A gusset is a device, often triangular, used to reinforce a connection between two components. Gussets are commonly used in engineering, sewing and armour.


In sewing, a gusset is a triangular or square piece of fabric inserted into a seam to add breadth or reduce stress. Gussets were used at the shoulders, underarms, and hems of traditional shirts and chemises made of rectangular lengths of linen to shape the garments to the body.

Gussets are used in manufacturing of modern tights or pantyhose to add breadth at the crotch seam; these gussets are often made of breathable fabrics for hygiene.


Gusset is also an alternate spelling of gousset, a component of late Medieval armor.


Gusset plates are frequently used to fuse any number of load-bearing columns with beams or truss members together. The members can be bolted, riveted or welded to the gusset plate.

A failure in a gusset plate resulted in the collapse of the 300 foot NRAO antenna. Similarly, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) indicated that rupture of the gusset plates of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota, may have been the initiating factor in the bridge's collapse.


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