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Seattle Wireless

Seattle Wireless is an American non-profit project created by Matt Westervelt and Ken Caruso in June 2000. It seeks to develop a free, locally-owned wireless community network using widely-available, license-free technology wireless broadband Internet access. It is a metropolitan area network.

Seattle Wireless is one of the first Community Wireless Networks and one of the first project focused wikis. If you are looking for information on part 15 wireless networking or wireless device hacking, it is one of the largest repositories on the Internet. It has received extensive press coverage

Seattle Wireless also had a short lived (7 episode) online television show, prior to the recent surge in videocasting and podcasting, called Seattle Wireless TV It was created by Peter Yorke and Michael Pierce and ran July 2003 - June 2004. SWTV was an early adopter of Bittorrent to distribute it's shows.

Seattle Wireless members meet once a week for "Hack Night" and have had several meeting spaces over the years, including Aurafice (the first wireless cafe in Seattle), the Drinkmore Cafe, Rainer Cold Storage, and lately, the newly remodeled Cal Anderson Park.

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