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Everything in Transit

Everything In Transit is the debut album of Jack's Mannequin. It was released on August 23 2005 on Maverick Records.


Everything In Transit may be considered a concept album, that tells the story of Andrew McMahon finally coming home after years of nonstop touring with his band Something Corporate and getting re-accustomed to everyday life and a settled abode in Los Angeles, California. The songs were written during his first summer in years outside of the band, which McMahon spent scribbling lyrics and accompanying drawings into a private sketchbook, selected pages of which can be accessed through a web-link to a secret homepage on the enhanced CD portion of the album. The song meanings are at times more cryptic than one might be used to from McMahon's Something Corporate songs, as the lyrics describe a more personal view on feelings and situations and all take advantage of a first person's narrative style.

The project took almost two years from the first songs being written and recorded to the final product hitting the music store shelves. McMahon spent more than $40,000 of his own savings on the production, before being picked up by Maverick Records.

On the day he finished mastering the last song for the album (about two months before its scheduled release date), McMahon was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, forcing him to immediately undergo chemotherapy and to stop touring and promoting his record's release. However, he wished that, even though he would be confined to bed for the next months, the CD should be released as planned. Maverick Records decided to postpone promoting the album until McMahon's recovery. Under the given circumstances, receiving close to no promotion, it still managed to debut at #37 of the Billboard 200 with 22,163 copies sold within the week of its release.

The album was re-released on October 17, 2006, including a bonus DVD of various live performances by Jack's Mannequin and links to unreleased tracks, such as a mastered version of "Last Straw".

Track listing

(all songs written by Andrew McMahon)

  1. "Holiday from Real" – 2:58
  2. "The Mixed Tape" – 3:14
  3. "Bruised" – 4:02
  4. "I'm Ready" – 3:55
  5. "La La Lie" – 3:54
  6. "Dark Blue" – 4:11
  7. "Miss Delaney" – 3:44
  8. "Kill the Messenger" – 3:24
  9. "Rescued" – 3:56
  10. "MFEO: Pt. 1: Made for Each Other/Pt. 2: You Can Breathe" – 8:01
  11. "Into the Airwaves" – 4:07


  • Last Straw, AZ
  • Lonely for Her

Bonus tracks

The unedited album as available at Apple's iTunes Music Store contains a twelfth song, "Lonely for Her", which was cut from the album at the last minute (unmastered advance copies, given out to radio stations, music magazines, etc., still carried the song), because McMahon felt it would not fit in with the remainder of the songs. The Japanese version (released on April 12 2006) features the bonus track "The Lights and Buzz".



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