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List of Indian Princely States

Hundreds of princely states in British India existed prior to the independence of India and Pakistan (including the present Bangladesh) in 1947, ruled by semi-independent potentates. Only four of the largest of these states were still directed by the British through Residencies—British advisors actually present in the states' capitals. Most of the states were grouped together into regional agencies or even governed indirectly, such as vassals of states in direct report with the viceroy.

The most important states are ranked among the salute states (see there for the details concerning ranks of precedence).

Some states only acceded to India and/or Pakistan after independence. States later annexed by India were Hyderabad (18 September 1948), Bhopal (1 May 1949), Indore (15 August 1947, the same day as Indian independence), Junagadh (7 November 1947 / February 1948), and Sikkim (16 May 1975). Pakistan re-captured the state of Kalat after the brother of the king tried to break-away on 31 March 1948. Bilaspur was annexed in 1948. Jammu and Kashmir, even though a Muslim majority state ruled by a Hindu king, merged with India on 27 October 1947. Kashmir is still disputed between India and Pakistan.

However, after British India was divided into India and Pakistan, the rulers of these Princely States lost their titles and status as monarchs and were equal in status with everyone else.

Indian Princely States at the time of independence on August 15 1947

There have been various differences in organisation before, repeatedly quite significant, during the British Raj.

Individual residencies

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra & Karnataka, India Asaf Jah VII
Kashmir and Jammu Jammu and Kashmir, India and Azad Kashmir & Northern Areas, Pakistan. H.H.Dr.Karan Singh
Mysore Karnataka, India Jayachamaraja Wodeyar
Sikkim Sikkim, India Palden Thondup Namgyal

Baluchistan Agency

Princely States of the Baluchistan Agency.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Kalat Balochistan, Pakistan H.H. Ahmad Yar Khan
Kharan Balochistan, Pakistan Habibullah Khan
Las Bela Balochistan, Pakistan Jam Ghulam Qadir Khan
Makran Balochistan, Pakistan Bai Khan Baloch Gikchi

Deccan States Agency and Kolhapur Residency

Princely States of Deccan States Agency and Kolhapur Residency'.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Akalkot Maharashtra, India Shrimant Rani Sumitra Bai Raje Bhonsle, Rani Saheb of Akalkot
Aundh Maharashtra, India HH Meherban Shrimant Bhagwant Rao Shripat Rao, Pant Pratinidhi Of Aundh
Bhor Maharashtra, India Raja Shrimant Sir Raghunathrao Shankarrao Babasaheb Pandit Pant Sachiv
Janjira Maharashtra, India HH Nawab Sidi Muhammed Khan II Sidi Ahmad Khan, Nawab of Janjira
Jath Maharashtra, India Lt. Shrimant Raja Vijaysinghrao Ramrao Babasaheb Dafle
Kolhapur Maharashtra, India HH Shrimant Rajashri Shahu II Chhatrapati Maharaj Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Kolhapur
Kurundwad Maharashtra, India Meherban Raja Hariharrao Raghunathrao [Bapusaheb] Patwardhan, co-Raja of Kurundwad Jnr
Mudhol Karnataka, India HH Shrimant Raja Bhairavsinhrao Malojirao Ghorpade II
Phaltan Maharashtra, India Major HH Raja Bahadur Shrimant Malojirao Mudhojirao Nanasaheb Naik Nimbalkar IV
Sangli Maharashtra, India Capt. HH Shrimant Raja Saheb Sir Chintamanrao II Dhundirajrao Appasaheb Patwardhan
Sawantvadi Maharashtra, India Bhonsale clan
Savanur Karnataka, India Nawab of Savanur, Abdul Majid Khan II

Gwalior Residency

Princely States of the Gwalior Residency.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Gwalior Madhya Pradesh, India Jayant Prasad Singh
Varanasi Uttar Pradesh, India
Bhadarva Madhya Pradesh, India
Garha Madhya Pradesh, India
Khaniyadhana Madhya Pradesh, India
Paron Madhya Pradesh, India
Rajgarh Madhya Pradesh, India
Rampur Uttar Pradesh, India H.H. Nawab Syed Muhammad Kazim 'Ali Khan Bahadur, Nawab of Rampur
Umri Madhya Pradesh, India

Madras Presidency

Princely States of the Madras Presidency.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Cochin Kerala, India Kerala Varma
Banganapalle Andhra Pradesh, India H.H. Nawab Sayyid Fazl-i-'Ali Khan IV Bahadur, Nawab of Banganapalle
Pudukkottai Tamil Nadu, India H.H. Raja Sri Brahadamba Das Raja Sri Rajagopala Tondiman Bahadur, Raja of Pudukkottai
Sandur Karnataka, India Shrimant Maharaj Shri Murarrao Yeshwantrao Ghorpade, Hindurao, Mamlukatmadar Senapati, Raja of Sandur
Travancore Kerala, India Colonel H.H. Sri Padmanabha Dasa Vanchi Pala Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma Kulasekhara Kiritapati Manney Sultan Maharajah Raja Rama Raja Bahadur Shamsher Jang, Maharaja of Travancore

North-West Frontier

Princely States of the North-West Frontier.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Amb North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan Nawab Saeed Khan
Chitral North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan H.H. Mehtar Saif-ul-Mulk Nasir
Dir North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan Muhammad Shah Khosru Khan
Phulra North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan Ata Muhammed Khan
Swat North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan Miangul Abdul-Haqq Jahanzib

