grub: see larva.

Grub can refer to:


  • Larva, most commonly of the scarabaeoidea (beetles) superfamily
  • a slang term for food; also as a verb to scavenge for food
  • a British word for a headless set screw


  • Grub AR, Grub, canton of Appenzell, Switzerland
  • Grub am Forst, a town in the district of Coburg in Bavaria, Germany
  • Grub, Thuringia, a municipality in the district of Hildburghausen in Thuringia, Germany


  • GNU GRUB, the GNU project's bootloader software
  • Grub (search engine), a distributed search crawler platform
  • In Yahoo email group management terminology, a "grub" sometimes means a Yahoo email group that was formerly a club


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