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Gutsy Geeks Computer Radio Show

The Gutsy Geeks is the first broadcast radio show focusing on Linux and Open Source Computing. The Gutsy Geeks, and in its previous incarnation as PC Chat, has been on the air, educating, enlightening, and entertaining listeners continuously since August 2001. The show's home base is KXAM Radio, Independent 1310, serving the greater Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

About the Gutsy Geeks

Michael Cady - More than 20 years ago, Michael crossed paths with a Timex Sinclair computer, decided it was love at first byte, and has been living and breathing technology almost ever since. Today, he is the co-owner of the RedSeven Computer Company, helped to found the PC-recycling charity KidComputers, and is knowledgeable about all facets of computing. Michael is also the show's resident trouble-maker.

Nick Coons - Any computer show worth its weight in floppies needs a die-hard, fingers-to-the-keyboard geek, and Nick is Gutsy Geeks' Chairman of the Circuit Board. Nick began programming when he was eight years old and his passion for all aspects of computing has grown through the years. Nick's advanced networking and programming skills include DOS, Windows, Linux, and Unix. Whatever it is, Nick knows it and puts it to good use as CEO (with Michael) of the aforementioned RedSeven Computer Company. Computing is such an integral part of his life, he even met a girl on the Internet who has since become his wife!

Richard Sherman - "Mr. Modem" began his computing career with a dual-floppy Zenith computer and monochrome monitor in 1981, and from that cutting-edge start, began writing about computers and the Internet. Today, he writes the nationally syndicated Ask Mr. Modem newspaper column, and is a featured columnist each month in Smart Computing Magazine. As publisher of the award-winning Ask Mr. Modem weekly newsletter. Mr. Modem reaches subscribers in 38 countries and has a combined readership of more than three million readers each month. The author of eight books, his articles and columns have appeared in The Reader's Digest, Wall St. Journal, USA Today, Money Magazine, on countless Web sites and have lined bird cages and litter boxes worldwide. Mr. Modem hosts the "Mr. Modem Minute" produced by FOX-TV, currently broadcast in remote outposts throughout the U.S. primarily in the coveted 3:00 to 4:00 AM time slot.

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