Group by (SQL)

A GROUP BY statement in SQL specifies that a SQL SELECT statement returns a list that is grouped by one or more columns, usually in order to apply some sort of aggregate function to certain columns.


Returns a list of Department IDs along with the sum of their sales for the date of January 1, 2000.

SELECT DeptID, SUM(SaleAmount) FROM Sales
WHERE SaleDate = '01-Jan-2000'
a group by statement can use a having clause to filter the number of rows...

Common grouping (aggregation) functions include:

  • count(expression) - Quantity of matching records (per group)
  • Sum(expression) - Summation of given value (per group)
  • Min(expression) - Minimum of given value (per group)
  • Max(expression) - Maximum of given value (per group)
  • Avg(expression) - Average of given value (per group)

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