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Comme d'habitude

Comme d’habitude (French for As usual) is a French song written in 1967 by Claude François and Jacques Revaux with lyrics by Claude François and Gilles Thibaut.

Originally titled For Me with lyrics in English, the song was initially refused by numerous artists, most notably Michel Sardou, until Hervé Vilard finally agreed to record it. However, Revaux was not satisfied with Vilard's version of the song and approached Claude François, asking that he record it. François accepted but asked that an underlying theme of a couple in a strained relationship be included, in reference to his recent breakup with fellow French musician France Gall. Revaux agreed and with some rewriting from Gilles Thibaut the song became Comme d'habitude and was and released by François in 1968.

Paul Anka, upon hearing the song while watching French television in Paris, acquired the rights to it (for free) for his American production company. After rewriting English lyrics (which are unrelated to the original) Frank Sinatra gave a cross-Atlantic version of it in 1969 under the title My Way.

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