Gutter may refer to:

  • Rain gutter, a narrow channel which collects rainwater from the roof of a building and diverts it away from the structure, typically into a drain.
  • Street gutter, a depression which runs alongside a city street, usually at the curb and diverts rain and street-cleaning water away from the street and into a storm drain.

In media

In sport

  • Gutters, in bowling and table shuffleboard, the trough hazards on either side of the playing lane into which the bowling ball or shuffleboard puck may fall

In design and printing

  • Gutter, the blank space, in editorial design, at which two pages come together in a two-page spread
  • Gutter, in typography, the space between columns of printed text
  • Gutter, in comics, the space between the panels of a comic strip or comic book page
  • Gutter (philately), the space between panes of postage stamps that creates configurations of "gutter pairs" or "gutter blocks"
  • Gutter, in interface design, the blank spaces that separate rows and columns in screen. Sometimes, uses small graphic file which has background color to make space for layout.

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