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Devin Sarno

Devin Sarno (born in Glendale, California in 1966) began “CRIB” in early 1990 as a solo bass sound project focusing on improvised subsonics. Over the course of a decade (and over a dozen recordings) his music evolved from high volume feedback experimentation to a sonic examination of the meditative properties of low-end drone music. In 2003, the CRIB moniker was retired & Sarno now performs & records under his own name.

Sarno was a founding member of the seminal Los Angeles, CA art-rock band Waldo The Dog Faced Boy and in 1989, along with partner/producer Tom Grimley, he also co-founded the experimental label WIN Records, which was home to artists such as: Petra Haden, Alicia J. Rose, The Centimeters, Upsilon Acrux & many more. As a bassist, Sarno has collaborated/recorded with a range of diverse acts including: Nels Cline, Thurston Moore, Vincent Gallo, Joe Baiza, Mike Watt, Jack Brewer, Z'EV, Petra Haden, That Dog., Abby Travis, Danny Frankel, G.E. Stinson, Jeff Gauthier, Tom Surgal, Upsilon Acrux, Carla Bozulich, Brandon LaBelle, Jason Kahn, The Watson Twins, Jessica Catron, Celer and others.

Sarno’s music was featured on the CBS TV network program "The Courier" which aired nationally in early 2006 and found itself broadcast over New York city’s Times Square Jumbotron. Recent film composing works have included the score for "Postmortem Bliss" by noted director Floria Sigismondi as well as “Eve” and “DadaDum” for Canadian-based director/fine artist Britt Randle. “DadaDum” screened at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival as a Best Short Film nominee.

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Selected Discography

  • 2007 Devin Sarno "Full dynamics-frequency Spectrum" (Banned Production)
  • 2007 Devin Sarno & G.E. Stinson "Heart Cell Memory" (Squirrelgirl)
  • 2005 Devin Sarno "Variations" (Banned Production)
  • 2004 Nels Cline + Devin Sarno "Buried on Bunker Hill" (Groundfault)
  • 2002 CRIB "Remnant" (True Classical CDs)
  • 2000 CRIB "Forward Back" (WIN Records)
  • 1998 CRIB "She Is Church" (WIN Records)
  • 1998 Nels Cline + Devin Sarno "Rise Pumpkin Rise" (Volvolo)
  • 1998 Nels Cline + Devin Sarno "Edible Flowers" (WIN Records)
  • 1992 Waldo The Dog Faced Boy "Tingle" (WIN Records)
  • 1989 Waldo The Dog Faced Boy "Gifts of Finest Wheat" (WIN Records)
  • 1987 Waldo The Dog Faced Boy "Wood" (WIN Records)

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