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How to Name It?

How to Name It? (1986) is an instrumental Indian-Western fusion album by Ilaiyaraaja. This was Ilayaraaja's first fusion music album. The album has musical movements that are dedicated to Tyagaraja, a religious musician and composer of South India (1767-1847) and the Western Classical music composer, J. S. Bach (1685-1750) of Germany.

One of the tracks is based on Preludium in E by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Track listing

  1. "How to Name It?" (7:22)
  2. "Mad Mod Mood Fugue" (8:04)
  3. "You Can't Be Free" (2:01)
  4. "Study for Violin" (5:50)
  5. "Is it Fixed?" (1:40)
  6. "Chamber Welcomes Thiagaraja" (5:05)
  7. "I Met Bach in My House" (5:33)
  8. "And We Had a Talk" (7:16)
  9. "Don't Compare" (1:36)
  10. "Do Anything" (5:21)

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