Galaxy Angel

is a bishōjo sci-fi/comedy anime, manga and dating sim series by BROCCOLI. It was created in July 2000, when Broccoli launched the multi-platformed project called Project G.A. The anime and Galaxy Angel Party manga comprise a comedy story in an alternate universe, while the games and the regular manga have a serious and involved romance/action plot.

A sequel to the game trilogy was released in June 2006, entitled "Galaxy Angel II: Zettai Ryouiki no Tobira", and stars an entirely new cast, the "Rune Angel Troupe", and a new feature that combines the new Brave Heart frame with any of the Angels. Each of the Rune Angels has a connection to one of the Galaxy Angels, such as Apricot Sakuraba, the younger sister of Milfeulle Sakuraba. Just like the original Galaxy Angel, the Galaxy Angel II series will have multiple games and already has a manga adaptation and comedic anime spinoff, both of which are currently running. The second Galaxy Angel II game was released in October 2007 entitled Galaxy Angel II Mugen Kairou no Kagi.

The success of the video game and anime series influenced the creation of a manga series based on the video game universe.

In Japan, the series became so popular that a musical based on the series was made. Entitled "GALAXY ANGEL ~The Musical~", it debuted in March and December 2005, and featured cast members who also worked on Galaxy Angel II.


The Galaxy Angel anime series, produced by BROCCOLI, Madhouse and Bandai Visual, premiered across Japan on Animax between 7 April 2001 to 29 September 2001, and was soon followed by numerous sequels, including a second series ("Z"), a third series ("A", "AA", and "S") and a fourth ("X"). Each broadcast is made up of two fifteen minute episodes, whose titles always contain references to food. The first series was broadcast by Animax, while later series have been broadcast by TV Osaka and other TXN stations. Internationally, the series has been broadcast by Animax and its respective networks worldwide, including its English language networks in Southeast Asia and South Asia, and its other networks in Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Latin America.

The story is about a group of women and girls who go on government-sponsored humanitarian missions as the Angel Troupe (Angel-tai) to search for Lost Technology, generally a plot device to set up amusing and absurd humor typical of the show, rife with obscure Japanese puns. Many of the devices look like extremely mundane objects like sticks or rice cookers, but have fantastic powers like mutating organisms or as destructive weapons.

Series Title Broadcasts (TV) 1 Episodes (TV+extra) 2 Directors Aired in Japan 3
1 Galaxy Angel 24 24+2 Morio Asaka, Yoshimitsu Ohashi 7 April 2001 to 29 September 2001
2 Galaxy Angel Z 9 18+1 Morio Asaka, Yoshimitsu Ohashi 3 February 2002 to 31 March 2002
3 4 Galaxy Angel A 13 26 Shigehito Takayanagi 10 November 2002 to 29 December 2002
Galaxy Angel AA 13 25+2 5 January 2003 to 30 March 2003
Galaxy Angel S 5 1 2 21 December 2003
4 Galaxy Angel X 13 26 Shigehito Takayanagi 7 July 2004 to 29 September 2004
1: Series 1 had one 15 minute episode per program, while other series have two 15 minutes episodes per 30 minute program.
2: Some episodes were not broadcast in Japan. Those were later added as extra episodes (OVAs) released on DVD.
3: Ignoring extra episodes on DVD.
4: Galaxy Angel A and AA is actually considered to be the same series (Series 3) in Japan. They just decided to give it a different name in the middle of the series.
5: Galaxy Angel S is a single special episode, which also is considered to be a part of series 3.

The Galaxy Angel anime generally abandoned any sense of strict continuity or plot arcs after the first series, so they can be viewed in any order. The cast is frequently abandoned, killed, or transmogrified only to return completely normal in the next episode. However, the fourth series introduced a new character (see below) and occasional references are made to funny events in previous series (For example, references to the Bandit Corned Beef). Many episodes also parody aspects of Japanese culture, movies, and of course, anime, often compressing what would be expected to be multiple-episode long stories into a few minutes. Each series also contains one episode which is played straight - as a serious, non-parody episode.The animated series can also be cited as a fanservice series in the most basic (but non-sexual) sense: the show is self-promotional, with absurd humor, spontaneous musical numbers, and elaborate costumes.

Galaxy Angel

Milfeulle Sakuraba is the newest member of the angel brigade, a branch of the Transvaal Empire military whose primary mission is to search for relics known as 'Lost Technology'. The only problem one actually knows what the Lost Technology is! Relegated to performing menial tasks of the highest priorities: a search for lost kittens, defusing of a talking missile, and delivering an old school I.D. - The Angel Brigade's here to save the planet at a time!

The first season is available in complete collection since June 27 2006 by Bandai Entertainment.

