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List of people from Goa

This is a list of famous and notable people from Goa, India. This list aims to include persons who are known to a large number of people, and is not based on the extent of their popularity. Neither is the list viewed from the context of the present. Their fame could be brief, what matters is that they were well-known during the peak of their popularity.

Sports personalities


  • Neville D'Souza: Soccer, 1956, representing India
  • Fortunato Franco: Soccer, 1960, representing India
  • Peter Paul Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1936 representing India and 1948 representing Pakistan
  • Leo Pinto: Field Hockey, 1948, representing India
  • Lawrie Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1948, representing India
  • Walter D'Souza: Field Hockey, 1948, representing India
  • Maxie Vaz: Field Hockey, 1948, representing India
  • Reginald Rodrigues: Field Hockey, 1948, representing India
  • Vece Paes: Field Hockey, 1972, representing India
  • Joaquim Carvalho: Field Hockey, 1976, representing India
  • Jack Britto: Field Hockey, 1952, representing Pakistan
  • Zeno Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1968, representing Mexico
  • George Moraes: Field Hockey, 1972, representing Uganda
  • William Lobo: Field Hockey, 1972, representing Uganda
  • Polycarp Pereira: Field Hockey, 1972, , representing Uganda
  • Rui Saldanha: Field Hockey, 1972, representing England
  • Leopold Gracias: Field Hockey, 1980, representing Tanzania
  • Steve D'silva: Field Hockey, 1980, representing Tanzania
  • Freddy Furtado: Field Hockey, 1980, representing Tanzania
  • Dr. Sotor D'silva: Field Hockey, 1980, representing Tanzania
  • Benedict Mendes: Field Hockey, 1980, representing Tanzania
  • Trevor Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1984, representing USA, 1971-1973 India Regional Asian games & tests v/s Britain, 1964-1967 Zanzibar, Tanzania - Inter Territorials
  • Kenneth Pereira: Field Hockey, 2000, representing Canada
  • Robin D'Abreo: Field Hockey, 2000, representing Canada
  • Rosario S F Dalgado: Field Hockey, 1956, representing Kenya
  • Aloysius E Mendonca: Field Hockey, 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968 (captained in 1960), representing Kenya
  • Michael Estavo Pereira: Field Hockey, 1956, representing Kenya
  • George Andre Saude: Field Hockey, 1960, 1964, representing Kenya
  • Anthony Querobino Vaz: Field Hockey, 1956, 1960, 1964, representing Kenya
  • Edgar Simon Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1960, 1964, representing Kenya
  • Reynold Anthony Da Souza: Field Hockey, 1956, 1964, representing Kenya
  • Hilary John Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1960, 1964, 1968, representing Kenya
  • Egbert Carmo Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1960, 1964, 1968, representing Kenya
  • Silvester Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1960, 1964, 1968, representing Kenya
  • Leo Ciriaco Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1964, 1968, 1972, representing Kenya
  • Reynold Pereira: Field Hockey, 1968, 1972, representing Kenya
  • Phillip Da Souza: Field Hockey, 1972, representing Kenya
  • Patrick Martins: Field Hockey, 1984, representing Kenya
  • Raphael Fernandes: Field Hockey, 1984, representing Kenya
  • Seraphino Antao: Athletics, 1960, representing Kenya
  • Lavy Pinto: Athletics, 1952, representing India
  • Edward Sequeira, Athletics, 1972, representing India


