Gunner may refer to:

In the military context

  • Any member of an artillery corps
  • Gunner (rank), a rank equivalent to private in the British Royal Artillery and other Commonwealth artillery corps
  • Any individual operating a crew-served weapon, such as an artillery piece, anti-tank guided missile launcher or automatic grenade launcher
  • A non-commissioned member of the British RAF Regiment
  • An air gunner
  • A Chief Warrant Officer of the United States Marine Corps serving in the Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 0306 (Infantry Weapons Officer)
  • Formerly a gunnery Warrant Officer of the British Royal Navy or Royal Marines
  • The Gunners, a nickname for the British Royal Artillery
  • Gunner, nickname given to Indian Navy Gunnery Sailor or Gunnery Officer
  • "Guns", nickname given to Gunnery officer of a ship in the British Commonwealth tradition

In sporting context

  • The Gunners, a nickname for Arsenal F.C., a London football club
  • Gunners, arguably South Australia's best under 16's 5-a-side indoor soccer team
  • Paintball Gunner a specialist in paintball, particularly Woodsball who uses a Paintball marker, with a high rate of fire.
  • Gunner (American football), an American football player who specializes in quickly running down the field to tackle a kick returner during kickoffs and punts
  • The Gunner, a popular nickname given to former Pittsburgh Pirates announcer Bob Prince
  • A character class in some Final Fantasy games

In other contexts

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