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A Gun for Sale

A Gun for Sale is a 1936 novel by Graham Greene.

This novel was made into a film in 1941 and renamed This Gun for Hire, which was also the title of the book's U.S. edition. Alan Ladd was cast as Raven in the film, but the character's description in the book suggests someone quite different.

Raven is a man dedicated to ugly deeds. When Raven is paid for killing the Minister of War with stolen notes, he becomes a man on the run. Tracking down the agent who double-crossed him, and eluding the police simultaneously, he becomes both the hunter and the hunted.

Characters in "A Gun for Sale"

  • Raven, the cold-hearted assassin for hire with hidden decency and a personal sense of justice. Extremely sensitive about his harelip - understandably so.
  • Mathers, stalwart police detective trailing Raven, with many of the same characteristics. Joined police for stability of the routine.
  • Anne, a chorus girl who is engaged to Mathers, is used by Raven as a shield. The two develop a fragile friendship that may or may not be real.
  • Cholmondeley a.k.a. Davis, a grossly sensual man who acts as the agent of a corrupt steel tycoon, and betrays Raven. Anne tries to help Raven get revenge upon him.

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