Galaxy Angel Z

The five Galaxy Angels are back again with a mission for more gut busting laughs! After discovering the Lost Technology, it's only a matter of time to see the Angel Brigade fall back into mischief. During their assignment the girls must investigate a haunted mansion but as it turns out, it's a hide-out for thieves. Raphna receives free tickets to a wrestling match only to face Giant Muscle, the strongest man in the universe in the ring! Milfuelle and Mint picks up a tribal leader who had a costume of a fabled creature for the tribal festival. Mint can't help but to put on the costume, unfortunately, she can't take it off and becomes the village celebrity!

The second season is available in complete collection since July 25 2006 by Bandai Entertainment.

Galaxy Angel A

The Angel Brigade disbanded over a petty argument about who ate all the desserts, and everyone went off on their own separate ways. But the threat of a new menacing Lost Technology (and being laid off because he no longer has a team to lead), forces Lt. Colonel Volcott to reveal who the real culprit is in order to convince the girls to come back and reform the brigade.

Now that the Angels are back, they are going to have to stay sharp and out of trouble if they want to keep their jobs. There's a new upstart squad that's gunning to make them look bad and take over their work. The girls are going to have to collect more lost technology, save more planets, and rescue more lost kittens than this "Twin Star Team." There can never be enough laughter and excitement (and sweets) when the Galaxy Angels blast into action!

The first part of the third season is available in complete collection since December 27 2005 by Bandai Entertainment.

Galaxy Angel AA

The wacky adventures of the Angel Brigade continue as they spread mayhem and mischief across the galaxy. As always, Milfeulle is so scatter-brained that she rarely has a clue to what's going on but her infinitely good luck gets her out of trouble. She's accompanied by her teammates, the gun-crazy Forte, man-hunting Ranpha, cosplay-obsessed Mint, ever so pious Vanilla and her AI companion Normad.

The second part of the third season is available in complete collection since August 19 2008 by Bandai Entertainment.

Galaxy Angel S

The Angel Brigade is back! In an attempt to defend he comrades from insurgent pirate forces, Milfeulle takes hold of an armed enemy grenade and starts running! Upon waking up in the hospital she finds herself being ignored by her friends and commander. Then as part of an effort to increase productivity amongst the Angel and Twin Star brigades Major Mary and Lt. Colonel Volcott find themselves reassigned. Once the Twin Stars insult his mustache Volcott suddenly returns to his former glory and reclaims the title awarded to him in the Great War, "White Wolf of the Ultra Supernova"! With the renewal of his title the Lt. Colonel returns to his former berserker ways and it falls to Mary and her Angel Brigade to stop him.

The special tv of the third season is available since May 6 2008 by Bandai Entertainment.

Galaxy Angel X

The Angel Brigade is at it again and with this new set of adventures comes a brand new brigade member! On a humanitarian mission the Angels visit a sick and dying girl. In an out-of-character move of compassion the Angel Five actually recruits the ill Chitose Karasuma. After the sympathy wears off how will the Angels react? Will they be the best of friends or the fiercest of rivals? Both! So check out this exciting new installment of Galaxy Angel for another series full of zany misadventures and the Brigade’s “Thirteen Special Moves of Rock Paper Scissors”!

The fourth season is available in complete collection since September 2 2008 by Bandai Entertainment.


The video games are part strategy game, part dating sim, and are available for the PC and PlayStation 2. The three games in the series are titled Galaxy Angel, Moonlit Lovers and Eternal Lovers. All versions of the story are centered around the Angel Troupe, five or six female special agents with spacecraft.

Broccoli have announced that the video game trilogy will be released in North America, though Broccoli will not be working on the actual game themselves. All that is currently known is that the games will be subtitled only (without an English dubbed cast). The game is planned to be a PC only release. The English-subtitled version have been delayed from its intended Summer 2006 release due to the company whom is working on the game seeking a production house to help translate the game.

Galaxy Angel

In the video game universe, the Galaxy Angels are from the "Special Guardian Division" and they work closely with the "Imperial Special Guards" and the "Satellite Defense Teams". They are the guardians of the White Moon, the sacred planet of the Transbaal Empire, and the personal protectors of the White Moon Goddess Shatoyan. The story begins with Prince Eonia attempting a take over of the Transbaal Empire with the aid of the mysterious Black Moon, counterpart to the White Moon. To counter Prince Eonia, the Angel-tai along with their flagship the Elsior are placed in the hands of the kind and ever-capable Commander Takuto Meyers. In addition to the storyline differences, the personalities of the characters were also altered significantly for the anime, and the video games offer a much more in-depth look into the Galaxy Angel universe. Due to this, many fans treat the video games as the actual canonical universe for Galaxy Angel.

