Naousa, Imathia

Naousa (Νάουσα) is a city in northern Greece. Population 22,288. The urban area sits off the road linking Veria and Skydra. The farmlands lie to the east, the forested and grovy area in the western part and the Vermion Mountains to the west. Peaches, and other fruits and crops are very famous in the low lying areas of the province. Naousa is agriculturally famous for its jam products which are sold under the Naoussa brand name. The flavors are peach and strawberry. Its dry red wines are also well known, sold under the "Naoussa" denomination of origin. The city is situated west of the ancient Macedonian town of Mieza and the site of ancient School of Aristoteles. The area, according to Herodotus, was where the Gardens of King Midas were situated. Later, the Romans established, in the current position of the city, the colony of Nova Augusta. The name changed through the centuries to Niagusta, Niaousta and Niaousa, until it became today's Naousa. In Turkish it is called Ağostos; in Slavic Негуш (Negush). Naoussa has a large population of Aromanians also known as Vlachs and a small Roma population

Historical population

Year Population Change Municipal population Change
1981 19,430 - - -
1991 19,794 364/1.87% 22,637 -
2001 - - 22,288 -349/-1,54%

Sporting teams

  • Naoussa FC which played at First National Division of Greece for one year (season 1993-94)

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