gulf of méxico

México, México

"México, México" is the official song by RBD for Mexico's soccer team that competed in the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. The song is about having faith in the team and cheering them up. The song is only sung by the band's girls, Anahí, Dulce María, and Maite. The boys make a brief appearance on the ship in the music video too. It was played just one time in Brazil, on the telenovela.

Music video

The music video for the song was filmed in early March 2006, directed by Pedro Damián and premiered on March 29th, during the soap opera Rebelde. The video was shot on Mexican beaches from Puerto Vallarta. The video shows scenes of the girls performing the song on top of a pirate ship, at a party with different people that are enjoying a soccer game, plus RBD playing soccer on the beach, and different close ups from the band singing the song. The boys make a brief appearances on the ship in the music video too.

Year: 2006.
Director: Pedro Damián.
Place: Puerto Vallarta (México).

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