  • Neal Pinto - contemporary singer-songwriter.
  • Remo Fernandes prominent Goan pop star and Bollywood playback singer.
  • Lorna, Goa's nightingale
  • Lata Mangeshkar, great playback singer of India. She has a world-record for the highest number of recorded songs
  • Asha Bhosle Another great playback singer.Younger sister of Lata Mangeshakar
  • Aniket Shirodkar, Goa-based musician awarded posthumous state award for his contribution to arts and culture in Goa.
  • António Fortunato de Figueiredo, conductor, violinist (1903-1981). Founder-director of Academia de Música (now Dept of Western Classical Music, Kala Academy), founder-director Orquestra Sinfónica de Goa (Goa Symphony Orchestra).
  • Rev Dr Lourdino Barreto, author of over 100 major works, and his compositions have been performed both in India and abroad.
  • Mugubai Kurdikar Famous classical singer
  • Kishori Amonkar, noted Indian classical singer.
  • Sharannya Balakumar, gifted Indian musician, a luminary of the Penang classical Indian scene.
  • Karthik Ramakrishnan, noted bi-sexual Aboriginal-Indian musician. Music described by audiences as "finger-painting with sounds". Famous song, Durreys Cuz became a hit in the local region of Balgowla.
  • Jitendra Abhisheki, noted Indian musician.
  • Prabhakar Karekar, Noted Indian classical singer. A great singer of (Natyasangeet).
  • Late Olegario Frank, gifted opera singer based in the UK.
  • Kesarbai Kerkar (1892-1977).
  • Deenanath Mangeshkar, after whom the auditorium at the Kala Academy, Goa is named.
  • João Agostinho Fernandes, (1871-1947), father of the Goan tiatr.
  • Maestro Anthony Gonsalves from Majorda now in his nineties, the man who pioneered the introduction of Western harmony in Hindi film music and who worked with S D Burman and Naushad Ali.
  • José Cordeiro, Saligao, (1911-1982). Goa-based musician awarded posthumous state award for his contribution to arts and culture in Goa. Tenor singer and participant of the All Goa Mando Festival, training both adults and youth in traditional Goan folk songs. Also known locally for his renditions of 'motets'(Psalms on the Passion of Christ) on All India Radio, Goa.
  • Chris Perry, died 25 January 2002. One of the finest proponents of Konkani music, his compositions broke all barriers & took the genre of Konkani music to dizzying heights. A luminary of the Bombay jazz scene in his heyday, a trumpet virtuoso.
  • Harvey D'Souza, violin. Studied at the Menuhin School of Music. Now leads the Orchestra of the Academy of St Martin-in-the-Fields, London.
  • Jojo JF D'Souza, Keyboard/Piano/Guitar. Studied at London School of Music, and tutored on the guitar by Bryan Mendonca. Formed the very popular Band 'Devils' Angels in the 80's and rose to fame with their hit song 'Vimbola'. Like the Wonders, the band too was a ONE HIT wonder and enthralled with its live and original songs, music and performances in Goa and around.


  • Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi (1907-1966) renowned Indologist.
  • Dharmanand Kosambi (1876-1947) studied Pali and was a renowned Buddhist scholar.
  • Rev Dr Hubert Olympus Mascarenhas (1905-1973), educationist, was an Indologist of repute who spoke 11 European languages, in addition to Sanskrit and several Indian languages.
  • Jose Gerson da Cunha (1844-1900) ,one of India's prominent historian and Orientalist. Besides Konkani and Portuguese, French, English and Sanskrit, he could handle Pehlevi, Italian, Persian and German, Marathi.

Senior police

Political campaigners


Judges and lawyers

  • Fitz R S de Souza, barrister-at-law and PhD from London, was an important figure in African politics. Participated in Kenya's struggle for freedom.
  • John Maximian Nazareth (1908-1989) was president of the East African Indian Congress, and also served as puisne judge of the Kenya Supreme Court
  • Justice Vassant Krishna Tamba](b.1926) has served as a judge of the Supreme Court of Portugal.
  • Justice Dr. Eurico Santana da Silva (b.1933) in Margao, Appointed Judge in Goa in 1957 during the Portuguese regime. After liberation decided to stay in his homeland and joined the Indian judiciary. This highly respected and eminent jurist is remembered for his uprightness and impeccable integrity.
  • Justice Gurudas Datta Kamat, Former Judge of the Bombay High Court and former Chief Justice of Gujarat. First Goan to be appointed Chief Justice.
  • Justice Dr. Gustavo F.Couto, former judicial commissioner and then Judge of the High Court of Bombay.
  • Aleixo António Xavier José Ludovico da Costa (1904-1976), served as judge in Angola and Mozambique.
  • Luís da Cunha Gonçalves, (b.1875) wrote as many as 14 volumes on his studies of Civil Law.
  • Wolfgang Dourado Attorney General, Zanzibar.
  • Justice Nelson A. Britto Bombay High Court Judge - (Goa Bench) from Veroda, Cuncolim Salsette goa.

Technocrats, senior officials and designers

Professors and Educationists

  • Prof Armando Menezes, prominent educationist who influenced a generation and more of students at Dharwad and elsewhere.
  • Dr Victor F B de Mello, rose to professorships at the three principal universities in São Paulo.
  • Dr Ulhas S Parab, first educationist to accomplish Ph.D. in faculty of Commerce and Management from Goa after liberation of Goa, who has been instrumental in motivating younger generation of Goa for higher studies.
  • Dr. Damodar SarDesai, well-published Professor Emeritus at UCLA who also served as the President of the (Formerly Royal) Asiatic Society of Bombay from 1989-1999.



