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Ain't Had Enough Fun

Ain't Had Enough Fun is the eleventh studio album by the American rock band Little Feat, released in 1995. (see 1995 in music). It was their first with female vocalist Shaun Murphy and was dedicated to the memory of their cover artist Neon Park who died in 1993 after a long battle with Lou Gehrig's disease. The band have continued to dip into his portfolio for cover art ever since, having made a promise to that effect in the sleevenotes for this album.

Track listing

  1. "Drivin' Blind" (Payne, Wray) – 5:12
  2. "Blue Jean Blues" (Barrère, Payne, Tackett, Wray) – 6:06
  3. "Cadillac Hotel" (Payne, Wray) – 5:35
  4. "Romance Without Finance" (Clayton, Kibbee, Payne) – 4:05
  5. "Big Bang Theory" (Barrère, Murphy, Payne, Tackett, Wray) – 5:32
  6. "Cajun Rage" (Barrère, Kibbee, Wray) – 5:30
  7. "Heaven's Where You Find It" (Barrère, Murphy, Payne, Tackett) – 5:03
  8. "Borderline Blues" (Barrère, Murphy, Payne, Tackett, Wray) – 7:43
  9. "All That You Can Stand" (Barrère, Payne, Wray) – 6:35
  10. "Rock & Roll Everynight" (Barrère, Murphy, Payne, Tackett, Wray) – 5:06
  11. "Shakeytown" (Barrère, Kibbee) – 5:12
  12. "Ain't Had Enough Fun" (Barrère, Murphy, Payne, Strand, Tackett) – 3:27
  13. "That's a Pretty Good Love" (Lucas, Mendelsohn) – 4:50

Band members

Texicali Horns

These guys play on tracks 2, 3, 10, & 13

Additional personnel


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