H.S. Dillon

Dr. Harbrinderjit Singh Dillon, more commonly known as H. S. Dillon, is an Indonesian Indian who has occupied a variety of positions in Indonesian political life, including assistant to the Minister of Agriculture, and Commissioner of the National Commission on Human Rights (of which he is still a member ). He his current positions include executive director of Partnership Governance Reform in Indonesia He has been an outspoken critic of corruption in Indonesia.

He studied at Cornell University in the U.S., earning his PhD in agricultural economics and also studying subjects including international trade and development, resource management, and developmental sociology.


  • H. S. Dillon and Marcellus Rantetana, Food Security in Indonesia, (Chapter 4 in Vijay S Vyas, Food Security in Asian Countries 2005 ISBN - 8171884563 )
  • ''see HS Dillon, a fearless campaigner which lists several publications.

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