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Edwin Conklin

Edwin Grant Conklin (November 24 1863November 20 1952) was a U.S. biologist and zoologist, born at Waldo Ohio, and educated at Ohio Wesleyan and Johns Hopkins universities. He was professor of biology at Ohio Wesleyan (1891-94) and professor of zoölogy at Northwestern (1894-96), the University of Pennsylvania (1896-1908), and Princeton (after 1908). He became coeditor of the Journal of Morphology, the Biological Bulletin, and the Journal of Experimental Zoölogy. He was president of the American Society of Naturalists in 1912 and president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1936.

In 1995 the Society for Developmental Biology inaugurated the Edwin Grant Conklin Medal in his honor.


  • "The probability of life originating from accident is comparable to the probability of the unabridged dictionary resulting from an explosion in a printing shop.

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