator.

Video games

A Biker Mice from Mars video game was released by Konami for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994. The European version features extensive advertisements for Snickers candy bars

In 2006 Biker Mice from Mars was released based on the 2006 Revival in Finland, Australia & The United Kingdom for the Nintendo DS & Sony PS2 consoles. None of these games received any major positive ratings although the PS2 game was a major sales success throughout Scandinavia.


The complete first season was released on DVD in the UK

There are no plans yet for a full release in the US.

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