h stanley morrison

Charles H. Stanley

Charles H. Stanley (November 20, 1842December 20, 1913) was a Prince George's County, Maryland Lawyer and member of the Democratic Party. A Confederate American Civil War veteran, Stanley was also a farmer and banker. He served as a City Commissioner for Laurel, Maryland from 1880–1882, State Delegate from 1883–1885 and Mayor of Laurel from 1891–1893. Stanley was director of the B&O Railroad and a member of the Board of Trustees for Maryland Agricultural College, the original chartered name of the University of Maryland. In 1906, he was elected to the office of first vice-president by the Association of School Commissioners and County Superintendents of Maryland. In 1911, Stanley was appointed as the Comptroller of Maryland to complete the term of William B. Clagett who died in office. Stanley's burial site is in section E. 108 of Ivy Hill Cemetery in Laurel. The Laurel branch of the Prince George's County Memorial Library System is named after Stanley.


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