Theme Songs

  • Opening Theme: "Eternal love" ~Hikari no Tenshi~ (Eternal Love ~From Angels of Light~)

Artist: Mari Iijima
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Music: Yuusuke Sakamoto

  • Ending Theme: "Tenshi-tachi no Kyuusoku" (Angels' Holiday)

Artist: Mari Iijima
Songwriting: Mari Iijima
Arrangement: Yuusuke Sakamoto

Galaxy Angel Moonlit Lovers

The second game in the trilogy, Moonlit Lovers, revolves around the battles with remnants of Eonia's forces led by General Rezum and later a mysterious woman named Nephilia who claimed to be a member of a race called the Val-Fasq. A new member of the Angel-tai, Karasuma Chitose, is also introduced. The relationship between Takuto and whichever Angel whose heart he won is explored as well.

Theme Songs

  • Opening Theme: "Eternal Love 2003"

Artist: Mari Iijima
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Music: Yuusuke Sakamoto

  • Ending Theme: "Tenshi-tachi no Kyuusoku" (Angels' Holiday)

Artist: Mari Iijima
Songwriting: Mari Iijima
Arrangement: Yuusuke Sakamoto
Insert Songs

  • Theme: "Eternal Love" ~The angel of light Squadron Version~

Artist: Angel-tai
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Music: Yuusuke Sakamoto

Galaxy Angel Eternal Lovers

In the final game, Eternal Lovers, the war with the Val-Fasq begins in earnest while a couple of refugees from the legendary EDEN (the place origin of both the White Moon and Black Moon) arrive to beg the Transbaal Empire (and the legendary hero Takuto Meyers) for help. Takuto and his Angel's relationship is also put into serious jeopardy as his duties preparing for the war with the Val-Fasq keep them apart with increasing frequency.

Theme Songs

  • Opening Theme: "Angelic Symphony"

Artist: Hiromi Satou
Songwriting: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arranger: Masashi Huzima

  • Ending Theme PC ver. : "Eternal Love 2004"

Artist: Hiromi Satou
Lyrics: Yuki Mori
Music: Yuusuke Sakamoto

  • Ending Theme PS2 ver. : "Owarinaki Prelude" (Neverending Prelude)

Artist: Hiromi Satou
Songwriting: Noriyasu Agematsu
Arranger: Fujita, Hitoshi Makoto


And unlike the Anime, the manga version of Galaxy Angel looks at the stories in events with the battles against The Legitimate Transbaal Empire (Eonia's Rebel Forces) , and the relationship between Takuto Mayers and the six Galaxy Angel members.

Volumes 1-5 have been released domestically in North America by Broccoli-Books, with the second series, "Galaxy Angel Beta", released on 2 November 2005. Galaxy Angel Party volumes 1 and 2 have been released in North America, and volume 3 was released on February 28, 2007.

Title # Release date
Galaxy Angel 5 27 April 2001
Galaxy Angel Party 3 February 2003
Galaxy Angel Beta 3 7 December 2004

Galaxy Angel

Galaxy Angel Vol.1

The Angel Troupe has one mission. They must protect Prince Shiva, the sole survivor or the royal family decimated by a coup d'état.Milfeulle, Mint, Ranpha, Forte, and Vanilla are beautiful and talented pilots their Emblem Frame. Each of these warriors possess special gifts, making them ideal for the job at hand. Takuto Meyers finds himself leading the mission, getting caught between the five unique Angels!

Galaxy Angel Vol.2

The Angel Troupe continues its voyage to safety and makes a stop at Planet Oasia, known for its hot springs. Ranpha has an ulterior motive for going to the planet - to find the "Secret Hot Spring" that will foretell her future lover. Of course, things don't always go as planned...Ranpha and Milfeulle fall into Lulu's trap and are captured. Lulu demands that Takuto hand over Prince Shiva in exchange for their safe return.

Galaxy Angel Vol.3

After Lulu fails to destroy the Angels and capture Prince Shiva, Eonia calls upon his right-hand woman Sherry and the ravenous Hell Hounds.Meanwhile in the Elle Ciel, a mysterious man visits Milfeulle at night and leaves a rose. Ranpha thinks it is romantic, but everyone else fears that there is an enemy onboard. With Eonia mounting his forces, the Elle Ciel and Prince Shiva are in for the fight of their lives!