States of the Punjab

States of the Punjab.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Bahawalpur Punjab, Pakistan H.H. Sadeq Mohammad Khan V
Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh, India H.H. Raja Kirti Chand, Raja of Bilaspur
Faridkot Punjab, India Lt. H.H. Farzand-i-Sadaat Nishan Hazrat-i-Kaisar-i-Hind Raja Bharat Indar Singh Brar Bans Bahadur, Raja of Faridkot
Jind Haryana, India H.H. Maharaja Satbir Singh ["Prince Sunny"], Maharaja of Jind
Kalsia Haryana, India Raja HIMMAT SHER SINGH Sahib Bahadur
Kapurthala Punjab, India Brig. H.H. Maharaja Sri Sukhjit Singh Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Kapurthala
Loharu Haryana, India H.H. Nawab Mirza Alauddin Ahmad Khan II (alias Parvez Mirza), Nawab of Loharu
Malerkotla Punjab, India
Mandi Himachal Pradesh, India H.H. Raja Sri Ashokpal Sen, Raja of Mandi
Nabha State Punjab, India H.H. Maharaja Hanuwant Singh Malvinder Bahadur, Maharaja of Nabha
Patiala Punjab, India Capt. H.H. Maharajadhiraj Shri Amarinder Singh, Maharaja of Patiala
Sirmur Himachal Pradesh, India Lt. H.H. Maharaja RAJENDRA PRAKASH Bahadur
Suket / Surendernagar Himachal Pradesh, India H.H. Raja Hari Sen, Raja of Suket"
Siba Himachal Pradesh, India ''H.H. Raja Dr.Ashok K.Thakur"
Tehri Garhwal Uttarakhand, India H.H. Maharaja Manujendra Shah Sahib Bahadur

States of the Rajputana Agency

States of the Rajputana Agency.

Princely State Now part of Last/Present Ruler
Alwar Rajasthan, India HH Maharaja Tej Singh
Banswara Rajasthan, India H.H. Rai Rayan Mahimahendra Maharajadhiraj Maharawalji Sahib Shri Jagmalji II Sahib Bahadur, Naresh Rajya, Maharawal of Banswara.
Bikaner Rajasthan, India H.H. Sri Raj Rajeshwar Maharajadhiraj Narendra Sawai Maharaja Shiromani Ravi Raj Singhji Bahadur, Maharaja of Bikaner and Head of the Royal House of Bikaner.
Bundi Rajasthan, India Col. HH Maharao Raja Shri BAHADUR SINGHJI Bahadur
Dholpur Rajasthan, India H.H. Rais ud-Daula, Sipahdar ul-Mulk, Saramad Rajha-i-Hind, Maharajadhiraja Shri Sawai Maharaj Rana Shri Hemant Singh, Lokendra Bahadur, Diler Jang Jai Deo, Maharaj Rana of Dholpur.
Dungarpur Rajasthan, India H.H. Rai-i-Rayan, Mahimahendra, Maharajadhiraj Maharawal Shri Mahipal Singhji II Sahib Bahadur, Maharawal of Dungarpur.
Jaipur Rajasthan, India Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II
Jaisalmer Rajasthan, India HH Maharajadhiraj Maharawal Sir JAWAHIR SINGH Bahadur
Jhalawar Rajasthan, India H. Maharajadhiraj Maharaj Rana Shri Chandrajit Singh Dev Bahadur, Maharaj Rana of Jhalawar.
Jodhpur Rajasthan, India H.H. Raj Rajeshwar Saramad-i-Rajha-i-Hindustan Maharajadhiraja Maharaja Shri Gaj Singhji II Sahib Bahadur, Maharaja of Jodhpur.
Karauli Rajasthan, India HH Maharaja Shri GANESH PAL Deo Bahadur Yadakul Chandra Bhal
Kishangarh Rajasthan, India HH Umdae Rajhae Buland Makan Maharajadhiraja Maharaja SUMER SINGHJI Bahadur
Kotah Rajasthan, India HH Maharao Shri BHIM SINGH II Bahadur
Kushalgarh Rajasthan, India Rao HARENDRA SINGH
Palanpur Gujarat, India
Pratabgarh Rajasthan, India Raja AJIT PRATAP SINGH
Shahpura Rajasthan, India HH Rajadhiraj SUDERSHAN SINGH
Sirohi Rajasthan, India
Tonk Rajasthan, India Nawab Muhammad Faruq Ali Khan

Rajasthan, India Maharana Sir Bhupal Singh
Lawa Rajasthan, India
Vallabhpur Rajasthan, India

State of Sindh

Princely State Now part of Last Ruler
Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan H.H. George Ali Murad Khan

Gujarat States Agency and Baroda Residency

States of Central India Agency

States of the Eastern States Agency

Alphabetical list of former British India's princely states


Geographical and administrative assigning is indicative, as various names and borders have changed significantly, even entities (provinces, principalities) split, merged, renamed et cetera.

Furthermore, criteria of statehood (used for inclusion) differ between sources.

In some cases, several name variations or completely different names are included.






  • Faridkot in PEPSU - Hereditary salute of 11-guns








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  • Orchha in Madhya Pradesh - Hereditary salute of 15-guns
  • Oudh = Awadh Political Pensioner - ?salute










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