haddest egg on ones face

Defecate on My Face

"Defecate On My Face" was the first single released by Australian alternative rock band TISM. It was originally released in 1986 and has become a mainstay of TISM's live show ever since.

The original release of the single was on 7" vinyl which came packaged in a 12" cardboard sleeve and was sealed on all four sides, so that one side had to be broken to hear the record. The original single has become a collectors item among fans, with unopened ones being a sort of "Holy Grail" to TISM collectors.


The song tells the story of Adolf Hitler and his rise through history as a great dictator. It follows his various successes throughout the Second World War, and in doing so, it reveals that his dramatic rise to power is made possible, or perhaps hampered, by his one weakness: He requires that Eva Braun defecate on his face, presumably as a fetish. When, one day she refuses, his dictatorship goes awry and several misfortunes befall him. The song reveals this to be the cause of the (real-life) failure of his plans to conquer the world, and his ultimate demise.


The video features stock footage of Nazi soldiers and several high ranking Nazi officials intercut with footage of bombs dropping and aftermath of these events. One notable scene involves a man who looks up just as bombs are dropped from a plane, a subtle nod towards the song's theme. Also in the video are TISM dancing in front of a white screen in their trademark black balaclavas and Ku Klux Klan uniforms.

One odd moment in the video features a piece of card featuring a quote, apparently from T. S. Eliot which reads "Hurry Up" and a caption "To his kettle".


One of, if not the, earliest controversies TISM stirred was with Defecate On My Face. The band originally won a 3RRR battle-of-the-bands competition, the prize being recording time in a studio. The song they recorded was Defecate, but it could not be played on the radio at the time because of the lyrical content which dealt with the private life of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun and the former's supposed coprophilia.

Other versions

The title has become the most re-released TISM song, appearing on several recordings. The first was a 7" single, which contained a version of "Defecate..." that would later appear on tism.bestoff. (2002) along with a remix by Machine Gun Fellatio. The most well-known appears on their album Great Truckin' Songs of the Renaissance (1988). A country and western version was recorded for Form and Meaning reach Ultimate Communion (1986) and re-appeared on Gentlemen, Start Your Egos (1992). Machines Against the Rage (1996) and The White Albun (2004) both included live versions.

Track list

Side A

  1. "Defecate On My Face"

Side B

  1. "Death Death Death"
  2. "The Art-Income Dialectic"


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