Galaxy Angel Vol.4

It's the calm before the storm for the Angel Troupe. As they head toward Planet Lome, home of the anti-Eonia headquarters, the danger is growing. With Prince Shiva threatened, the Angel Troupe must focus on the mission at hand. Now if only Milfeulle can manage to think straight!So what if Ranpha and Takuto kiss? Why should it matter to her? For some reason, it keeps eating at her, but the enemy waits for no woman. Eonia and the Hell Hounds are on the move and the Elle Ciel is for the fight of its life!

Galaxy Angel Vol.5

The Angel Troupe feels the pressure as Eonia's forces draw ever closer, spreading a reign of terror across the galaxy. When Eonia's legions execute a devastating attack on a military envoy, the annihilation is so complete that only one survivor remains - Chitose. Pledging to fight against Eonia with all her strength, she joins forces with the Angel Troupe. But even with the aid of its newest ally, the deck is stacked against the Troupe as they strive to deliver Prince Shiva safely to the White Moon and uncover its mysterious secret.

Galaxy Angel Beta

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol.1

When Chitose joined the Imperial Forces, she never dreamed that she'd end up working with her idols, the Angel Troupe. Now that Chitose is on the team, the Angels need her to join them for a very special mission: a Galaxy Angel vacation! As Milfeulle and the gang get acquainted with their new teammate, the Elle Ciel is fitted with a new weapon from the White Moon.

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol.2

Secrets are revealed on the White Moon, as fragments of Chitose's past begin to surface and Prince Shiva's story is finally told.Meanwhile, the Space Whale's picking up bad vibes, so Kuromie warns Takuto to be on alert. With the discovery of a new Emblem Frame, the Angels are poised to take on Eonia once more. But when he launches his ultimate plan, hope begins to fade as the troupe is dealt a devastating blow.

Galaxy Angel Beta Vol.3

The Angel Troupe has been shaken to its core. Friends can't be trusted, old secrets are revealed, and Eonia has returned. with reinforcements.Good and evil literally collide, as the White Moon and the Black Moon are brought face to face. Nowhere is the darkness stronger than with Chitose, whose Emblem Frame has turned black with evil.Milfie's luck may be good, but this is gonna take a miracle.

Galaxy Angel Party

Galaxy Angel Party Vol.1

The Angel Troupe is just about done with their current mission to deliver over a million dollars to the Bank of Transbaal, when Milfeulle accidentally opens the hatch and loses it in space. In order to keep their jobs, the Angel Troupe needs to raise money, and fast!

Galaxy Angel Party Vol.2

Things are getting a little weird for the Angel Troupe.Mysterious forces haunt the Elle Ciel, wreaking havoc on Mint's favorite dessert. Worse still, the Angels are sent on a mission to the Planet of No Return, and Vanilla has to adjust to the responsibilities of motherhood. But none of this can prepare the Angels for the strangest thing of all: Forte has a date!

Galaxy Angel Party Vol.3

When it's time to party, the Angel Troupe parties hard. And weird.Mint kicks things off with some cosplay taken to extremes. Even Lost Technology gets in on the act, with new artifacts showing up disguised as a coffee table, a puppy, and even Santa Claus. Throw in a stray cat, a Normad makeover, and a bit of gender bending, and you're in for one explosive party!



Emblem Frames Designed with Lost Technology, all Emblem Frames possesses more advanced technology than even the latest military starship, with equipment such as Gravity Generators, Shielding, as well as a Chrono Drive System, which allows them to travel at high speeds across the galaxy. It is said that just a single Emblem Frames is equivalent to that of an entire fleet (which is not exactly true, depending on their emotions). However, it is discovered in the first game that the simulation of a single frame defeating the entire fleet happens to be just Milfeulle's luck. The computer system eventually controlled the fleet to fire at each other and losing to Lucky Star without almost any resistance. Each Emblem Frame is controlled by both the pilot's thoughts and emotions (via the H.A.L.O. System), and if their emotions become unstable, the less efficient the Emblem Frame becomes, to the point where it ceases to function altogether.

Elsior (エルシオール, pronounced E-Lu-Shior)

A spaceship built using the same Lost Technology as the Emblem Frames, the Elle Ciel serves as the home and mothership of the Moon Angel Troupe. Originally a ceremonial ship of peace, it has found a greater calling as a rallying beacon during times of great turmoil, notable events are during the Battles against Eonia's Rebel Forces (Galaxy Angel), the Invasion of the Val-Fasq (Galaxy Angel: Moonlit Lovers), and the Battle to Liberate EDEN (Galaxy Angel: Eternal Lovers).


GALAXY ANGEL ~The Musical~ 16 March 2005
GALAXY ANGEL ~Re-Mix~ 7 December 2005

On March 16, 2005 Galaxy Angel Live has been performed. Performers are completely different from the voice actors because some of them were unable to participe.

There was another show in 2005, from December 7 to 11.



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