  • Garcia de Orta, physician, druggist, and botanist (1523-1580). Wrote and published first major book on Indian drugs and remedies. He was a Portuguese/Spanish Jew who lived some time in Goa.
  • Dr Norman Lewis, one of India's pioneer of the food-irradiation programme.
  • Emidio Afonso, just out of his teens, he reconstructed with the simplest available material a simplified version of Sir J C Bose's crescograph, an instrument for measuring the sensitivity of plants.
  • Dr Froilano de Mello (1877-1955), a Goan who discovered protozoa, parasites, microbes and viruses many of which bear the Latin name given by him followed by the name "de Mello" as the discoverer. Research scientist of high caliber, a successful professor. Did remarkable work for improving the health of the malaria-endemic city of Old Goa by mapping the entire area so as to discover the source of malaria. Fought valiant battles against TB and leprosy and hailed as one of the foremost leprologists.
  • Anil Kakodkar, eminent nuclear scientist and Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission
  • Raghunath Mashelkar, eminent scientist and head of the prestigious Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

Religious leaders

Writers, Editors, Journalists

  • Frank Moraes, editor of many prominent newspapers in post-Independence India, including The Indian Express.
  • Dom Moraes (b.1938) has won the American Press Club Citation for Excellence in Reporting, for some 20 articles he wrote for the "New York Times Sunday Magazine". Also a poet. Died earlier this decade.
  • Manoharai Sardessai, Konkani Novelist
  • Reginald Fernandes, Konkani Novelist and well known violin player. wrote over 100 much read and appreciated novels.
  • George Menezes, humour writer and management expert.
  • Frank Simoes, a passionate Goan Advertising person, Author of "Glad season in Goa"
  • Lambert Mascarenhas, author of the classic Novel "Sorrowing Lies My Land" (1955) which was reprinted thrice, the novel has been translated into Marathi, Telugu and Konkani. Lambert was the editor of Goan Tribune, the fortnightly dedicated to the cause of Goa’s freedom from the Portuguese rule. He is also the founder editor of "Goa Today" and former editor of "The Navhind Times" and was awarded the State Cultural award.
  • Jose Pereira (b.1931), a writer, orator, historian, musicologist, theologian and a naturalist of a high order.
  • Fr Antonio Pereira (1919-2004) has scores of books and publications to his credit, mainly in Konkani.
  • Mons. Sebastiao Rodolfo Dalgado (1855-1922) of Assagao , linguist. Knew Malayalam, Sinhala, Bengali, Kannada,Marathi, Sanskrit. In 1892, he produced a Konkani-Portuguese dictionary and later a grammar.
  • Dom Martin, COEXISTENCE: Humanity's Wailing Wall, Exodus to Eternity
  • Krishnadas Shama, sixteenth century Quelossim genius, left behind several stories in pure Konkani.
  • Teotonio R. de Souza, b. 1947, Historian, Founder-Director of Xavier Centre of Historical Research, Goa (1979-1994), Fellow of the Portuguese Academy of History, author of Medieval Goa (1979), Goa to Me (1994), and several other publications on Goan History and Culture listed at Co-founder of Goa Research Net with Frederick Noronha in 1997, and its Moderator till date.
  • Victor Rangel Ribeiro, author of the novel Tivolem (winner of the Milkweed Fiction Award)which was published first by Milkweed in the USA and then by Penguin India. Also authored a collection of short stories, Loving Ayesha, published by Rupa.
  • Margaret Mascarenhas, author of the diasporic novel Skin published by Penguin India, Mercure de France, Editora Replicacao.
  • Damodar Mauzo, prolific Konkani novelist and winner of the Sahitya-Akademi award for the novel Karmelin.
  • Sonia Faleiro,journalist and author of the novel The Girl, published by Penguin India.
  • Eunice de Souza,retired as Head of the English Dept, St Xavier's College, Bombay in 2007. She is a poet, novella-ist, and editor of several anthologies.
  • Sr. Lucy Britto, From Veroda, Cuncolim, First Indian Woman to work for the Secretariat of State, The Vatican.


  • Bernardo Peres da Silva of Neurá. Appointed Prefect of Estado da Índia Portuguesa in 1835, the only Goan to hold a post equivalent to a Governor-General.
  • Anthony Lancelot Dias, ICS (b.1910) was praised for negotiating India's foodgrains with "great ability and success". He was appointed Lt. Governor of Tripura in 1970 and later Governor of West Bengal.

Business leaders

  • Victor J Menezes (b.1949) of Bardez, was one of the Vice Presidents of Citicorp, USA.
  • Peter Joseph Joaquim Pinto (b.1915) of Sangolda has been appointed alternate executive director for India on the boards of the IMF and World Bank.
  • Prabhakar R Narvekar appointed one of the three deputy managing directors of the IMF.

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