Dinamic Multimedia

Dinamic Multimedia (Dinamic Software until 1993) was a Spanish software houses and later publisher that emerged during the height of the ZX Spectrum's popularity in the eighties. After having released several titles for most personal computer platforms, mostly only to the Spanish market, they filed for bankruptcy in September 2001.

The eighties, 8 bits

As Dinamic Software the following games were published:

The nineties, 16 bits

The "jewel in the crown" of the company was the PC Fútbol series, which featured an annual installment for a decade. Originally only featuring the Spanish leagues, later versions were developed for Italy (PC Calcio) and Argentina (PC Fútbol Apertura and Clausura). For the broader English market, EuroLeague Football was released in 2000, following a brief licensing of the Premier Manager franchise in the late 90s. Dinamic also released other sports games, such as PC Basket, PC Atletismo or Eurotour Cycling, as well as adventure games such as Hollywood Monsters, one of the biggest projects done in Spanish game developing history. Most of the house titles and Spanish-produced games were marketed as budget titles and were fiercely championed by the local gaming press. In their late years, Dinamic expanded to Italy (in 1997) and distributed several titles in Spain, including high profile titles such as Flying Corps Gold, Blade Runner, Sega Rally Championship 2 and Shogo.

As Dinamic Multimedia the following games were published::

Last years

However, distributing titles proved to be too much for the Madrid based company. The development studios were downgraded progressively, and later titles such as PC Fútbol 2001 suffered greatly from poor development. As sales of their titles declined, so did the whole company, and by 24 September 2001 their offices were permanently closed.

Before, by 1999 some of its members decided to leave the company and funded FX Interactive.


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